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How to Find Life Insurance with Asthma

The 5 Step Proven Method to Obtaining the Best Rates with Asthma

We get asked all the time.  Can I get life insurance with asthma?  Will the prices be through the roof?  The good news is that YES, you can obtain life insurance with asthma.  In fact, you can obtain life insurance with many forms of different lung conditions.  To stay on topic however, we are only going to cover asthma in this blog post..

The bad news?  Well, the rates may be higher.

More good news!  They may not be.  You could even obtain preferred plus rates depending on the classification of your asthma.  Don’t worry, we will break down how that works for you shortly.  The key to remember is that with all health conditions and life insurance, options typically exist.  As far as which life insurance carrier to choose or what your rates may ultimately be?  Well, leave that to us.  We will always break those key questions down for you to the best of our ability. 

At Good Life Protection, we always want to see our clients happy and obtaining the cheapest possible life insurance rates.  We will help guide you the finish line throughout that journey as well.   For now, let’s get back to the task at hand and break down how to obtain the best possible life insurance rates with asthma.

Best way to obtain life insurance with Asthma

Step 1

Work with an Independent Life Insurance Agent Only

As always, Good Life Protection always recommends working with an independent life insurance agent and agency.  If you follow us much or have read other related blog post, the reason for this is simple.  Independent life insurance agents have the tools needed to provide you with options and multiple carriers to shop your case between.  This is huge.  If you receive rates that are too high with one carrier or even a declined case, what’s your plan?

You see, if you don’t work with an independent life insurance agent you simply don’t have a plan because once you are told what the rates will be, or you are declined, you are out of options.  When you work with an independent life insurance agent, your options expand to 50 plus carriers.

All of which have different underwriting guidelines.  For instance, if we help you with your case and asthma at Good Life Protection we will put you with the carriers we know has friendly underwriting guidelines and will approve your request for coverage.  Guess what else we do?  Once you are approved, we shop your approval with other carriers to ensure that you have the cheapest possible rates for your life insurance.  In addition, we only shop your rates and pricing with reputable carriers that everyone knows and trust.

Let’s move on to step 2.

Classification of your Asthma?

How bad is it?

The life insurance carrier is going to want as much detail as possible.  Knowing the details of asthma is the first major key to obtaining the best possible life insurance rates.

You need to understand that…  life insurance agents shooting in the dark and trying to guess your possible health class is a tough job.  It also leaves both the agent and client not too happy in the end (most of the time).  The more information you can provide about your condition, the better.  All life insurance carriers have different underwriting guidelines.  How do you get the cheapest rates with asthma?  Allowing your life insurance agent to match you with the correct carrier by providing your medical history in detail.

So, let’s break down the possible classifications your asthma may fall into.

life insurance and 4 stages of asthma

  • Seasonal Asthma- Also known as Infrequent asthma- Typically the asthma attacks are limited to very few attacks per year (5 or less) and come and go with the changing seasons.
  • Mild Asthma- Typically involves less than 1 attack per day- Lung function remains greater than 80%.
  • Moderate Asthma- Often steroids are needed to help treat and medicate the asthma when you reach the moderate stage. Hospitalizations may be required but rarely.  Lung function between 60-80%.
  • Severe Asthma- Lung function has now dropped below 60%. Steroids and other medications are ongoing and hospitalizations from the asthma are frequent.

These are only illustrating the possible classifications of where your asthma lands on the severity scale.

Best way to obtain life insurance with Asthma and 6 other forms

You also have,
  • Allergic Asthma- Typically is triggered or flares due to pollens, season changes, roaches, animal allergies or even food allergies
  • Non-Allergic Asthma- This asthma is typically triggered by an upper respiratory infection such as the flu, cold or rhinovirus.
  • Aspirin Exacerbated Respiratory Asthma- Just like the name hints, aspirin causes these flare ups with some individuals.
  • Exercise Induced Asthma- Heavy stress during exercise can cause an exercise induced asthma attach
  • Cough Variant Asthma- This is typically a dry hacking cough form of asthma that can occur while awake or even during your sleep.
  • Occupational Asthma- This form of asthma has attacks induced by occupational items or your environment such as chlorine or even insulation for homes.

What’s the importance of this?

