Life Insurance with Heart Stents
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Life Insurance with Heart Stents

Life insurance after having any form of a pre-existing medical condition or anything that’s deemed high risk can make us feel somewhat uneasy.

Anytime you are trying to purchase life insurance with heart conditions, you may feel overwhelmed.

It’s understandable considering it considered purchasing life insurance for high-risk individuals.

It’s never any fun, and often, consumers don’t know where to look for life insurance coverage.

Especially if you try to find traditional life insurance coverage at affordable rates.

I get it and we take pride in helping individuals with pre-existing medical conditions find life insurance.

A question comes up a lot on this topic, and I wanted to touch on it here today.

Is it possible to get life insurance with heart stents?

After plenty of years in this industry and experience underwriting difficult cases such as this, here is what I can tell you.

So, is it possible to get life insurance with heart stents? Yes. You can be approved for life insurance after heart stents. Criteria will need to be provided to the life insurance company about your condition that can include items such as when we’re the heart stents initially placed? Other questions will be more related to your overall health and other complications related to your heart condition in general.

I’m sure all of you have plenty more questions to follow up with and want more of the inside scoop about obtaining life insurance with heart stents.

The good news?

We plan to deliver just that.

In this post, my goal is to convince you that traditional life insurance is 100% possible even after having heart stents and to assure that applying for life insurance coverage is not as scary as it may sound or feel at this moment.

However, we always recommend that if you are trying to save time that you should stick to comparing rates and quotes with all life insurance companies.

You can do this easily below using our instant life insurance quotes rate engine to compare rates with 50 of the top-rated life insurance companies.

Let’s dive into more of the details.

Heart Stents and Life insurance

A stent is nothing more than a small wire mesh tube.

Its primary purpose is to open an artery and is designed to be left in place permanently. In most circumstances, a stent will be placed to open the artery up to help battle back against build-up known as plaque.

Plaque can significantly reduce blood flow to the heart.

Blood flow decreased to the heart is a big problem if not treated. It can lead to heart attack and potentially even death.

This is a primary reason life insurance companies are concerned with heart stents in the first place.

In fact, many consumers are led to believe that they can only qualify for policies that are no questions asked with companies such as AIG Life Insurance Company.

This can be in part due to an agent not asking enough questions and thinking that a guaranteed issue policy such as the AIG Guaranteed Issue Policy is the only option that’s currently on the table for the client.

This just is not true.

The fact that you had a heart stent placed to avoid further complications goes a long way towards getting you approved for traditional life insurance since you are following physicians’ directions and orders and taking active steps towards fixing the underlying issue.

Life insurance companies like to see active steps being taken to remedy health problems.

It’s still entirely possible to get life insurance after heart stents. However, life insurance companies are going to have other questions for you during the process.

Questions Life Insurance Companies Will Ask After Having Heart Stents

When applying for life insurance, whether you’re going with traditional life insurance, no-exam life insurance or even the guaranteed issue policies, you always have a few basic things you need to cover.

With guaranteed issue life insurance, you won’t have to worry about medical questions, but with the other options, you will need to answer some questions.

Here’s a good look at some of the questions that may arise when applying for life insurance after a heart stent.

  • When Was the Heart Stent Placed?
  • How Many Total Stents Did You Have Placed?
  • Which Specific Artery Was the Stent Placed In?
  • What Led to Needing the Stent Originally?

This will be the first round of questions you are asked when applying for life insurance after a heart stent, but the life insurance company will also be curious about other possible risk factors.

Especially since we are working with the heart.

Here’s a look at other risk factors and other questions that may be asked during the process.

You see, the life insurance company wants to understand the full picture and everything about the condition possible.

When they can get a clear understanding of everything going on, they feel much more comfortable offering coverage on traditional life insurance.

When the condition is unknown, or it seems like you still have many underlying risk factors taking place, it can be tough to get a gauge on the potential price you may pay for the coverage and can ultimately have issues being approved at all.

More Factors That Determine Your Life Insurance Rates

We still have a little more digging to do during the underwriting process.

Now it’s time to dig deeper and talk about the heart stent and heart issues.

Consider the easy questions and preliminary questions to be done and out of the way and now we need the juicy details about what’s going on with you during the time the stents were placed and what’s been going on since the stents initially went in.

Here’s a look at more factors that will be asked during this portion of this process.

When Was Your Heart Cath Performed?

This question is important because life insurance underwriters prefer to see plenty of time elapsed since this was performed.

For example, if it was completed 5-10 years ago, that looks better to an underwriter than if it was just performed last month.

Where Was the Actual Blockage Located?

This is important because some arteries in the heart are, unfortunately, more important than others.

What do I mean by this?

Well, left side arteries carry more impact on your underwriting decision than right side arteries.

Right side arteries are deemed less fatal due to blockages, and the underwriters know this information before your case lands in their lap, and they will underwrite and adjust the rates accordingly.

This will be based on your medical records and the answers you provide the agent during the underwriting process.

How Many Total Stents Were Needed Originally?

This question is essential to the underwriters with the life insurance company because the more stents and more arteries involved, the worse the outcome will likely be.

