Life Insurance For Morbidly Obese Individuals [Don’t Be Declined]

Overweight or Obese Life Insurance

Overweight or Obese Life Insurance

Attempting to Obtain Life Insurance for the Morbidly Obese or Overweight Individuals can be scary or daunting but it doesn’t need to be.

Finding life insurance for the morbidly obese can also have you under the impression that life insurance for overweight individuals will cost too much which may not be the situation either.

Sure, it is considered high-risk life insurance and can lead to further heart complications and have an overall impact on your health which ultimately can leave life insurance companies asking many questions pertaining to the situation.

The good news is that we intend on breaking down everything you need to know about life insurance for overweight individuals.

What companies should we work with? How do we achieve affordable rates?

Where do I find an agent experienced with life insurance with pre-existing medical conditions?

These are all questions you may have.

Relax and let us explain.

There is no need to be intimidated by it.

We are here to help.

There is a lot of information available online regarding the health risks of obesity, and how it affects applying for life insurance today.

The first key piece of advice we have for you is to make sure the source is credible and understands the life insurance industry.

For any of you who are morbidly obese or overweight looking to buy life insurance, you need to know a few things and need to understand that you have plenty of options.

Otherwise, let’s start diving into the details on this topic.

Life Insurance for Morbidly Obese Individuals

Most of you probably know that life insurance companies have different weight and height metrics to calculate the premium they will charge on a policy, or if they will provide coverage for an individual at all.

The ratios related to the weight and height of an individual are the ones that an underwriter for life insurance will consider first.

This makes it harder for people who are overweight or obese to get life insurance, but the good news is that there is a lot of great insurance at the rates they may desire but the good news is that many life insurance companies will still offer coverage.

Finding The Best Life Insurance For Morbidly Obese Individuals, Best Companies

You shouldn’t get to worked up or worried if you aren’t able to acquire life insurance at the preferred rates others may be offered. Many people in great health can’t even qualify for these rates.

You have to understand a few things and why it may cost just a bit more being morbidly obese or overweight.

You see, other more serious health conditions can stem from being morbidly obese or overweight, and yes you should know that it will require a little legwork on the agents part to find the right coverage for you.

That is why it is imperative that you find the right life insurance agency to have your back in this situation.

It can ultimately make or break your chances and pricing for your life insurance policy.

For instance, when searching for life insurance, look at companies that have a great track record for offering insurance policies to people who have the following.

  • Favorable Height and Weight Build Charts
  • Diabetes
  • Suffered a heart attack

There are obviously a lot of different life insurance companies that will offer you with various policies designed for obese or overweight people based on individual underwriting guidelines and the company’s unique build charts.

However, you should ensure that you always have the best offer.

Working with an independent agent with many companies to work with is a great step 1 in the process.

Again, simply fill out the form on this page to see rates from over 50 of the top-rated life insurance companies that any independent life insurance agent has the ability to offer you.

Applying for Life Insurance When Overweight or Morbidly Obese

Life Insurance for obese and overweight

Overweight Life Insurance

Before you apply for life insurance when obese or overweight, it is important that you remember that life insurance companies have different policies and products that they can offer.

However, one thing that all life insurance companies use to determine your rating is your height and weight.

If one company finds you overweight, that does not mean the rest of them to do as well.

As a matter of fact, we work with plenty of life insurance companies who have very favorable charts for total BMI and weight that can be very favorable toward your pocketbook.

Always remember that. All companies are different and none of them have the exact same guidelines for height and weight.

The good news is that we work with the best life insurance companies and only work in your corner.

We can help overweight or morbidly obese individuals find the best rates for life insurance.

There are a lot of options when it comes to life insurance.

We can help you navigate the confusing options and a vast number of carriers you may want to apply with.

Applying for life insurance when you’re obese or overweight isn’t difficult, and there are some simple tips and tricks that will help you out.

We are going to share some tips that will help you acquire the best rates on life insurance when you are obese or overweight.

Overweight or Morbidly Obese Life Insurance Tips

You shouldn’t ever lie about your health to a life insurance company, because they will find out the truth.

You shouldn’t be afraid to provide them with information about your weight and height, otherwise, you will not get a suitable policy.

