Can You Get Life Insurance If You Have A Felony [Yes, Here’s How]


Can You Get Life Insurance With A Felony

Many people are surprised to learn that life insurance companies ask about criminal history on applications and want to know if they can get life insurance with a felony.

The truth is that criminal history is considered high-risk life insurance by many, but not all, life insurance companies.

Can you get life insurance if you have a felony? Yes, you can get life insurance if you have a felony. You’ll have limited life insurance options a year after your probation or parole ends. Over time, preferred life insurance rates become available for felons once you show rehabilitation and no further criminal activity.

 As high-risk life insurance brokers, we work with the best life insurance companies for former felons.

This is one reason we always recommend using our instant rate engine directly below to compare rates with more than 50 of the top-rated life insurance companies.

Otherwise, stick around and we will provide you the details about obtaining life insurance with a felony on your record.

Can You Get Life Insurance With A Felony?

Life insurance companies look at broad statistics to gauge risk.

Even if your felony is in the past, the odds of returning to prison is high within the years immediately following someone’s release from prison.

The hard truth is that going to prison is dangerous.

The risk of injury or disease in prison is high, and life insurance companies do not want to take on that risk.

If you are on probation or parole or not much time has passed since your felony, your life insurance options will be limited.

Pro Tip: The more time goes by after your felony, the higher your odds are being approved for life insurance at top rates.

As time goes on, the risk of returning to prison decreases, and more life insurance options will begin to open up.

We have insured people at preferred best rates with an A-rated company with a felony history.

The key was that their felony was long in their past, and they had a flawless record ever since.

Even if you were denied in the past, you might be able to get life insurance today if you have a felony.

Life Insurance Companies Have Different Opinions on Felonies

Not every life insurance company will view your felony history the same way.

In fact, some life insurance companies won’t even ask about criminal history at all, and some will decline you.

As a rule of thumb, applicants who are in jail, awaiting trial, or who are out on probation or parole are postponed until their off parole or probation for 12 months.

In the first 1-5 years, you can qualify for a standard rate with a “flat extra” fee charged depending on your felony with more lenient companies.

We see “white collar” felonies and DUI/DWI felonies begin to open up early as long as it is your first offense.

As time goes by, you can get more life insurance options and top rates if you have a felony history, but there are some felonies that life insurance companies absolutely hate!

Pro tip: life insurance companies are most lenient on “white collar” felonies. Drug-related or violent crimes are looked at with greater scrutiny.

Life insurance companies are particularly concerned about drug-related felonies and violent crimes.

If you are convicted of the following felonies, it will be difficult for you to get traditional life insurance coverage no matter how much time has past:

  • Rape
  • Murder
  • Kidnapping
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Drug Manufacture
  • Child Molestation
  • Organized Crime
  • Espionage
  • Terrorist Acts

Additionally, if you are convicted of multiple felonies, that may be too much risk for a traditional life insurance company to take on.

What are my Best Life Insurance Options with a Felony?

This depends on how much life insurance coverage you are looking for.

Although, the one constant when it comes to getting life insurance with felony history is you want to work with an experience high-risk life insurance broker felony underwriting experience.

Independent brokers can work with multiple companies and are knowledgable on which life insurance companies give the best rates for clients with felonies on their record.

If you’re looking for burial insurance, there are a number of final expense options that don’t ask about criminal history that we can place you with.

However, you’re looking for larger death benefits, that is where felony history can get tricky.

You can get life insurance if you have a felony with companies like 5 Star Life Insurance Company quickly since they do not consider criminal history on their application.

If you otherwise qualify for 5 Star Life Insurance, you can get up to $50,000 of life insurance.

5 Star Life Insurance is an easy phone application and is a no-exam life insurance company.

Not every agent will work with a company like 5 Star, so be sure you are working with a high-risk life insurance broker who understands how to underwrite criminal history.

After 5-10 years, you should be reliable for preferred rates again and higher death benefits with top life insurance companies.

What if I Can’t Get Life Insurance due to my Felony History?

If you cannot get private life insurance due to your felony history, there are alternatives.

Applying for group life insurance through your employer is a great way to secure life insurance coverage if you have a felony.

Many group life insurance policies offered by your employer are easier to qualify for and don’t ask questions regarding your criminal history or pre-existing conditions for life insurance.

Your employer-provided group life insurance usually will allow you to get some multiple of your income (usually between 1 to 5 times your salary).

You can also supplement your group life insurance policy with accidental death insurance to increase your death benefit protection for fatal accidents.

Accidental death insurance as an alternative option to life insurance if traditional life insurance coverage is unavailable or unaffordable.

Accidental death insurance can help fill gaps in your coverage for catastrophic fatal accidents if you cannot get or afford regular life insurance.

Accidental death insurance especially makes sense for younger clients who cannot qualify for life insurance due to lifestyle impairments.

Many of the claims we see for clients below the age of 50 tend to be accidental in nature anyway.

Worst-case scenario we can always place you with a guaranteed issue life insurance company that asks no medical questions whatsoever, including criminal history for up to $25,000.

American General Life Insurance is one of the best for this specific situation.

AIG offers a budget-friendly no-questions-asked policy that may be a great option for you.

These guaranteed issue whole life policies are designed to cover burial costs and final expenses and can be combined with accidental death insurance and group life insurance.

Final Thoughts: Yes, You Can Get Life Insurance After a Felony

Getting life insurance after a felony is not a case for a rookie life insurance agent.

You want to work with an expert high-risk life insurance broker who is a veteran of the industry.

Once you’re declined for life insurance even one time, it will affect your chances of getting approved in the future with other companies.

Sometimes by the time a client comes to us, they have already racked up a decline and unfortunately, that eliminates certain life insurance options.

Many former felons can qualify for life insurance after their parole or probation has ended with the right life insurance company.

If you cannot get life insurance due to your felony history, then there are other alternatives options that you should consider while waiting for life insurance options to open up.

Compare the quotes of the best life insurance companies on the market today on our website with no obligation.

If you have any further questions on if you can get life insurance if you have a felony, please contact us.