What kind of Life Insurance Do I Need? Tips to Choosing the right Policy!

Which kind of Life Insurance Do I need?  What are the differences?

Which kind of life insurance do I need?  Very common question that we know many ask themselves on a daily basis.

Should I……

  • Purchase a Life Insurance Policy requiring a medical exam?
  • Purchase a Life Insurance Requiring no Medical exam?

Good Life Protection can look at the specifics in just a moment, but let’s break down the two policies briefly before jumping to any conclusions.

However, we always recommend that if you are trying to save time that you should stick to comparing rates and quotes with all life insurance companies.

You can do this easily below using our instant life insurance quotes rate engine to compare rates with 50 of the top rated life insurance companies.

Life Insurance Policy requiring a full Medical Exam is often referred to as a fully underwritten Life Insurance Policy.

It will require a DMV check of your driver’s license, a MIB inspection report. (showing all medical related inputted data over your lifetime.

Then, a prescription check and often even a credit check.  If that’s not enough fun, that’s only part 1.

Part 2 will require a private company. Usually referred to a porta medic or traveling Register Nurse, to stop by your home or place of employment.

This is to draw some blood, request a urine sample and take a blood pressure reading. This does not include you being asked about 20-30 medical related questions. So when your thinking “what kind of life insurance should I purchase”……Remember your timeline and if you need fast approvals.  Refer to the chart above to know which life insurance policies approve the fastest.

which kind of life insurance do I need

Between me and you, depending on the cost difference, I’d opt for the no-exam life insurance every day of the week.

 A Life Insurance Policy requiring no medical exam, on the other hand, is obviously the complete opposite.

It is an application completed by your Life Insurance Agent. A prescription check using the same Medical Information Bureau. Sometimes certain short medical questionnaire.

It is often much faster to be approved or declined. Decisions can be made within 15 minutes of initial application or initial contact with your Life Insurance Agent.

So Now that You know the difference what is the answer for which kind of life insurance do I need?

  • Well, that really depends. What’s your overall need for the insurance?

Are you looking for 1,000,000 plus in coverage? Most reputable Life Insurance carriers will remove the no-exam option at 1,000,000.00 in coverage and sometimes much less?

  • What kind of a budget are you on?
  • How much flexibility do you have?

Between you and me, sacrificing one or star buck coffees a month is worth it not to have an entire separate Dr. Appointment for the month and definitely worth sacrificing just so I don’t have to deal with that blood draw, because I HATE NEEDLES. However, you may not mind needles and you may need the extra few dollars per month which is often the difference between the two options.

  • Do you need lightning-quick approvals compared to a fully underwritten policy?

Often, clients need fast approvals for reasons. Some pertaining to business buy-sell agreements, key man policies or divorce orders by a judge to have coverage in place quickly?

If you fall into this category you should opt for the Non- Medical kind of Insurance Policy.

10 Benefits of Permanent Life Insurance

Most of the time, we argue amongst ourselves as to which is better, Term Life Insurance or Permanent Life Insurance. Instead of looking for answers that we want to hear. We should instead find the best possible solution that we can offer our clients. We need to sell life insurance and that is a fact rather a necessity.  Finding the right deal or product that would benefit our client should be our utmost priority. The following would be the Benefits if Permanent Life Insurance.

 what kind of life insurance should i purchase and the 10 Permanent Life Insurance Benefits

Infographic was taken from the blog:

Clients Need to Know These Benefits of Permanent Life Insurance

  • Tax-deferred growth
  • Tax-free distribution
  • Competitive Return
  • High contributions
  • Collateral opportunities
  • Safe harbor
  • No loss provisions
  • Guaranteed loan option
  • Unstructured loan payments
  • Liquidity, Use, and control

Talking to an Independent Life Insurance Broker would help you find the possible solution when it comes to Your Life Insurance Plan.

 what kind of life insurance should i purchase and the life insurance broker

But what life insurance carriers offer this and how do I know who to use?

What kind of life insurance should I purchase with these specific carriers?

  • Well, this one is simple. Plenty of the highest rated and highly reputable Life Insurance Carriers offer Non-Medical Life Insurance policies, you just probably weren’t aware because you had a Life Insurance Agent who had no reason to mention it, or worked for a Captive Life Insurance Agency, so he never had the option to offer it to you, to begin with.
  • I’m sure if you are anything like me, you’re ready to see a side by side comparison with a reputable company?

Let’s look.  In this scenario, we are going to look at a basic- full medical exam policy for 250,000.00 in coverage for 10 years level premium on a 35-year-old male who does not smoke. 

An example below will be the exact same policy with a different highly rated life insurance carrier. This won’t require a medical exam.

 First, we have a fully underwritten policy coming in at roughly 21.00 per month!

what kind of life insurance should i purchase and a sample of life rate

This is a policy requiring the fully lengthy exam and with a company that everyone knows and loves.  21.88! Remember that number for a moment….

what kind of life insurance should i purchase and sample for american nationalWHAT? 

Yes, I’m showing it to you straight off my own rate engine I use with clients every day. It’s American National, yes, it is another company that everyone knows and loves.


I’m assuming you are wanting to ask why?

It’s simple.

The Life Insurance carrier is saving :

  • by having less paperwork,
  • not paying for that Registered Nurse (which is always on the company’s expense ledger)
  • it helps generate new business. NO ONE ENJOYS THE EXAMS

It’s often the largest reason people get cold feet when applying for Life Insurance. I do get cold feet as well because of the exam and I’m an Independent Agent and do this for a living!

So, to summarize, would the above illustration always going to be the case? No, it’s not.

Can non-medical life insurance always be an option however in most circumstances?

Yes, it can, and I help hundreds of people across the United States set up policies specifically in that manner. 

It’s the way the world is trending. People just don’t have the time or just don’t want to, and quite frankly, I don’t blame them.


So, which kind of life insurance do I need? Your hopefully not still asking this question and have a better idea of what to look for and which to choose to help protect your family.

It is highly unrealistic that if you flipped the script on that same illustration that you would notice the 93 cents difference coming out of your account!

Although the non-medical life insurance may end up being more in some scenarios, another factor to include is TIME IS MONEY.

Hence, Always remember the option is on the table depending on who you work with to handle your life insurance needs.

Work with a Life Insurance Agent that can represent all the carriers. Not just one company and truly find the policy that fits you and your family’s needs best.

Check out our Life Insurance 101 article to provide more details on how to get the best insurance in town.