To make sure you explain it correctly to your life insurance agent.  Make sure you have your facts straight and that you know how your primary doctor has diagnosed your asthma.

You see, when your explanation matches what’s known as an “APS” (Attending Physician Statement), the life insurance carriers and underwriting departments are very happy.  When the underwriting departments can correctly classify your risk, it makes it easy for them to make you an offer for life insurance and typically at favorable rates.

Step 3

Understanding your Health Classifications

As we mentioned before, it makes a huge difference which kind of asthma you have and the severity of the asthma.  Once you have broken this down, it makes a bit easier to move onto the possible health classification you may achieve.

Let’s go back to the drawing board.

Possible Health Classifications

wAAACwAAAAAAQABAEACAkQBADs= - Life Insurance with Asthma

Seasonal Asthma or Infrequent Asthma-                Preferred Plus Possible (Best Possible Class Achievable)

Mild Asthma-                                                                     Preferred Rates Possible (2nd Best Rate Class Possible)

Moderate Asthma-                                                         Standard or Standard Plus Rates Possible (3rd Best Class)

Severe Asthma-                                                                Table 2 – Declined Life Insurance Coverage

So what rates can you expect?

Let’s cover some possible rates you may be expected to pay for life insurance if you have asthma. Please keep in mind that these rates are assuming that you are healthy outside of the asthma and meet the underwriting criteria for other health and lifestyle concerns.


For the possible rates you could expect.  We will assume you are a 35-year-old male and or female.  Non- Smoker and looking for a 20-year term policy.  (20 Year Term is the most popular term duration for life insurance).

MALE 250,000 500,000 750,000 1,000,000
$ 13.67
$ 21.29
$ 29.54
$ 35.00
$ 17.10
$ 27.70
$ 39.27
$ 49.84
$ 22.52
$ 38.74
$ 53.58
$ 67.48
$ 29.22
$ 50.83
$ 73.65
$ 94.56
FEMALE 250,000 500,000 750,000 1,000,000
$ 11.97
$ 18.38
$ 25.15
$ 30.86
$ 15.17
$ 23.99
$ 33.43
$ 38.50
$ 21.13
$ 35.96
$ 49.08
$ 59.50
$ 26.44
$ 45.50
$ 65.67
$ 82.56


Just Get Started-  Don’t Procrastinate

You have now gained an understanding on how your life insurance coverage and pricing may unfold if you suffer from asthma.  The next logical step is to place some protection for yourself and your family’s financial wellbeing.  As you can see, it’s not all that bad and all forms of asthma can still be insured. You just NEED to get started.  Begin an application and allow the underwriting to unfold.  Once you determine your rating and achieve an approval for your life insurance, you can have your independent agent (remember step 1 😊) shop your rates for you to ensure you have the best possible deal.


Choose the Correct Duration and Coverage Amount

Once you are approved, it’s extremely important to take advantage of the approval.  Make sure you are choosing the correct amount of life insurance coverage.  Ensure that you have the correct duration for the coverage to last.  What does this mean? Make sure the coverage runs the amount of time that your family will be dependent on it.  Sometimes this means 10 years and sometimes it means 30 years.  An approval on life insurance isn’t the most difficult task to achieve but it’s just enough of a time-consuming task to make sure you get it done correctly the first time.  Speak to your agent if you’re not 100% sure what the correct amount of time or coverage amount would be.  We are all here to help. Who’s the Best Life Insurance Carriers to Offer Coverage for Asthma?

Here is Good Life Protection’s Top 10 carriers for insuring your asthma at the Best possible rates.

These are the life insurance carriers we have seen offer the most favorable rates, have the most lenient underwriting guidelines and approve the most clients for us from 2017-2018.

Wrapping things Up

Don’t be intimidated about obtaining life insurance while having asthma.  It’s 100% doable and not all that difficult.  Make sure you are upfront with your life insurance agent about how severe the asthma is.  Make sure you detail and go in depth about the rest of your relevant medical history.  Agents are always trying to help but need the correct information to place you with the correct life insurance carrier.                 Make sure you work with an independent agent and agency that can provide you with options and shop your approval between multiple carriers.  This helps you guarantee you are getting the best possible rates for your life insurance coverage.

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