Life Insurance with Hyperthyroidism [Here is What to Expect]

Life Insurance with hyperthyroidism

Securing life insurance with hyperthyroidism is 100% possible.

In fact, it may not impact your life insurance rates anywhere near where you may have previously thought before googling this question.

I do see where you may be hesitant to apply and concerned about your options.

Anytime you are dealing with a medical condition that can be potentially deemed high risk can be intimidating to start the process or to know where to being.

Life insurance for high-risk individuals can always be a bit more time consuming but it’s 100% possible to be approved.

You see, then when it comes to potential thyroid problems, hyperthyroidism isn’t necessarily the worst-case scenario you could be in.

Individuals currently battling thyroid cancer or individuals at that point where they are curious about getting life insurance after thyroid cancer or even in remission from a previous battle with thyroid cancer, may be in a tougher spot and have extra requirements needed in order to be approved for life insurance.

With hyperthyroidism, things are a bit simpler.

Let me explain.

Does Hyperthyroidism Affect Life Insurance?

Yes, hypothyroidism does affect life insurance.

Hypothyroidism is considered a pre-existing medical condition in the eyes of the life insurance company.

However, as I stated before, it’s not going to have huge or significant impacts on your overall life insurance rates and approval chances.

If the condition is controlled and hasn’t caused other issues to flare up, you should be in reasonably good shape.

Hyperthyroidism is nothing more than an overactive thyroid that causes the thyroid gland to produce too much thyroxine.

When this happens, your metabolism is in overdrive, and common side effects can include weight loss and rapid or irregular heartbeats.

Sometimes this can be due to Grave’s disease, over-functioning thyroid nodules or thyroiditis.

When Does Hyperthyroidism Cause Problems with Life Insurance?

Like we mentioned previously, hyperthyroidism isn’t necessarily the main concern the life insurance companies are going to dig into when underwriting and reviewing your life insurance application.

One of the most significant factors life insurance companies like to look at is if the hyperthyroidism is causing other pre-existing medical conditions to be present that hyperthyroidism can commonly spark or cause to occur.

As most of us know, life insurance with pre-existing conditions is never the easiest going task.

Some of these pre-existing medical conditions I frequently see in conjunction with hyperthyroidism include the following.

This is when you can start getting into a stickier situation with getting top rates for life insurance or getting approved at all.

A lot of it will come down to how many medications you currently take and how many of these circumstances now presenting themselves.

The Symptoms Being Currently Controlled Make A Huge Difference

This is another mega factor in determining your eligibility for life insurance with hyperthyroidism and ultimately what rates you will be able to achieve.

Option 1- A History of Hyperthyroidism That’s Now Resolved- Preferred Rates Possible

A History of hyperthyroidism that’s now currently resolved can result in you being eligible for preferred rates which are known and referred to as the best class possible in the life insurance world.

Option 2- Currently Diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism but Controlled and No Other Issues

If you currently have hyperthyroidism that’s present, controlled and being treated, you can still be approved for life insurance, but you are likely to achieve table 2 or table 3 ratings which are known as sub-standard life insurance rates (we will break these down later in this post)

Option 3- Diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and Symptoms Are Not Controlled with Treatment- Declined

If you currently have hyperthyroidism, but it isn’t currently being controlled with treatment or medication then you will likely be declined on your life insurance application or told that you need to postpone your application until a follow up with a physician or the results are more favorable.

In almost every case I’ve worked with hyperthyroidism or a thyroid disorder, I’ve been able to secure the client coverage.

It’s rare that the hyperthyroidism has reached a point where you won’t be approved for coverage.

However, it does and can happen.

Especially if your condition is not under control.

It also makes a massive difference like we stated before if you currently have other medical conditions that are present with your hyperthyroidism.

Questions You Can Expect While Securing Life Insurance with Hyperthyroidism

One of the biggest tips I can give you is to be prepared ahead of time.

This will result in way less headaches and make the process as smooth as possible.

To do this, you need to be aware of a few things.

First, the life insurance agent is going to have some questions for you that will help the life insurance company you choose to underwrite your case effectively.

Here’s an inside look at the question you can expect when applying for life insurance with hyperthyroidism.

  • When Was the Hyperthyroidism Diagnosed?
  • What Medications Are You Currently Taking?
  • Is the Hyperthyroidism Under Control?
  • Do You Visit Your Doctor Regularly?
  • Are You Diligent with Physician Orders/Directions?
  • Is the Medication and Treatment Working?
  • Do You Have Any Other Pre-Existing Medical Conditions?
  • Do You Have Any Family History of Hyperthyroidism?
  • Any Family History of Heart Attack, Stroke or Cancer?
  • Do You Currently Smoke?
  • When Was Your Last Thyroid Test Completed?

Your Height And Weight Also Matter Purchasing Life Insurance

Another factor some forget about when purchasing life insurance is that height and weight make an impact as well.

With conditions such as hyperthyroidism, it’s important your not at the bottom of the high end of the weight scale.

You see, weighing too little can be a problem with life insurance.

Additionally, purchasing life insurance when morbidly obese can also cause a few additional issues.

Be prepared to be asked about your height and weight when applying for life insurance with hyperthyroidism.

Plain and simple.

What About Hypothyroidism, Can I Still Get Life Insurance?

