Life Insurance with Kidney Disease [Here are the Options You Have]

Obtaining life insurance after going through a battle with any health condition can be a struggle. While it may always be possible to get coverage, it doesn’t necessarily mean that consumers feel comfortable going through the process if they have a lingering health condition.

life insurance with kidney disease

Often consumers have questions about eligibility about specific health conditions. One of those health conditions happens to be kidney disease. Can you get life insurance after kidney disease? With years in the industry and specializing in high-risk life insurance, here is what I can tell you on this topic.

So, can you get life insurance after kidney disease? Yes, you can obtain life insurance with kidney disease. Kidney disease can’t be classified as kidney failure to be approved for traditional term life insurance. Additionally, the life insurance company will verify other health factors before approving your life insurance application.

However, we always recommend that if you are trying to save time that you should stick to comparing rates and quotes with all life insurance companies.

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While this is straightforward, it may also be somewhat confusing. I wanted to take the time in this post here today to go over how a life insurance application will look after kidney disease and what steps you can anticipate taking during the process. Let’s start diving into those details now.

Life Insurance After Kidney Disease and Why It’s Relevant to The Life Insurance Company

First and most importantly, it’s essential to understand why the life insurance company is going to be digging into certain private information about your health and current medical history.

You see, life insurance companies function correctly by using mortality tables to determine your eligibility and the overall rates you will be expected to pay for your coverage. They have compiled data over the years that give them statistics on how certain health conditions often play out.

With kidney disease, you have entirely different outcomes compared to even other kidney related issues such as kidney cancer or also your overall likelihood of being approved for coverage after a kidney transplant.

For example, kidney disease is currently the number 9 leading cause of death in the United States, according to

Kidney disease is also more common among women, and within this demographic, kidney disease is more likely to end up turning into full kidney failure in women. Nearly a 50% additional likelihood compared to men.

This isn’t mean to alarm you. It’s meant to simply point out that this is the kind of information the life insurance company is aware of and what they look at when determining your overall eligibility for coverage. This and your overall health condition and other circumstances, of course.

Speaking of that, let’s dive into those details and discuss what the application process will look like when you apply for life insurance with kidney disease or following kidney disease.

Applying for Life Insurance with Kidney Disease and What to Expect

Applying for life insurance with kidney disease is no different than applying for life insurance with other health conditions or no health conditions at all. Sure, there may be various items the life insurance company needs from you, but overall, the process looks very similar.

We always advise you to begin by applying for life insurance with an independent life insurance agent. The reason for this is simple. Independent life insurance agents can provide you with options and access to over 50 companies as opposed to just one company.

An example of this would be a situation where you apply with a captive life insurance company such as Allstate, USAA, or even State Farm. When you make this mistake, you are likely to be declined for coverage, and if you are not declined, you are cornered into only using 1 option for your coverage.

This can leave you paying more for your coverage or not gaining any life insurance coverage at all, which can be devastating to your family if something does ultimately happen to you. It’s a mistake we see with way too much frequency at Good Life Protection. Seriously, it happens all the time.

The good news? We are giving you this warning ahead of time. We have no benefit of providing you this information except to help you ultimately gain life insurance coverage for the lowest price. Can you use us to get rates for your life insurance? Sure, and we hope you do.

However, that’s not a requirement, and the only thing we urge is to search with an independent agent or agency to get the job done.

The Next Steps When Applying for Life Insurance with Kidney Disease

After you have taken the steps and found yourself an independent life insurance agent, it’s time to go through the process. In most circumstances, you will likely need to be looking at fully underwritten term life insurance if you are applying for life insurance with kidney disease.

This is due to the company is going to need to order attending physician statements from your Doctor’s office, and the process is more built for individuals with severe health conditions. This is of course, unless you prefer to apply for a no questions asked life insurance policy such as the AIG Guaranteed Issue Life insurance product with American General Life Insurance Company.

We will touch on that option a bit later in the post. Next, you will want to ensure that you have all your health information in order and be as accurate and honest with your life insurance agent as possible.

This will include items such as the following list below but not limited to the following list.

Again, plenty more questions may be asked during the application process, but you can absolutely guarantee that items will be asked. Depending on your overall health and the answers to some of these questions will determine your total eligibility for coverage.

Approval Chances for Life Insurance After Kidney Disease

Like I stated previously, the answers to the previous questions will determine your overall chances of being approved for your life insurance coverage. It’s also going to depend on which variation of kidney disease you currently have. Here’s a breakdown of which classification you may fall into.

  • Abderhalden-Kaufmann
  • Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome
  • Glomerulopathy
  • Papillary Necrosis

  • Hepatitis C
  • Acute Lobar Nephrenia
  • Acute Kidney Failure

Each of these has different outcomes on your approval chances for life insurance. Additionally, it matters if you had other issues that may have caused your kidney disease. Some known risk factors and causes for kidney disease can include but not be limited to the following matters.

Once the life insurance company has all this information in front of them, they can begin seeing the entire picture, and you are getting closer to your outcome on your life insurance application.

If you have no lasting effects from the kidney disease, you can likely be approved for coverage but at sub-standard life insurance rates.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing by any means. It merely means that you still gain coverage for you and your family, but you may pay a higher premium per month compared to someone who is perfectly healthy.

If, however, your kidney disease is the result of another health condition we have discussed in this article, and you do have ongoing impacts from the kidney disease, you will likely be declined for life insurance coverage.

This means you may need to apply for guaranteed issue life insurance or accidental death life insurance like we discussed for a moment previously in this post.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance and Accidental Death Is Always Better Than Nothing

Something that’s always overlooked is that guaranteed issue products are still consistently better than having no coverage at all. Sure, they have a 24-month waiting period, but if you have a stable outlook, this shouldn’t be a huge deal.

During this time period, you also get afforded full death benefits if you pass away from accidental death and earn 10% interest in addition to your premiums.

Virtually, you can’t lose using a policy like this, and if it’s the only thing you can be approved for, it’s undoubtedly better than leaving your family with nothing if something does happen to you. That’s for sure.

What Should You Do Next Applying for Life Insurance with Kidney Disease?

If you haven’t gone through this process before, we highly recommend using an independent life insurance agent as we discussed previously in this post. Explore all your options and make your agent go work for you shopping your case between various life insurance providers.

Eventually, we can always find something that works for everyone and will always do everything we can to ensure you are approved for life insurance coverage at the cheapest possible rate. All you must do is trust the process and be willing to get a few documents together and give it a try.

Final Word, Kidney Disease Is Not an Excuse to Ignore Life Insurance. It’s the Reason to Apply Today

At the end of the day, people often have this situation entirely backward. When you are diagnosed with a health condition, this isn’t the time to ignore life insurance coverage. This is the time you need it the most, and more importantly, your family needs it the most.

Don’t let health conditions be the reason you ignore the needed protection for you and your family. Make it be the reason you do something about it and get this item taken care of as soon as possible.