Work With Someone Who Cares For The Best Life Insurance Rates

There are a lot of options available in the industry when it comes to life insurance, but that also means you should be careful about who you choose to work with.

The best course of action is to select a life insurance carrier that has a brilliant track record of helping their customers.

Applying For Life Insurance When Overweight Requires Patience and The Willingness to Take the Exam

If you are obese or overweight, you will be asked to take a life insurance exam, and you should expect that whenever you go to a life insurance carrier.

The best advice is to take the exam before you eat or drink anything in the morning, except for water.

This is because your weight will vary by several pounds during the day, as you eat and drink.

Every single point counts when you are overweight and applying for insurance, so make sure that you prepare for the exam.

Drastic Weight Loss and Waiting to Apply For Life Insurance Is A Bad Idea

You may assume that losing weight drastically over the past year is going to look impressive to a life insurance company, but that isn’t the case.

Most insurance companies prefer to see that the weight of an applicant hasn’t changed too much over the year.

Again, you must be honest about your weight loss with the insurance company as that will affect your insurance rates.

Don’t Overlook The Life Insurance Your Family Needs Even if You Are Overweight

One of the worst things that you can do when you’re applying for life insurance as an obese or overweight individual is waiting too long for a better rate.

Most people never buy a policy, because they have been told they can get one with better rates, but that may never happen.

When it comes to your health, you shouldn’t take risks, because waiting around for better rates isn’t a wise move.

The best advice is to get the best rates that are offered to you, and once you have acquired coverage, you can look for better life insurance policy rates.

This way you won’t be gambling with the financial future of your family.

Overweight or Morbidly Obese Life Insurance, You Can be Approved!

The big question for a lot of people is whether they can qualify for life insurance when they are overweight, and the answer is a resounding YES! 

Life insurance companies don’t discriminate against people that are overweight, and they can still get policies with great rates.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that the average male in America weighs 196 lbs. and is 5 feet 9 inches tall?

The body mass index charts of the CDC classes this as ‘overweight’, and if the man puts on 7 more pounds, they will be classed as ‘obese’.

I’m sure there is way more of us that fall into this category than everyone thinks.

Heck, even I do, so stop sweating the details.

However, that doesn’t mean that a man who is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs over 200 pounds can’t find great life insurance.

There are a lot of insurance companies that will offer excellent rates (even preferred rates) for overweight people.

Let’s cover what it may take to actually see a declined application for life insurance while overweight or morbidly obese.

Declined Life Insurance for Morbidly Obese or Overweight Individuals

We took a peek at some of the maximum weights you may be allowed with some of the larger life insurance companies.

You see…

Every company has its own cutoff point for denying coverage.

So, if a man is 5 feet 9 inches, and weighs more than 329 pounds, some life insurance companies will deny him coverage.

However, Some won’t.

The average height and weight of a woman in the United States are 5 feet 4 inches, and 169 pounds, which is rated as overweight by the standards set by the CDC.

Being denied life insurance coverage will never be based on your weight only.

It matters greatly how tall you are and what other pre-existing or high-risk medical conditions you may have.

Tobacco use can also play a vital role in the process and overall approval.

Overweight or Obese Life Insurance, And How Do Height and Weight Impact the Life Insurance process?

Every life insurance company have their own metrics that determine the maximum height and weight allowed for a candidate to qualify for coverage.

Insurance agents will use these metrics to calculate whether their client can qualify for life insurance, and what rates they will be charged for policies.

The “preferred plus” rates are the best rates you can achieve, but they are only given out to people, who are determined to be the healthiest in their weight and height ranges and have no other pre-existing medical conditions.

Just because you’re obese or overweight doesn’t mean that your prices will be triple preferred plus rates or that a decline is definite, it just means diligence and preparation from yourself and your agent are crucial.

The CDC has its own BMI classifications, which it uses to determine the average weight and height of men and women, and whether they can qualify for “preferred” rates at insurance companies.

The only people who will struggle to find coverage for life insurance are the ones, who are extremely obese and have extreme weight problems.