Yes, the same applies to hypothyroidism except for the main concerns now shift to side effects and other pre-existing medical conditions that can come with one of these thyroid diseases.

With hypothyroidism, it’s more of a concern with weight gain, high blood pressure or weight-related health issues.

Securing life insurance with hypothyroidism is still 100% possible.

Apply the same rules to hypothyroidism as we have laid out in this post related to hyperthyroidism and you should be on a good path towards securing life insurance.

What Are Your Options with Hyperthyroidism for Life Insurance?

This will depend on the circumstances we have discussed above, but for the most part, you will have all the traditional options for life insurance that individuals without hyperthyroidism are offered.

This would include the following options.

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Universal Life Insurance
  • No-Exam Term, Universal Or Whole Life Insurance

Now, these are assuming that you have hyperthyroidism under control and no other medical conditions are currently an issue, and your total number of medications currently being taken is under control as well.

These are all known as the traditional way of purchasing life insurance.

A Couple Last Options for Life Insurance with Hyperthyroidism

Now, on the flip side, if you don’t have hyperthyroidism under control, I still have some good news to present to you.

You can still get life insurance. That’s right. Policies still exist to help you provide your family with life insurance coverage as well.

These forms of life insurance coverage are known as Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance policies.

They ask no medical questions and come in the form of whole life insurance.

Typically, in coverage amounts up to 40,000 in some circumstances but most frequently 25,000.00

In exchange for the waiting period (24 months), you will be provided life insurance coverage with no questions if you are a U.S. Citizen.

Also, these policies come with added features such as the following.

  • 10% Interest Earned During the Waiting Period
  • Accidental Death Coverage Always Fully 100% Active
  • Living Benefits Included (Ability to Access Cash While Living)

Who do we recommend for guaranteed issue life insurance?

If you are in this position of needing a guaranteed issue life insurance policy, we highly recommend a company such as American General Life Insurance Company(AIG).

This product is known as the AIG GI product, and it’s the best in the business if you ask me.

If you have had issues getting life insurance with hyperthyroidism, this could be the best option for you and a company like AIG will certainly be a top choice.

A close runner up to this product is Gerber Life Insurance.

Accidental Death Life Insurance Coverage with Hyperthyroidism

You could also opt for accidental death life insurance coverage if you are looking for any form of coverage to provide your family peace of mind while you wait for your thyroid condition/disease to improve.

A company such as Minnesota Life Insurance Company is known to offer great accidental death life insurance coverage.

Sometimes if it’s something such as having thyroid cancer, you may just be a year or so away from full qualifying for traditional coverage but still, want to ensure that something is in place for you and your family’s financial protection and futures.

Accidental Death Life insurance is going to offer you large death benefits amounts for very cheap.

The downfall is, of course, the only coverage will only be active if something happens due to the accident.

Natural causes and natural deaths will not be covered under this form of life insurance.

A Few Steps to Prepare You for What’s Coming

Outside of what we discussed previously, there are the last few things to know about applying for life insurance with hyperthyroidism or even hypothyroidism or thyroid cancer.

Outside of being prepared for the questions they will ask you, you should also take a few additional steps. Here’s a look at them.

Step 1- Get all your doctors’ information ready for the agent.

This is so that if the life insurance company chooses to order what’s known an APS or Attending Physician Statement, the information is already set to go.

Life Insurance companies love when they don’t have to dig looking for information.

Step 2- Accept That You May Have to Take the Medical Exam.

Can you get life insurance after or during hyperthyroidism in the form of no-exam life insurance?

Of course.

Is it going to be the best option for you?

Likely not.

You can probably obtain a much lower rate on your coverage taking the 15 min FREE medical exam provided by the life insurance company.

Step 3- Have some Patience.

When people apply for life insurance, they tend to get very antsy to hear the results, and I don’t blame them.

However, purchasing life insurance is more of a lengthy process in some situation than purchasing a home.

You don’t need all the paperwork you need to purchase a home, but the life insurance underwriters must view your file and the physicians involved may have to confirm a piece of information.

The back and forth can take time, and if you can’t wait it out for 1-6 weeks, then you may have an issue with the process because sadly, that’s just the way it is.

What Do We Recommend that You Do Next?

If you are convinced like we are and have the same feeling that we can get 100% get you approved at fantastic rates for your life insurance, you can begin by comparing prices on your own on the “instant quote” form on the right hand side of the screen (or the orange tab on mobile devices).

Once you do this you are going to see rates, not from 1 life insurance company or even 2, but all 75+ of them if you qualify or meet the criteria needed for that option to display.

These are all companies you know and trust such as Prudential Life Insurance Company, Protective Life Insurance Company, and even Lincoln National Life Insurance Company.

Take a glance at your possible rates and feel the power of working through an Independent Life Insurance Agency that can afford you access to all the life insurance companies. Not just 1.

Life Insurance with Hyperthyroidism or Other Thyroid Disease is 100% Possible

Don’t be hesitant to apply. We handle hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, thyroid cancer and all forms of thyroid disease and thyroid cancer all the time.

We know we can get you some of the best rates for your life insurance too.

All it takes is a simple phone call to the number in the top right of the screen or doing some of your own research using the instant quote form on this page.

Regardless of the situation, don’t place your family’s financial future and protection at risk. Get insured today and let us help.


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