Mood Disorders

Can You Get Life Insurance If You Take Antidepressants? [Here’s How]

Many people are surprised to learn that antidepressants can be an indicator of high-risk life insurance. While depression as a condition isn’t necessarily hazardous to your physical health, it can lead to other risks that can threaten your life. Can you get life insurance if you take antidepressants? Yes, you can get life insurance if…
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Can You Get Life Insurance with Mental Illness? [Here’s the Best Idea]

Life insurance with mental illness covers a broad spectrum of health conditions. In some cases, mental illness can be relatively benign, or it can be considered high-risk life insurance. Your best bet when needing life insurance as a high-risk individual is to lean on high-risk life insurance brokers or agencies who specialize in these types…
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Does Anxiety Affect Life Insurance Approvals [Here’s What to Do]

You may not think anxiety would affect your life insurance rates, but it may be considered high-risk life insurance if severe. Does anxiety affect life insurance approvals? Yes, anxiety does affect life insurance approvals. If you have a mild history of anxiety, we’ve seen approvals for preferred life insurance rates. However, if your anxiety is…
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Life Insurance with PTSD [This Is How You Can Be Approved]

    Life Insurance with PTSD can be a difficult task at times. Although, it shouldn’t be. Life insurance with PTSD is still possible and can definitely be affordable. It depends on many circumstances.  PTSD has been a growing issue across the globe over the past few decades. Many War veterans, military personnel, law enforcement personnel…
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Can You Get Life Insurance With ADHD?
[Yes, Here’s What to Do]

Anytime you take a few medications or have a present issue documented on your medical records, you may be slightly hesitant when it comes to purchasing life insurance. Often, you are procrastinating for no good reason, and life insurance can be obtained easier than you may think. I do understand where you are coming from.…
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Can I Get Life Insurance with Epilepsy [A Detailed Summary]

If you have heard that you can’t obtain life insurance with epilepsy, whoever told you that is wrong.  We understand why you are concerned.  Obtaining high-risk life insurance can be scary, and many consumers don’t know exactly where to begin or what to do.  Luckily, that’s where we come in. At Good Life Protection, we…
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Life Insurance with Bipolar Disorder

Life Insurance with Bipolar Disorder – The Truth to Know Life insurance with bipolar disorder can be scary, to say the least.  What’s going to happen? Am I considered High Risk? Will they approve my application? How deep will the life insurance companies dig into my medical background? Well, the easy answer is, yes it…
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Life Insurance with Depression- What you need to know!

Obtaining Life Insurance with Depression- How does It Impact your Rates? All you Need to Know Obtaining life insurance with depression used to be much more difficult than it is today.  Insurance companies have adapted and it’s now possible to find life insurance with depression with much less resistance. Considered as a Mood Condition,  It’s…
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Life Insurance for Veterans with PTSD [Best Options +Tips]

  Obtaining The Best Life Insurance For Veterans With PTSD Life Insurance for veterans with PTSD does not to be a scary task.   We will get to that…. Have you been declined life insurance as a veteran with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)? Maybe you have not been declined but been offered rates for life…
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Pricing and Rates For Life Insurance with PTSD [Insider Tips and Tricks]

Affordable Rates For PTSD Life Insurance Life Insurance for people with PTSD can be a bit different than your typical life insurance rates.  Rates with PTSD can be a bit of a mystery at time as well The unicorn in the room so to speak. Your life insurance rates can be impacted for several reasons…
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