High Risk Life Insurance

Can You Get Life Insurance For Someone in Prison[Unlikely]

  Getting life insurance for someone in prison is a common life insurance question that we receive as veteran life insurance brokers. Prison can be a dangerous place with a lot of health risks from bodily injury to disease. When a person goes to jail, it can be a reality check to their mortality that…
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Do You Have To Be Healthy To Get Life Insurance? [No + Tips]

Clients use our resources to learn about life insurance, and one of the common questions we get is about health. The insider secret is that the best life insurance companies all have different opinions on health and pricing. Do you have to be healthy to get life insurance? No, you do not need to be…
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Can You Get Life Insurance If You Take Antidepressants? [Here’s How]

Many people are surprised to learn that antidepressants can be an indicator of high-risk life insurance. While depression as a condition isn’t necessarily hazardous to your physical health, it can lead to other risks that can threaten your life. Can you get life insurance if you take antidepressants? Yes, you can get life insurance if…
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Life Insurance After Bypass Surgery [You Need These Details]

Life insurance after bypass surgery or any health condition involving your heart will absolutely be considered high-risk life insurance. The heart is a vital organ critical to sustaining your life. Life insurance companies will view any procedure or disease of your heart with great scrutiny before offering you a policy. Can you get life insurance…
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Can You Get Life Insurance with Mental Illness? [Here’s the Best Idea]

Life insurance with mental illness covers a broad spectrum of health conditions. In some cases, mental illness can be relatively benign, or it can be considered high-risk life insurance. Your best bet when needing life insurance as a high-risk individual is to lean on high-risk life insurance brokers or agencies who specialize in these types…
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Does Life Insurance Cover a Death During a Surgery[Pro-Tip-Plan Ahead]

When it comes to high-risk life insurance, surgery is a big hazard that could be fatal if something goes wrong. Surgery can be scary and is not without risk of human error. It is normal to wonder how your life insurance company will react if you die during the procedure. Does life insurance cover a…
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Can an Alcoholic Get Life Insurance [Hint, It’s Not Easy]

If there is one condition that high-risk life insurance companies hate, it is alcoholism. This leads many individuals to wonder if you can get life insurance as an alcoholic. Alcoholism can wreak havoc on your liver, not to mention closely connected risks like drunk driving. Can an alcoholic get life insurance? Yes, alcoholics can get…
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Does Life Insurance Test for STD’s? [You’ll Be Shocked]

Life insurance companies will want as much information on your health as possible before they feel comfortable issuing a policy, including STD’s. The truth is that some STD’s are considered high-risk life insurance, and life insurance companies may even decline your application depending on what you test positive for. Does life insurance test for STD’s?…
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Does Life Insurance Cover Plane Crashes? [This May Shock You]

The aviation rules for high-risk life insurance companies may shock you. Plane crashes, while rare, are deadly, and the life insurance companies know this. As a result, if you fly as a pilot, you may have difficulty finding life insurance. Does life insurance cover plane crashes? Yes, life insurance will cover plane crashes unless you…
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Does Anxiety Affect Life Insurance Approvals [Here’s What to Do]

You may not think anxiety would affect your life insurance rates, but it may be considered high-risk life insurance if severe. Does anxiety affect life insurance approvals? Yes, anxiety does affect life insurance approvals. If you have a mild history of anxiety, we’ve seen approvals for preferred life insurance rates. However, if your anxiety is…
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