Is AIG Life Insurance Good? [Yes, But It’s Possible to Do Better]

Finding the best life insurance company is never an easy task.

That’s for sure.

AIG Life Insurance happens to be one of the biggest names in the industry, which often leads to questions.

Especially from consumers considering using AIG Life Insurance for their life insurance needs.

One of the questions is simple. Is AIG Life Insurance good?

Here is what I can tell you on this subject after years working in the life insurance industry.

So, is AIG Life Insurance good? Yes, AIG Life insurance is excellent in comparison to many other life insurance companies. Additionally, AIG Life insurance is known to be one of the most competitively priced options you can choose for life insurance coverage. Overall, AIG life insurance is outstanding.

However, like the title of this article stated, it’s certainly possible to do better with your life insurance.

The rest of this article is explicitly designed to teach you how to do that.

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Otherwise, grab a cup of coffee, and we will explain why AIG Life insurance is good and why you should be considering using them for your family’s protection needs.

We will also explain alternatives you can look at to ensure you find the best possible life insurance that you can purchase.

Here are the details.

AIG Life Insurance is Good and Here is Why

We like to save consumers money and time.

Therefore, we have another article dedicated to covering everything you need to know about AIG Life Insurance.

It’s a full AIG Life Insurance Review that you can read here.

Keep in mind; this post is specifically designed to discuss why AIG offers excellent life insurance.

As far as company details, assets, and other specifics, our full review of AIG would likely serve you better.

The most significant factor in understanding about AIG Life Insurance is that it’s a powerhouse in the life insurance industry and has been for a crazy long time.

Additionally, independent life insurance agents, we will openly admit that AIG Life insurance is one of the cheapest options you can elect to purchase for your family’s protection.

Plain and simple.

This is a reason that AIG Life Insurance is good and a must consider.

I don’t think anyone reading this post would argue this idea in any fashion.

Not consumers and not agents.

AIG Life Insurance is Good Due to A Wide Range of Options

Another excellent benefit you can enjoy as the consumer when working with AIG is the mere fact that they offer a wide range of products.

AIG currently offers term life insurance available in the typical durations such as 10, 15, 20, 25- and 30-year level premium terms.

Additionally, AIG offers a decently popular Universal life option for an affordable price.

Lastly, AIG also offers perhaps one of the most popular guaranteed issue products on the market.

Part of this is due to the products low premiums compared to competitors.

Additionally, often, individuals that have health problems will have nowhere else they can turn.

This makes the AIG GI product even more attractive.

It requires no medical exam, and no medical questions asked.

In exchange for this luxury, you are placed into a 24-month waiting period where all your beneficiaries will receive if you happen to pass during this time is your premiums paid plus 10% interest earned.

Long story short, for 24 months, this product Is high earnings saving the account.

However, if you live past this waiting period, you have a full traditional whole life policy that required none of the hassle and medical background to be performed.

An overlooked option that is not taken advantage of enough, to say the least.

Low and Competitive Pricing Certainly Makes AIG Life Insurance a Good Option

Like we stated before, AIG is a good life insurance company purely because of the competitive pricing.

If you are an individual searching for term life insurance, AIG will always be one of the cheapest three options you can choose for your coverage.

Because of this, consumers naturally flock in this direction. It’s not a bad move by any means.

However, the cheapest option doesn’t always mean the best option.

It should be noted, however, that choosing AIG and going with one of the most affordable plans money can buy for life insurance is never a wrong path to take and we have nothing negative to say about the company from this standpoint.

Living Benefits is a Great Addition with AIG Life Insurance

Living benefits are another of those areas where we think consumers tend to speed past two quickly.

This is unfortunate purely because we believe they can be one of the most beneficial components to a life insurance policy because of the obvious reasons.

There are only a few things in life that are certain or very close to certain.

1.)    You will die at some point

2.)    You will undergo or need capital for medical expenses.

Well, life insurance, in general, is designed to protect against item number 1 on the list.

Living benefits, however, are built to help with number 2.

Living benefits essentially allow the policy owner to accelerate the death benefit while living.

Typically, a primary medical concern needs to be present to do this, such as heart attack, stroke, or even cancer.

Nonetheless, AIG is one of the companies that offer this feature, and we love them for it.

It’s undoubtedly a reason that we consider AIG a good life insurance company for sure!

None of this Means AIG Life Insurance Is the Best, Always Shop Your Options

Although this post was purely designed to illustrate that AIG is a good life insurance company, we wouldn’t be giving you the best advice if we didn’t advise of something else that needs to be done.

You always need to compare rates with all life insurance companies before deciding.

Additionally, you always need to speak to an agent about your desired coverage, fears and go over what your family truly needs to be taken care of if death did strike you prematurely.

This ensures that you aren’t throwing your hard-earned money out the window.

Considering that 1000’s of independent life insurance agents and agencies currently flood the market, this shouldn’t be tough for you to do.

Give one a call or work with a company like Good Life Protection to ensure your needs are being met from every angle.

Final Word, AIG Life Insurance Is Certainly Good but Don’t Get Tunnel Vision

So, let’s take a moment to recap briefly. We just discussed several positives about AIG life insurance company.

However, we also mentioned to always shop all options when purchasing life insurance.

So, is AIG life insurance good? Yes, AIG life insurance is 100% good and a viable choice for your coverage needs.

They continue to be a top-rated company, one of the most well-known and respected names in the industry and offer a product that can likely help each one of you.

At the end of the day, that’s all you need in addition to an agency that can effectively point you in the right direction.