Life Insurance with Hepatitis C [How It Really Works]

life insuranc with Hepatitis C

At Good Life Protection we talk to hundreds of people every day.  Understanding life insurance with high-risk medical conditions can also be intimidating.  We are often asked; can I get life insurance after hepatitis C? The answer is yes, you can get life insurance with or after hepatitis C, but many factors will come into consideration.

Many of our clients and consumers we speak to come to find out that life insurance with hepatitis c requires a little more legwork to ensure you are approved for the coverage.  Options always exist.  Whether that’s traditional life insurance, life insurance without a medical exam or even guaranteed issue life insurance, it’s still possible.

The trick is finding the best life insurance company to meet your needs and that understands the medical condition you are facing. Also, it’s crucial to find life insurance companies that are friendly when it comes to underwriting hepatitis c.  Choosing the wrong company can ultimately either cost you wasted premium dollars every year or even worse, they may decline your case all together.

You see, conditions that can impact the liver such as hepatitis C, liver cancer, diabetes or even cirrhosis of the liver can be dangerous, so the life insurance is very careful with approving your application.

However, we always recommend that if you are trying to save time that you should stick to comparing rates and quotes with all life insurance companies.

You can do this easily below using our instant life insurance quotes rate engine to compare rates with 50 of the top rated life insurance companies.

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All of these are options we aim to avoid at Good Life Protection every time we handle your case.  Let’s cover some of the other aspects and items to consider when applying for life insurance with hepatitis c.

Can I Get Life Insurance with Hepatitis C?  What Will They Want to Know?

Again, yes, life insurance with hepatitis C is entirely doable and sometimes even at rates you may not expect.  The two significant factors a life insurance company will be looking at when it comes to your application would be,

  • Has the Hepatitis C been treated and is it currently in Remission?
  • What was the final damage that the Hepatitis C caused to your Liver?

If you fall into a category where your hepatitis C was treated quickly, is currently in remission and the damage was minimal, you have a chance at looking at very affordable life insurance rates.  In most circumstances, you can still achieve standard rates for your coverage (3rd best rating class).

What if my Hepatitis C caused more Damage?

If your hepatitis C, however, reached a point where it caused further damage to your liver than the life insurance company is going to view you as a higher risk and adjust the rates accordingly or possibly even decline your application altogether.  Being rejected however for life insurance with hepatitis c doesn’t happen all as often as many would think.

What else can You Do Improve the Odds of Obtaining Affordable Life Insurance with Hep C?

You have a few additional steps you can take to ensure you increase your odds of obtaining more affordable rates for your life insurance after having hep c.  First, detail is critical.  Clean information, medical records, and dates of the diagnosis go a long way.

Be sure to relay this information to your agent so we can effectively communicate this to the life insurance company.  This helps the life insurance company assess your risk much more cleanly.  Also, knowing the exact medications, you take and relaying that information as well will help.

Outside of that, you also always have the option to undergo a liver biopsy.  It’s not required, but if you are given an offer above what you expected to pay, it’s a viable option to prove to the life insurance company that you are a lower risk, then they are currently placing you at.

Other Information, the Life Insurance Company, Wants in Regards To Your Hep C

Here’s a quick overview of the questions the agent and life insurance company will want to know to help provide you with accurate rates and your overall chance of approval for your desired life insurance coverage.

  • Do you currently Consume Alcohol?
  • What kind of Hep C have you been diagnosed with? Acute Viral or Chronic Persistent?
  • What was your most recent or Current Liver Enzyme Count? Are they controlled? When was it last checked?
  • What medications are you taking for the condition?
  • How often and diligently do you follow up with your doctor?
  • How regularly do you monitor your Liver Function?
  • What test have you undergone? Biopsy? CT Scan? MRI?

Other Considerations for Life Insurance with or After Hepatitis C

Keep in mind that the questions above only address the hepatitis c.  That doesn’t mean that you are completely healthy in other aspects.  The life insurance company and agent are also going to have questions regarding your overall health.  Here’s a look at other considerations that will come up during the application process for the coverage.

Don’t ignore Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance or Accidental Death Life Insurance with Hep C.

Always remember, there is still options regardless of the status of your hep C.  If you have had more major damage from the hep c or maybe have other significant health conditions that go along with your hep c, than you may be declined for traditional life insurance coverage.

Unfortunately, it’s just how it works.  When that does happen or if it happens, you shouldn’t ignore the option to secure life insurance in the form of guaranteed issue life insurance or accidental death life insurance coverage.

They are still a viable option to provide some financial security and peace of mind to your family.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance After Hepatitis C

Guaranteed issue life insurance will be the final decision and option you can make when it comes to securing life insurance with pre-existing medical conditions such as Hep C.  With guaranteed issue life insurance, you will have no medical questions asked during the application process.  You will be approved regardless of the hep C status.

In exchange for that approval, the life insurance company will place a two-year waiting period on your benefits or “full death benefit.”  During this time frame, if something god forbid did happen, you would only be afforded your full amount of premiums paid in plus the 10% interest accumulation during that time.

In a nutshell, you can use this coverage if need be, but for the first two years, it’s just a substantial savings account for you.  At the 24-month mark, the full death benefit will be active for you and your family. Another nice added bonus to these policies is they still cover accidental deaths during this time.

It’s an excellent way to still get some coverage and peace of mind in place for your loved ones. These policies are available if you are between the ages of 50-85 and the two top companies to consider for this coverage is AIG (American General Life Insurance) or Gerber Life Insurance Company.

Both offer the best Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance at affordable rates with the 10% interest option tacked on to the balance.

Accidental Death Life Insurance Coverage After Hep C

Accidental death coverage is another viable option if you are not between the ages of 50-85 and need some form of coverage in place to protect your family.  We understand that it’s frustrating that natural causes are not covered under these policies, but something is better than nothing.

These Options Could Be Temporary for You After Hep C- Remember That

Always keep in mind that just because you have to use accidental death life insurance or guaranteed issue life insurance at this exact moment doesn’t mean we can’t continue to work in your corner to gain traditional life insurance coverage in the future.

Your overall condition may improve.  After a few physician visits and follow-ups, it’s entirely possible your luck may turn around, and we can prove that to the life insurance companies.  Life insurance policies can be easily replaced and swapped out.  The important thing is not to ignore coverage all together just because of a few roadblocks you encounter?

What Are You Waiting For? Life Insurance with or After Hepatitis C Is 100% Possible!

Hopefully, we have clearly illustrated that life insurance hepatitis C in most circumstances is 100% doable.  The fact that you can still achieve affordable rates and standard rates is a tremendous upside and a reason to stop procrastinating.  Let us help.  It’s what we do, and we are used to handling these high-risk medical conditions daily. We have handled enough cases to feel 100% confident that we can help you too!

We will shop your case among 50 of the top-rated life insurance companies and use our knowledge and expertise to help place you with the best overall option not only to gain approval but to ensure you get the coverage at the lowest overall price.  You can’t beat that.  Fill out the quote form on the right to begin comparing rates with 50 of the top-rated life insurance companies.

Your family depends on it!