Life Insurance with Heart Conditions – 5 Pro Tips for Approval

Life insurance with heart conditions can leave a lot of consumers feeling hopeless.

You have no idea if you can be approved for life insurance coverage or not.  If you can, you don’t know where to begin or who to speak with to get the job done.

Rest easy.  We are going to break it down step by step for you.  No more questions going unanswered and nobody needs to go without life insurance coverage due to the unknown. This holds especially true for those of you already battling a heart condition.

We don’t want your life insurance with heart conditions to be another daunting task on your list.

Let us explain briefly before diving in.

In this ultimate guide for life insurance with heart conditions, you will notice that we reference many different heart conditions and how it impacts your life insurance application. 

If you want or prefer to, skip straight to your actual heart condition for a in depth view of how to navigate the life insurance market.

Each condition we handle frequently, we enjoy blogging about and bringing you the information in depth to help you navigate the life insurance market with more ease.

So again, if you are crunched on time, skip straight to your specific condition by clicking the individual heart condition below. Each condition is much more in depth in it’s given article.

If you’re a little confused, let’s clear that up first.  This article is for a broad overview of life insurance with heart conditions.  We will however as always, make it easy to understand.  Hang with us.

We don’t recommend the approach of skipping straight to your given condition however.  We recommend reading this guide first and then navigating to your actual condition after reading this post.

Viewing the process and then the condition can dramatically improve your knowledge and give you an understanding of what to expect during a typical life insurance application with heart conditions.

This ultimately, will lead to an easy process with no surprises along the way. Also, if you are really strapped for time, we at least recommend scrolling to the bottom of the page to our life insurance with heart conditions frequently asked questions area.

This, at the very least may answer some quick questions about how to obtain life insurance with heart conditions.

Alright, enough small talk. Let’s get this party started. Without further ado, we bring you, Life insurance with heart conditions.

Life Insurance with Heart Conditions Part 1- What Heart Conditions do we see frequently, and which heart conditions does Good Life Protection handle?

To get the ball rolling, you will notice we handle a ton of different heart conditions.  We understand high-risk life insurance very well and have seen it all.

Again, if you see your specific heart condition, feel free to navigate to it, if not and you have some time to spare, then let’s cover the entire process.

We are always looking to help and happy to deliver more information. If you notice we haven’t mentioned your heart condition, comment below and we will be happy to answer your questions.  Sounds lame, but we love our jobs and love delivering you the valuable information.

We are going to break these down for you and organize them in a friendly manner based on the form of heart condition.

Common Heart Conditions Good Life Protection Handles

life insurance with heart conditions top conditions we handle

This doesn’t even come close to all the heart conditions we handle but it does account for a large percentage of the life insurance we handle for people with heart conditions.

life insurance with heart conditions- 5 pro tips about being approved for life insurance coverage.

Life Insurance with Heart Conditions Pro Tip #1- You Need Options, Lots of them.

You need to realize and come to terms with the fact that a captive State Farm Agent can’t help you with life insurance with heart conditions.

It doesn’t matter if your brother in law is a Farmers agent either.  Most likely they can’t do much for these types of life insurance cases. Don’t get us wrong here.  We don’t mean to offend any captive agents reading this blog.

Here is the problem.

Captive Agents don’t have the underwriting niches or enough carriers to handle life insurance with heart conditions.

Independent Life Insurance agents can effectively shop many different companies and understand unique niches that will approve life insurance with heart conditions.

This is imperative to understand and take to heart. To recap- Pro Tip #1- Work with independent life insurance agent or agency only.

Life Insurance with Heart Conditions Pro Tip #2- Do Not Lie- Inform your Agent of Everything Relevant to your overall health and heart condition

In the life insurance world, no difference exists between lying and not disclosing all relevant information. Would you withhold information from an attorney or physician and expect any form of good results?

If you answered yes to that question above, life insurance probably isn’t for you whether you need it or not.

The same applies here.  Disclose everything and watch us go to work.  If we know everything, we typically know which company to get in touch with and can even give you a good estimate of what cost your ultimately looking at.

What do we mean by answer everything? Keep it simple and start with the basics.  Here’s a full list of questions you can expect from any life insurance agent who

  • Knows what he or she is doing and has experience
  • Has your best interest at heart

Full List of Questions to be prepared for if your shopping for life insurance with heart conditions.

  • What heart condition do you currently have?
  • When was that heart condition diagnosed?
  • What method of treatment are you undergoing?
  • What medications do you take for your heart condition?
  • How it’s currently going? Improving, Stable, getting worse?
  • What’s your current age?
  • Are you diligent with your follow up and physician orders and treatment?
  • Have you undergone Hearts Stents?
  • How about Pacemakers?

life insurance with heart condition, list of common question asked

The more detail and in depth you can be during this stage of the process for life insurance with heart conditions, the better.

Phase 2 of common Question to have ready to go for life insurance with heart conditions

Here is round 2 of questions that need to be answered to get the ball rolling on the life insurance application.

  • What’s your current age?
  • Are you currently a tobacco user?
  • Do you have any other pre-existing medical conditions such as depression or diabetes?
  • Any family history of cancer, heart issues or diabetes that resulted in a death prior to age 60?
  • What’s your current height and weight?