Be Prepared to Pay More for Overweight or Obese Life Insurance, The Rates May Be Higher

If you are buying life insurance and realize that you are obese or overweight, then you should be prepared to pay more for a life insurance policy.

It isn’t a secret that people with weight issues are charged higher premiums because the life expectancy of these people is lower (on average).

We looked at some of the different rates offered by life insurance companies and found the lowest quotes for men and women who were obese or overweight.

Example Male Weight, BMI, and Life Insurance Rate Chart

The average premium price for a 20-year, term policy valued at $500,000, for a 35-year old male, who is 5-foot 9 inches tall, at different weights:

life insurance for overweight men rates and pricing

Life Insurance Prices and Rates Based on Weight for Males


Example Female Weight and Life Insurance Rate Chart

The average premium price for a 20-year, term policy valued at $500,000, for a 35-year old male, who is 5-foot 4 inches tall, at different weights:

life insurance for obese female weight and prices and rates for life insurance

Life Insurance Prices and Rates Based on Weight for Males

How does the life insurance company know your weight?

When you are filling out the application for life insurance, you must provide information for your weight and height.

The numbers will be checked again when you’re taking your medical exam, but you shouldn’t go on a weight loss diet to bring your weight down before the exam.

This is because the life insurance company will look at your overall medical records over the past few years, which will include your previous weights.

Drastic weight changes can look just as bad as having a few extra pounds on you so just relax, complete the exam and we can take it from there.

That’s one of the huge benefits of working with an independent life insurance agency.

Once you get a rating back after underwriting, we can shop your case with plenty of life insurance carriers to ensure we have the best possible approval and overall price for your coverage that you desire for you and your family.

How Obesity and BMI Can Impact Your Rates

The Body Mass Index (BMI) is used by life insurance companies to assess the threat of a candidate suffering from weight-related diseases.

The insurance company may record you as obese if you have a BMI over 30, or if your body weight is over 20% of your ideal weight, based on your build, gender, age, and height.

Obesity is associated with a lot of negative consequences, which is the reason why a lot of insurance companies charge higher policy rates for people that are obese.

The factors that will determine the price of the premiums in your insurance policy include the following:

  • Your family history
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Your age and gender
  • Whether you smoke or drink
  • If you participate in dangerous sports, occupation or hobbies

You should know that every insurance company has their own guidelines for underwriting, which is why you should always compare quotes from the best insurance companies with an experienced agent.

What Is a Healthy Weight for Life Insurance At Preferred Rates?

For people, who are at the age of 20 or older, the body mass index (BMI) is used to classify them in separate weight categories.

The ideal weight or healthy weight range classed by life insurance companies is between a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 after calculating values from statistical using the average from mortality rates, popular averages, and previously insured groups

Life Insurance Rates and Example BMI and Weight Charts

The body mass index tool or BMI is used by every life insurance company to calculate the health of an individual, and potential health risks they may suffer.

It is an integral part of the underwriting and determines the premium price you will be paying for the policy:

Life Insurance for overweight rates and BMI

BMI Charts and Rates for Life Insurance When Overweight

What’s the most looked at factor for Overweight or Obese Life Insurance?

The BMI Chart

It’s the most important indicator looked at by insurance companies since it relays information related to physical build, muscle mass, and overall body fat.

Shortcomings of BMI Being Used For Life Insurance

Even though the Body Mass Index is considered as the most important indicator for determining the weight of a candidate, it does have its shortcomings.

There are some disadvantages that insurance companies who use the BMI experience, and these are:

  1. Miscalculating body fat content in obese and overweight people
  2. Miscalculating body fat in lean and muscular people

The standard BMI calculation doesn’t account for the fact that muscle has more weight than fat.

So, if an individual has more lean muscle mass on their body than the average, they will have a higher BMI, which could offer an inaccurate body composition.

The same goes for a person suffering from osteoporosis, since they will have less bone density, and this will result in a lower BMI, even though their body fat could be extremely high.

The best way to determine whether you have been unhealthy is by calculating the body fat percentage in your body.

People who actively exercise or take part in weight training that builds muscle should ensure that their BMI isn’t having a negative effect on their premium rates for life insurance.

