High Risk Life Insurance

Can You Get Life Insurance With Pre-Existing Conditions [Yes + Tips]

Life insurance with pre-existing conditions can be intimidating. That’s for sure. It leads many clients we speak to asking if it’s possible to obtain life insurance with pre-existing conditions. After years in the life insurance industry, here is what I can tell you. So, can you get life insurance with pre-existing conditions? Yes, you can…
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Life Insurance for Doctors and Physicians [Protect Yourself]

There are a lot of so-called financial gurus out there that claim to know how doctors and physicians should structure their life insurance. The truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach for doctors and physicians. Instead, you need to take a look at your personal circumstance in order to make an educated decision. Our…
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Can You Buy Life Insurance
After Being Diagnosed with Cancer
[Yes, Here’s How]

A lot of clients frequently ask a specific question about applying for life insurance after being diagnosed with cancer. The question is simple in nature. Can you buy life insurance after being diagnosed with breast cancer? Here is what I can tell you on this topic. So, can you buy life insurance after being diagnosed…
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Life Insurance for Helicopter Pilots [How to be Approved]

If you are having trouble finding affordable life insurance for helicopter pilots, then you’re in luck. Our agency knows how life insurance companies look at high-risk life insurance. Flying a helicopter can be hazardous since a mistake at high altitudes can be fatal. The life insurance companies know this and will account for it when…
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Life Insurance for Scuba Divers [Here’s What to Expect]

If you are a scuba diver looking for life insurance, you have come to the right place. Scuba divers can have difficulty finding coverage, and some may even have been declined before. If that is you, that’s OK. Our agency has worked with many people in your exact position to find affordable life insurance coverage…
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Can Cops Get Life Insurance? [Yes, and Cheaper Than You Think]

I used to work law enforcement myself. Yes, it’s been years, but I still understand the unknowns and questions officers may have when it comes to purchasing life insurance. I’ve even seen a specific question online that I knew immediately I needed to answer. Can cops get life insurance? After originally working law enforcement for…
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Life Insurance After Testicular Cancer [How to Be Approved]

It’s not uncommon for men to hesitate about purchasing life insurance after battling a health condition. Especially if it’s a more serious condition such as testicular cancer. Life insurance for cancer patients can always be scary and we get that. The sad truth is that obtaining life insurance after testicular cancer may be achievable. Life…
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Life Insurance with Kidney Disease [Here are the Options You Have]

Obtaining life insurance after going through a battle with any health condition can be a struggle. While it may always be possible to get coverage, it doesn’t necessarily mean that consumers feel comfortable going through the process if they have a lingering health condition. Often consumers have questions about eligibility about specific health conditions. One…
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Life Insurance with Deep Vein Thrombosis [Will It Impact My Rates?]

Finding life insurance coverage may not be the most fun task you have embarked on. Especially when obtaining life insurance with DVT’s. That’s normal and expected. It may be intimidating anytime you are searching for life insurance for high-risk individuals. Often individuals with any prior health concerns to discuss during the life insurance application process…
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Life Insurance Approvals with Paget’s Disease
[Can You Be Approved?]

Trying to find affordable and obtainable life insurance with a lingering health history is never any fun. At least that’s the vibe we get from time to time. It doesn’t make it any less important or essential, however. Paget’s Disease can definitely be considered high risk life insurance Protecting our families in the event the…
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