Life Insurance for Helicopter Pilots [How to be Approved]

Life insurance for helicopter pilots

If you are having trouble finding affordable life insurance for helicopter pilots, then you’re in luck. Our agency knows how life insurance companies look at high-risk life insurance.

Flying a helicopter can be hazardous since a mistake at high altitudes can be fatal. The life insurance companies know this and will account for it when pricing out your life insurance.

However, there is no reason to overpay on your life insurance. Working with an independent broker who knows how to underwrite aviation activities is the secret to finding low rates.

 Our agency works with over 25 top-rated life insurance companies and can find you a better deal than going through expensive group benefit plans, clubs, etc.

Request a quote through our website, and one of our independent expert brokers can assist you in finding the best life insurance company for helicopter pilots to protect your family.

What All Helicopter Pilots Must Know about Life Insurance

Not every life insurance company agrees on the risk of piloting a helicopter. Many companies will consider flying a helicopter a dangerous activity for both commercial and private pilots.

These life insurance companies will either decline your application for life insurance as a helicopter pilot or raise your rates significantly even if you’re in great health!

However, there are some life insurance companies that will dig deeper in order to provide you affordable life insurance and even discounted rates in some cases.

Pro tip: Work with an independent life insurance broker who has experience underwriting aviation to get the lowest helicopter pilot life insurance rates.

 If your life insurance agent is not asking you the following questions about your helicopter piloting activities, then they likely are inexperienced with life insurance for helicopter pilots.

Common Aviation Questions for Life Insurance:

  • What type of license/certification do you hold and for how long?
  • How many solo hours have you flown as a helicopter pilot?
  • How many hours do you fly per year?
  • Have you had any accidents or been grounded?
  • Have you ever had your license revoked?
  • What type of helicopter do you fly? (make and model)
  • Do you fly for profit?
  • Where do you fly?

 The best life insurance companies for helicopter pilots will carefully consider each factor when calculating your monthly life insurance rates along with your general health, age, etc.

How Much does Life Insurance for Helicopter Pilots Cost?

Aviation of any sorts is something you need to speak with a life insurance agent about if you want the best life insurance rate for helicopter pilots plain and simple.

Underwriting helicopter pilots for life insurance has too many variables to display an accurate quote online, and any website that claims so is just wasting your time.

Working with an expert life insurance agent will increase your chances of avoiding the dreaded “flat extra” charge on life insurance for helicopter pilots.

For example, a $5 “flat extra” charge on a $500,000 policy would increase the cost of your life insurance by $2,500. This is on top of your regular life insurance rate!

You would multiply the “flat extra” charge per 1,000 units of life insurance ($5 x 500 units of life insurance = $2,500).

Pro tip: A “flat extra” is a costly additional fee that life insurance companies add to your policy, but can often be avoided by working with an expert broker.

 In some instances, an aviation exclusion rider can be included in life insurance for helicopter pilots. This rider usually will exclude aviation-related deaths from triggering your death benefits.

If you already have life insurance that covers aviation-related deaths as a helicopter pilot, then this can be an affordable way of supplementing your coverage for other death risks.

If you have an aviation exclusion rider in your life insurance policy, then your helicopter pilot activity will not be considered in your rates, but you won’t be covered for aviation-related deaths.

Your age will also affect your life insurance rates if you’re a helicopter pilot. Some life insurance companies will make helicopter pilots ineligible for top rates if you’re over age 70.

What are the best life insurance companies for helicopter pilots?

This depends on many factors related to your helicopter activities and overall health. If you have other health factors that can affect your life insurance rates, you need to work with a broker.

Some life insurance companies are a waste of time if you’re a helicopter pilot. However, we have found affordable life insurance for helicopter pilots with the following companies:

Offer Potential Preferred Life Insurance Rates for Helicopter Pilots:

  • American National (ANICO)
  • Prudential
  • John Hancock
  • Protective Life
  • Lincoln Financial
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Principal

No-exam Life Insurance for Helicopter Pilots

  • SBLI
  • Foresters Financial
  • Nassau Re (Phoenix Life)
  • Sagicor Life
  • Ameritas Life

Life Insurance for Helicopter Pilots with Exclusion Riders

  • Banner Life
  • North American


The secret to selecting the best life insurance for helicopter pilots is knowing which company to work with. They all have slightly different opinions on aviation risk.

For example, we work with an A-rated company that wants a minimum of 1,000 hours or 5-years of experience to consider preferred rates for helicopter pilots.

We also work with an A-rated life insurance company that will consider preferred rates with only 300 hours of flying experience. That’s why working with an expert matters.

The same nuance applies to the dreaded “flat extra” charge for aviation. Choosing the wrong life insurance agent can cost you big time.

Final Thoughts: Life Insurance for Helicopter Pilots Doesn’t Need to Cost a Fortune!

Life insurance for helicopter pilots can cost you an arm and a leg if you work with an amateur life insurance agent.

High-risk life insurance for helicopter pilots is not a case for your brother-in-law who just got in the business. Getting this wrong can cost you thousands or even get you declined for coverage!

Our agency has veteran independent life insurance agents who are experts in underwriting aviation. We specialize in finding our pilot clients just like you secure affordable life insurance.

Request a quote on our website and give us a chance to save you big money on your life insurance. We’ll put you with the best life insurance company for helicopter pilots we offer.