This can be done by measuring the body fat percentage and waist-hip ratio:

Caliper measurement (skinfold measurement test)

This will measure how thick the skin is on different parts of the body.

It must be administered by a registered doctor or nurse, since only an experienced medical professional and conduct an accurate skinfold analysis.

Waist-hip ratio

This will measure the hip circumference with the waist circumference.

If you have a high percentage of fat around the waist area, it indicates a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The Difference Between Being Overweight and Obese-Overweight or Obese Life Insurance

BMI determines the overall difference between morbidly obese and overweight individuals.

Life insurance companies look at the body mass index to set rates for separate policies.

The chart below offers an accurate depiction of the difference between being overweight and obese as determined by BMI.

How Does Weight Affect Life Insurance?

We get these questions very often when it comes to applying for life insurance if you are overweight. The most common questions always come down to the price and we certainly understand that.

How does weight affect life insurance? Your weight can have significant impacts on life insurance rates. Being over the standard weight guidelines can cause your premiums to increase by a minimum of 25% up to 75% increases in life insurance rates. Weight can also cause life insurance to be declined.

What Is a Healthy Weight for Life Insurance?

In addition to the overall rates you may pay for life insurance, clients often are curious to another specific question.

What is a healthy weight for life insurance? Luckily, we have that answer for you.

So, what is a healthy weight for life insurance? A healthy weight for life insurance depends on your height and your gender. Additionally, BMI impacts a healthy weight for life insurance. Here are three examples of healthy weights and heights for a male seeking life insurance coverage.

Preferred Life Insurance Rates

Height  Weight

5’6         192 lbs.

5’9         203 lbs.

5’11       222 lbs.

Life Insurance Weight Guidelines

Weight is known to be a direct cause of other health issues that can be caused due to being overweight or obese.

This is one of the direct reasons that life insurance weight guidelines do exist. For the most part, you don’t have to be overly concerned with every life insurance companies’ specific guidelines.

What you need to be focused on that’s more imperative is finding a reliable independent agent and allow them to work through the life insurance weight guidelines for you.

Most independent agents and agencies deal with weight more than any other pre-existing health factor on an application.

It’s extremely common in the United States and an agency with a few years under their belt is going to know immediately which life insurance company is best for individuals over the typical weight guidelines.

If you stick around for just a few more minutes we can go over a few of those companies.

Best Life Insurance Companies for Overweight Individuals

If you have read this far, you may be interested in knowing one the answer to one specific question.

What’s the best life insurance companies for overweight individuals?

Shockingly, this isn’t overly difficult for us to answer for you.

We surely have a few favorites that we prefer to work with.

Pro Tip*- Once you see who the best life insurance companies for overweight individuals may be, use the quote form on this page to run your quote and just scroll until you find that specific company to get an idea at your potential rates.

Just remember, life insurance rates can be impacted by your weight so be sure to select either “standard, table 2 or table 4” to get an accurate gauge on your life insurance rates.

If you select preferred, you’re likely to be disappointed when you find out it will be more expensive.

Back on topic, we love Prudential Life Insurance for individuals who may be overweight by just a small amount of perhaps even well over the typical height and weight guidelines for life insurance.

They have one of the most liberal weight guidelines and we typically can get individuals approved for life insurance with Prudential Life Insurance.

Don’t get me wrong.

Several other great life insurance companies currently offer coverage for individuals that are overweight but instead of providing you a long list, we wanted to just recommend the company that we typically use most often or consider “the best life insurance company for overweight individuals”.

Does BMI Affect Life Insurance?

Many individuals aren’t aware of the differences between overall height and weight and BMI.

This sparks a good majority of individuals to ask a specific question.

Does BMI affect life insurance? Yes, BMI affects life insurance. Your height and weight are important factors when applying for life insurance. Fully underwritten life insurance policies require a medical exam. During this exam, measurements will be taken to help determine your BMI having either positive or negative impacts on your life insurance.

It’s unfortunate that BMI and Weight impact life insurance but…

You can fight back and we can put together a great plan together for you.

A lot of you have raised concerns about applying for life insurance when they are overweight or morbidly obese, but you need to know that the rates for insurance coverage vary greatly.

