Life Insurance For Dummies

5 Kinds Of Death Term Life Won’t Cover [Must Read]

The general person’s life insurance education is understandably low if you’re not in the life insurance industry. Clients, naturally, want to know that when the time comes, the life insurance company will make good on their promise. As agents, we often get asked if life insurance has any exclusions. What kinds of deaths are not…
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Can You Get Life Insurance On An Ex- Spouse [Here’s How]

Life insurance itself is pretty straightforward, but there are some frequently asked life insurance questions that arise, such as insuring an ex-spouse. Getting life insurance on another person is possible in some cases, but you need to meet specific criteria of the insurance company. Can you get life insurance on an ex-spouse? Yes, you can…
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Can You Get Life Insurance With Bad Credit?[Yes, You Can]

Many clients are surprised to learn that some life insurance companies use things like your credit score, in addition to your health, to underwrite a life insurance policy. In fact, some of the best life insurance companies now use sophisticated credit-based algorithms to asses the mortality risk of their policyholders. Can you get life insurance…
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Will Life Insurance Cover Skydiving? [Inside Details]

We receive a ton of life insurance questions from our clients, and our website triest to document the more common ones like life insurance covering skydiving deaths. Many people are surprised the life insurance companies will look at more than just your health when underwriting you for a policy. However, lifestyle risks, such as skydiving…
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Does Life Insurance Cover Accidental Deaths?[It Depends on This]

Clients often ask us what deaths are covered by their life insurance policy. Our website provides life insurance information to answer all the nuanced details of life insurance to the public, such as what your life insurance policy covers. Does life insurance cover accidental death? Yes, life insurance will cover accidental death as well as…
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Should You Get Life Insurance If You Are Single [Yes + 5 Reasons Why]

  Life insurance is one of those things that we all know we should have, but many have a difficult time determining when the right time to get life insurance is. Schools and universities are notoriously poor at financial and life insurance education, so our website is here to answer all your life insurance-related questions.…
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What Happens If Your Term Life Insurance Expires? [Inside Tips]

Our website provides a crash course in life insurance education to people who are new to life insurance. Life insurance is relatively straightforward at its core. The life insurance company pays a death benefit to your beneficiary when you die, but what if you live? What happens if your term life insurance expires? You have…
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How Long Do You Need to Have Life Insurance Before Death?

  A common question that we get in our high-risk life insurance agency is how long do you have to have life insurance before death? Death claims may seem like life insurance 101 to experienced agents, but many clients are justifiably concerned. How long do you have to have life insurance before death? Your life…
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Can Life Insurance Be Cancelled? [Don’t Make This Mistake]

Life insurance is naturally a product that you will hold for a long time, but what happens if your circumstances change? Part of our mission is to educate the public on how life insurance works so that clients can feel comfortable with their purchase. Client’s sometimes fear being locked into a purchase that they cannot…
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Is Life Insurance Worth Having? [Yes, Here’s 5 Reasons Why]

Our mission is to spread life insurance education through our website. Some clients want to know how life insurance works and other clients want to know if they need life insurance in the first place. Is life insurance worth purchasing? Yes, life insurance is worth purchasing to protect our loved ones that we leave behind…
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