The reason being is that the life insurance company understands if multiple stents were needed during the original heart surgery that you have a higher overall risk of developing coronary artery disease in the future.

What’s Your Current Age and When Were the Stents Originally Put in Place.

Shockingly enough, we are looking for older individuals looking for life insurance after heart stents.

You see, then it’s normal to build up some plaque in your heart over time and the life insurance companies are also aware of this.

Developing heart issues or needing stents at a young age usually will cause more issues for you in the future but if you are in your late 50’s, early 60’s or even in your 70’s, you still have an excellent chance of being approved for life insurance after having heart stents.

Are You Actually Making Any Changes or Doing Anything to Better Your Life?

This is imperative to the life insurance company. If your original issue was due to diet or other factors that can be prevented merely by changing your habits and lifestyle, the life insurance company really wants to see that you are making positive changes in your life.

Are you losing weight or exercising more often?

Are you following up and staying current with your doctor and following all orders including taking prescribed medications?

If you are making efforts and improving your life after heart stents, the life insurance company will undoubtedly factor this in and count it towards your overall chances of being approved, and it will also help to keep your rates much lower for your life insurance in the long run.

Lower premiums are always something to aim for when applying for life insurance.

How Does Everything Look Lately?

Finally, the life insurance company is going to want to know more about how things look right now.

How did your recent testing go for your echocardiogram? When was it completed?

If no damage has been shown to the heart muscle and you have improved your health, weight, and other factors look great then you are well on your way towards achieving way better life insurance rates than you may have expected.

What Kind of Rates Can I Expect After Having Heart Stents?

Unfortunately, you are not going to be able to qualify for life insurance rates that fall into the preferred or preferred plus class.

If you are told otherwise, a life insurance agent is lying or has absolutely no idea what they are doing so do not trust this answer under any circumstances.

Likely the best-case scenario is achieving “Standard Rates,” and this is relatively optimistic.

Standard rates would be considered the third-best class out of the 12 possibilities.

However, more than likely you will qualify for sub-standard rates which are also known as table ratings.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing and doesn’t mean the prices are going to be nearly as high as you may believe.

Protecting Your Family and Assets Is More Important Than Your Final Rates

Look, I get it. We all have budgets we need to live by but at the end of the day what’s going to make you sleep better at night?

A few more dollars per month or knowing that if you do pass away that your family has no way of surviving?

Take the rates that are given to you during the underwriting process.

Only Trust an Independent Life Insurance Agent

When I mentioned taking the rates offered to you, this is assuming you chose to work with an Independent Life Insurance Agent right off the bat.

You can trust that the independent life insurance agent is going to do their best to get you the best possible life insurance rates and exhaust all options before advising you take an offer.

You see, independent life insurance agents can shop many life insurance companies for you.

This can include checking rates with companies such as Prudential Life Insurance Company among dozens of others.

Limiting yourself to only 1 option is never your best choice.

Never Used No-Exam StreamLine Options After Heart Stents

You also want to be careful not to waste your time using online, streamlined options that make false promises to get you approved.

An example of this would be an advertising or life insurance marketing agency such as Ethos Life Insurance Company or Ladder Life Insurance.

Even life insurance companies such as Leap Life Insurance would not be in your best interest in these situations.

They promise great rates and fast approvals but the second any red flags show up on your medical background, it will kick you out of the system and leave you feeling hopeless.

If this is the case, you would have been better off just purchasing funeral insurance from a company such as American Memorial Life Insurance Company.

(That was a joke) Purchasing funeral insurance is never going to be a better solution than traditional life insurance.

It’s limited coverage and often very pricy for small amounts of coverage.

My point is simple. Use an Independent Agency that can give you all the options and not have you boxed into a corner and feeling hopeless when you can’t be approved right off the bat.

We promise we have handled cases like these hundreds of times and we can’t help you too.

Don’t believe us? Give it a try, and I bet the experience is better than what you may be expecting.

What Should You Do Next to Purchase Life Insurance After Heart Stents?

If you are as confident that you can be approved for life insurance as we are, you can begin by filling out the quote form on the right-hand side of the screen if you are on a desktop or the orange drop button at the top of your screen if you are using a mobile device or tablet.

This is going to allow you to compare rates from over 50 of the top life insurance companies.

Companies such as Prudential Life Insurance, and even Minnesota Life Insurance Company and many more.

This is always your best bet, so you can begin gauging what possible rates you are looking at.

Just be sure not to select preferred ratings when filling out the form because again, they are not likely.

Start with a standard rating and let us handle the rest of the process to get you moving towards approval at lower rates than you may be expecting.

Putting it All Together. Life Insurance After Heart Stents Is Absolutely Possible

Don’t hesitate or put off getting life insurance after heart stents.

We can get you approved, and we help individuals with this condition all the time.

We have experience handling higher-risk cases, and we know the companies to match you with to find you the cheapest possible rates.

Get started by just filling out the instant quote form and let us show you how good we really are at handling this process for you.

It’s free.

This includes the exam for the coverage and is dedicated help. It would be silly not to consider at least trying with an Independent Agency like Good Life Protection, but ultimately at the end of the day, the choice is yours.

What are you going to do about it?


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