Life insurance carriers will always ask about your weight and height.

There is no running from this, unfortunately.

I get it, this can be frustrating, especially when it’s something else causing the weight gain such as underactive or overactive thyroid disorder or disease.

Something to keep in mind is that some life insurance companies are extremely forgiving when it comes to weight and applying for life insurance.

What you can do however is work with an independent agency and agent to get the best possible option and find a carrier that can offer affordable rates.

We will touch more on this shortly.

However, you don’t have to worry because even people who are morbidly obese and overweight can still easily get approved for life insurance coverage.

Trust us, we know what we are talking about. We have seen a few things in our time in the life insurance industry.

The rates and the coverage you may qualify for may vary.

If you are working with an experienced agent, we promise we will be able to place you with the correct life insurance carrier to get you approved for the coverage you are looking for.

There are a lot of different factors that come into play when you are overweight or obese and apply for life insurance. We will be looking at them all in detail.

Our goal at Good Life Protection is to inform you of the best way to apply for life insurance no matter what high-risk life insurance condition you may have. It’s what we do and why we are here.

Applying For Overweight or Obese Life Insurance Policies

Life insurance for overweight and obese difference

BMI Chart and BMI Levels for Life Insurance

Your BMI and weight will play an integral role in determining whether you get approved for a life insurance policy.

However, they aren’t the sole metrics considered, as there are other factors that also come into play when you apply for life insurance when you are obese or morbidly obese.

All life insurance companies have their own standards for assessing life insurance applications, and even people with a BMI over 31 can acquire good rates for life insurance.

That will only be possible if the company finds that you lead an active lifestyle, and have good general health.

If you’re obese, not in great health and haven’t been to a doctor in several years, you could struggle to find life insurance policies.

This is because obesity is linked to serious life-threatening conditions, and life insurance companies will consider you as someone with a higher risk because you’re someone that doesn’t get regular check-ups and doesn’t monitor their health.

You should get a full check-up from a doctor before you apply for life insurance as an obese person, as it increases your chances.

Apart from the medical exam, you will be asked to provide information related to the following on the life insurance application form:

  • Date of the last appointment with your doctor
  • Any health problems related to your weight
  • Any changes in your weight over the past year
  • If you have problems with mobility
  • Complete results of health tests undertaken in the last year

If you’re obese or morbidly obese and want to apply for life insurance, you can improve your chances of winning approval by starting a weight-loss program monitored by your doctor.

It is important that you be a part of this program for some time since insurance companies will look for progress in weight loss for a significant time period.

If you have been in a weight loss program for more than a year, that will allow your doctor to calculate how much weight you should lose to get a BMI that is under 30.

Why Life Insurance Companies Treat People Differently for Obese Life Insurance?

A lot of people may assume that life insurance companies treat people differently, but there is nothing sinister about that.

The only reason life insurance companies treat people differently is because they must calculate the risk associated with offering someone a life insurance policy.

If you are an individual that is overweight or obese, you are at greater risk for contracting a life-threatening disease, and that also increases the chances of the company having to pay the death benefit claim.

If life insurance companies didn’t follow this protocol, they would become insolvent very quickly.

The Centers for Disease Control and Preventing in the United States have stated in a report that people who are overweight or obese are at greater risk for the following diseases:

Sleep apnea and respiratory problems

Liver disease

Increased blood pressure

Heart disease

Heart attacks


That is the reason why life insurance companies will charge overweight or obese people with higher premium rates for a life insurance policy, to reduce their financial risk.

Reducing financial risk for the life insurance carriers ensures that they can honor the policies in force at all times and keep a long healthy claim paying history going for the company.

It also keeps them financially solvent.

Other Factors that Insurance Underwriters Consider with Obese Life Insurance

Apart from the weight of an individual, life insurance underwriters will also account for other factors, when they review your application for a policy. These factors will include the following:

  • Smoking habits
  • Alcohol usage
  • Marital status
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Income
  • Family health history
  • Daily habits
  • Gastric Bypass

If you’re a smoker, you will find it difficult to get life insurance for overweight or obese individuals at rates some of your non-tobacco friends and family have achieved.

