Will You Be Denied Life Insurance For Smoking Pot [No + Tips]

As states begin to legalize the use of pot, we’ve seen an increase in marijuana use, which is considered high-risk life insurance. Clients sometimes are nervous about disclosing marijuana usage because they are afraid of being denied for life insurance coverage or reported to the authorities. Will you be denied life insurance for smoking pot?…
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Do Life Insurance Companies Test for Nicotine? [Here’s How it Works]

Life insurance companies often require a medical exam and lab work to verify that you are healthy and not a candidate for high-risk life insurance. A life insurance exam typically consists of build measurement, a blood pressure reading, as well as blood and urine analysis, but what exactly do life insurance companies test for? Do…
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Can You Get Life Insurance If You Have A Felony [Yes, Here’s How]

Many people are surprised to learn that life insurance companies ask about criminal history on applications and want to know if they can get life insurance with a felony. The truth is that criminal history is considered high-risk life insurance by many, but not all, life insurance companies. Can you get life insurance if you…
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Life Insurance for Scuba Divers [Here’s What to Expect]

If you are a scuba diver looking for life insurance, you have come to the right place. Scuba divers can have difficulty finding coverage, and some may even have been declined before. If that is you, that’s OK. Our agency has worked with many people in your exact position to find affordable life insurance coverage…
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Can you Get Life Insurance If You Smoke Pot? [Yes, You Can]

Many individuals have many reasons for being concerned about entering the life insurance application process. What rating will I get, and will I even be approved for the coverage are just a few of the initial setbacks that you may be feeling or thinking to yourself? I get it. Most individuals get these feelings, so…
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does life insurance cover drug overdose

Does Life Insurance Cover Drug Overdose? [The Honest Answer]

Learning and how and why life insurance companies do certain things can be tricky. One of those items happens to be the hot topic of the day. Does life insurance cover drug overdose? Life Insurance is one of the most important financial decisions one can make in a lifetime. It places a financial security blanket…
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Life Insurance for Smokers- The Ultimate Guide

Life Insurance for Smokers and Tobacco Users- Full Guide Life insurance for smokers and tobacco users can be costly.  Especially if you handle it incorrectly. Smoking is just another one of those lifestyle habits that can leave you falling into high risk life insurance if your not careful.  No need to worry though. We got…
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