Again, honesty is imperative or it’s a waste of everyone’s time.  If you go into the process ready to be approved and follow the steps, chances are, we can help.

Life Insurance with Heart Conditions- Pro Tip #3- Keep it informal- at first

Now, what in the heck do we mean by keep it informal?  We mean exactly that.

You see…

Your free to apply for life insurance coverage with heart conditions informally.  This simply means you are going to underwrite (FOR FREE- THE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY EATS THIS EXPENSE) and see what outcome we get.

Go into the application process with the ideal amount of coverage and term duration that you would want if all the stars aligned for you.  Once you complete the medical exam and obtain an approval, tailor the policy to fit your needs.

Most of the time, your agent will recommend this anyways.  It makes things easy and low pressure on everyone.

No need to lock down anything completely till we have the approval ready and have the policy tailored specifically for you and your family’s needs.

This allows for us to shop your case with life insurance companies after the approval to make sure your getting the best possible rates for your life insurance with heart conditions.

Life Insurance with Heart Conditions Pro Tip #4- Utilize Quick Quoting and Cover Letters

I personally know at this point your scratching your head.  What does that mean?  That’s a job for us or the agent you’re working with.

Let’s first cover “Quick Quoting”

Quick quoting is where we take your case and preliminary information and send it to the dozens of life insurance companies all with a nicely drafted email and one click of a button.

The underwriting departments with these said life insurance companies than answer back with possible offers.

Why do we do this?

We are obviously going to send your case originally to the life insurance company offering the best health class rating and lowest possible price for you.  We don’t want you paying more coverage either.  We want to help.

Now what is a cover letter?

A cover letter is simply a letter from the agent to the underwriting department at the company you choose to apply with.  We give the underwriters as much relevant information as possible and dress your heart condition up in the best possible light.  These can go a long way toward approvals and we use them all the time at Good Life Protection.

How do we have time for this?

We don’t have strict guidelines or numbers we must meet.  All we have is inbound inquiries for clients we are eager to help.  We take the extra time and aim toward approvals on every case. We don’t rush the process like select quote or another major sales agency will.

You ARE priority with Good Life Protection.

Life Insurance with Heart Conditions Pro Tip #5- Reduce your Rate later in the process

Again, we assume you are a little confused again.  Let’s clear that up.

You see, many pre-existing conditions when it comes to life insurance has certain waiting limits for conditions.  When that time elapses, the weight that condition carries on your pricing can be reduced.

Let’s assume you were a smoker when you originally got approved for your life insurance with heart conditions.  It’s now been 5 years since you had your approval.  We are just 1 phone call away from being able to obtain you lower rates on your premiums

Side Note- Don’t wait to apply for life insurance coverage due to this rule. It’s a huge common mistake people make every day.  All you are doing in this scenario is allowing yourself to get 5 years older which raises your rates and allowing more time to develop a new health condition.

NOT A GOOD IDEA.  Lock up coverage now and reduce the rates later.

Life insurance with Heart Conditions- Bonus Pro Tip- Who’s the best life insurance companies for your coverage?

Who’s the top life insurance company for life insurance with heart conditions.  Our pick would be hands down Prudential Life Insurance Company and Protective Life Insurance Company.

life insurance wiht heart conditions

Both companies are very “heart condition friendly” and if the steps listed above are followed, we typically see approvals with decent premiums.  Don’t be overly excited though, life insurance with any heart condition is going to cost you more than the average client or applicant.

Final Thoughts

We know life insurance with heart conditions can be a scary task.  We aren’t trying to claim it’s not.

What we are trying to point out however, is that it’s 100% doable and we handle cases of individuals with heart conditions all the time.  It just takes some time and a little TLC.

Don’t let your family go without coverage due to a bad experience with the process or a fear of applying for life insurance with heart conditions.

We will take care of you and get the job done one way or another.

Did you enjoy life insurance with heart conditions? Have we answered all your questions? If we haven’t don’t forget to visit are Frequently Asked Questions area below. If you don’t find the answer your looking for, drop a comment below or fill out the instant quote form on the right to get the ball rolling on your life insurance application following a heart condition.

May the best price win.

Life Insurance with Heart Conditions Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get life insurance with heart conditions?

Yes, absolutely. Follow the information laid out for you above for the best chances of being approved.  It’s possible to be declined for coverage as well?

Which life insurance company is the best for heart conditions?

We believe Protective and Prudential are the two best life insurance companies for life insurance with heart conditions. This is due to us seeing higher rates of approval with these two life insurance companies and frequently coming in at lower prices for your coverage.

How much will my life insurance cost with heart conditions?

This will vary case to case.  It depends on the overall condition, current age and many other factors.

Is life insurance with heart conditions available to males and females?

 Yes, even seniors and children as well depending on the life insurance company you pick to work with?

How do I get started with an application or purchasing life insurance with heart conditions?

Call any independent life insurance agency is our biggest key to success. Give us a chance to help.  We won’t let you down!

Thanks for reading. See you next time.

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