Life insurance companies don’t offer great rates to people who smoke. So, people who smoke and are overweight have the scales tipped against them.

You will also be asked to take a medical exam, which will mean you must meet professional doctors, who will take readings of your heart rate and blood pressure.

They will also take your urine sample and ask for a blood sample to analyze you for different health conditions, which may disqualify you from getting that life insurance policy.

After the underwriters have all your information, they will decide whether you qualify for coverage, what classification of policy will be offered to you, and premiums you will be charged.

Does It Matter If I Am Obese Instead of Overweight?

Yes, it counts for a lot if you are obese since overweight people can still get excellent rates.

However, obese people will struggle to find good rates for policies, because they are at a greater risk of acquiring life-threatening diseases.

That is why it is recommended that you work with an independent life insurance agency to help navigate the market for you.

Obese people may not qualify for standard life insurance policies, but they have other options, like a no-physical life insurance policy.

These life insurance policies don’t require a medical exam and don’t need any health-related information from the individual.

Should I Lose Weight Before Getting Life Insurance?

I can’t tell you how often this question comes up during our conversations with clients.

It’s the most common thought to run from the process in these situations.

Clients always ask the following.

Should I lose weight before getting life insurance? Here’s the surprising answer to the question.

So, should I lose weight before getting life insurance? No, you should not lose weight before getting life insurance. Life insurance rates increase every additional year that you age. You may also develop further health concerns making it impossible to get approved for life insurance in the future.

Life Insurance Ratings You Could Expect When Overweight or Obese

The life insurance policy you manage to qualify for will be determined by the health rating you have been given.

These health class ratings will be different for every person.

Even obese people that manage to get a standard health rating, will have different premiums because of their lifestyle, the medications they take, or their existing health condition.

People who have limited mobility, are morbidly obese, and have high-risk health conditions will only get a sub-standard rating.

They may even have their application denied, which means they must explore other options like a guaranteed life insurance policy.

What Should You Do if You’re Denied? Overweight or Obese Life Insurance

If you have been denied life insurance in the past, you need to be considering other options such as American General Life Insurance Company and their guaranteed issue product that’s no questions asked. It’s the best no questions asked life insurance policy currently offered.

Final Word, Life Insurance For Overweight and Morbidly Obese is Completely Possible. 

At the end of the day, only one simple question needs to be answered. Can an obese person get life insurance? Yes, an obese person can get life insurance. Several life insurance companies offer coverage with liberal height and weight guidelines. If you are declined, guaranteed issue life insurance companies will still offer you coverage.

All you must do is believe in the process. Trust an agency like Good Life Protection to find you the best life insurance company if you are overweight.

We know a great deal about individuals who would be considered a higher-risk when applying for life insurance coverage.

Additionally, never fail to start doing your own diligence and checking out rates. We have a no obligation form on this page that you can use to start analyzing your rates with over 50 of the top-rated life insurance companies.

All you have to do is get started.

Most people with obesity can change their lifestyle and lose weight, which may allow them to qualify for life insurance in the future.

If you are overweight or obese it is important that you start making changes to your lifestyle, even if it means changing habits like excessive drinking or smoking.

If you have qualified for life insurance as an obese or overweight person, but with high premiums, you shouldn’t worry because you can always bring your premiums down if your BMI improves and you lose weight.

We would love to help with that!

There are a lot of life insurance companies that offer insurance products for individuals who are overweight.  Good Life Protection is always here to lend a hand!

If you absolutely can’t be approved, you can always turn to a guaranteed issue life insurance policy offered by company’s such as AIG through their AIG GI product.

We work with all the highest rated insurance companies in the market and have helped individuals, who were denied life insurance because they were obese or overweight.

Therefore, we are placed perfectly to help point you in the right direction and save you time and money.

You can compare different life insurance policy premiums and plans from the leading insurance carriers in the industry.

Our insurance agents will offer you complete information related to different policies and will answer all questions related to life insurance coverage for overweight or obese people.

So, don’t lose hope if you are overweight or obese! Get in touch with us to talk to one of our insurance agents, and find out how we can help you acquire an affordable life insurance policy today.

May the best price win!


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