Foresters Life Insurance Review – Complete and Honest Review

Foresters Life Insurance Review

Thinking about buying life insurance.  Our Foresters Life Insurance Review will help you decided if they are the company for you or not.

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When you think about buying life insurance, you need to conduct a lot of research before you go ahead and acquire a policy. There are so many different options available in the industry, which is why it is so difficult deciding on the right choice. One name that has always been at the very top of the list of life insurance carriers has been Foresters Life Insurance.

However, we always recommend that if you are trying to save time that you should stick to comparing rates and quotes with all life insurance companies.

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The company has been in the business for a long time and has a stellar track record in delivering outstanding services to all clients. They have an extensive range of products, which are perfect for anyone looking for affordable life insurance with excellent coverage. If you have been looking for recommendations on life insurance companies, then you have come to the right place. Here is our in-depth review of Foresters Life Insurance Company.

Foresters Life Insurance reviews, company reviews and products

Foresters Life Insurance Review-Company History

With over 135 years of experience under their belt, Foresters Life Insurance Company is one of the oldest life insurance service providers in the United States. They are renowned for offering an extensive range of insurance products that are designed to benefit customers. The most intriguing thing about Foresters is that they don’t function like a standard life insurance company. The company offers benefits and mutual aid to all members and is a not-for-profit company.

Foresters don’t have any policyholders but instead has members, who are provided with benefits whenever they purchase a policy. They can enjoy perks like getting free financial counseling and college scholarships. The company also provides an extensive range of insurance and investment products in America and has over 550 representatives all over the United States.

The head office of Foresters is situated in Ontario Canada, but the company has offices across the United States. Foresters have very strong financial numbers, with the company managing assets worth over $1.5 billion over the past, and writing insurance premiums of more than $141 million!

Foresters Life Insurance Review-Company Overview

Foresters Life Insurance Company isn’t like any other insurance company we have reviewed. They operate in several different countries, including the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada. The company operates under different trade names in separate countries, and functions under its parent company, known as the ‘Foresters Family of Companies’, which has total assets over $12 billion.

One of the best things about Foresters is that it has an exceptional track record of community involvement and making charitable donations. The company is partners with the American Red Cross and with Ronald McDonald House Charities. They actively work with organizations that work towards helping underprivileged children.

Foresters Life Insurance reviews of company products, features and pricing

Foresters Life Insurance Review of-Financial Stability Ratings and Customer Service Ratings

When it comes to the financial numbers of the company, they are rated as extremely strong. Foresters Life Insurance Company has been rated by all the 4 major insurance rating agencies in the United States, and has been given strong grades. They were given an “A” from A.M. Best, and the Better Business Bureau has rated the company as an “A+” organization.

The company is very active in handling customer complaints and has shown throughout the years that it offers outstanding products and services.

Foresters Life Insurance Review of-Life Insurance Products

When it comes to life insurance products, Foresters has a massive variety of insurance products, which makes it easier for anyone to acquire affordable life insurance easily. The company also offers optional riders in their coverage, along with accidental disability income, and children’s term insurance.

The insurance products offered by Foresters include:

  • Term
  • Universal
  • Whole
  • Variable
  • Variable Universal

Here are some of the insurance products offered by Foresters:

Foresters Level Term Insurance:

The term insurance offered by Foresters is an affordable choice for anyone that is looking for temporary insurance.

Foresters Advantage Plus:

Foresters offer permanent life insurance with guaranteed premiums and death benefit. Their policy comes with dividends and cash-value growth.

Foresters SMART Universal Life:

Foresters also offer universal life insurance that comes with flexible premiums, long-term growth potential, and permanent coverage.

Foresters PlanRight:

The whole life insurance policy offered by Foresters is designed to cover expenses after the death of the individual, including burial expenses.

Ø  Term Life Insurance

There are three different options offered by Foresters when it comes to term life insurance, which includes the following:

  • LifeFirst Level Term
  • Level Term
  • Prepared Accidental Death Term

The term level products offered by Foresters Life Insurance are as follows:

The LifeFirst Level Term and the Level Term –

These are like regular term insurance policies, and come with level premiums and death benefits for a specified amount of time. The policies have different term lengths, which are 10-year, 20-year, and 30-year options. LifeFirst comes with a 25-year option, and you can add different riders for every term. The best part about the term life policies from Foresters is that they don’t require an exam.

The Prepared Accidental Death Term –

This is an accidental death policy, and offers accident coverage up to $300,000, only payable upon a death by accident.

Ø Foresters Life Insurance Review of- Universal Life Insurance

Anyone who wants a permanent life insurance policy should try the universal life policy. Foresters offer plenty of flexibility with their Foresters SMART Universal Life and Variable Universal Life insurance policies. The policies come with flexible premiums and permanent death benefits, along with cash growth and dividends and interests, which aren’t guaranteed.

The SMART Universal Life

This is a guaranteed universal life policy, and if you meet the premiums, the first 10 years of the policy will be guaranteed.

The Variable Policy

This also comes with a 10-year guarantee but is focused on cash value build-up, and allows investment in bonds and stocks.

There are three other variable universal insurance policies offered by Foresters, which include:

  • ISP Choice Variable Life
  • ISP 10 Express
  • Single Premium Variable Life

All three policies are a type of variable universal life and have their value linked with the market.

Ø  Whole Life Insurance

If you are worried about expenses after your death, then you should consider the Whole Life Insurance policy offered by Foresters. They have the PlanRight Whole Life policy, which offers a full death benefit, meaning the policy will never lower the death benefit.

The Advantage Plus Whole Life Insurance policy and the Interest Sensitive Whole Life Insurance policy from Foresters offers you with more coverage as a death benefit for final expense coverage.

The Advantage Plus

This policy lets you pay premiums till you reach 100 years old. You can buy this policy at 20 years, and can have it tied to your insurance contract for life.

The Interest Sensitive Policy

This policy offers you with coverage for life, and offers more cash growth than the Advantage Plus.

Foresters Life Insurance review of-Other Products Offered

Apart from all their insurance policies, Foresters also offers an extensive range of coverage options that can be added on to your policies. The best part about these riders is that they don’t require any additional cost from your end and offer you an additional premium. Here are the riders you can choose to add to your Foresters insurance policies

Ø  Family Health Benefit Rider

This standard rider offers you with $650 in benefits to every one person in the family, and a max benefit of $5,000 for a lifetime. The coverage is meant for anything that involves emergency room visits, an ambulance, or staying in the hospital for more than 5 days.

Ø  Accidental Rider

This standard rider can be added to the LifeFirst insurance policy, and offers double coverage, till $300,000 if the policyholder dies within 6 months of an accident.

Ø  Accelerated Death Benefit Rider

This standard rider ensures that you can take early death benefit for paying off bills for medical treatments if you are terminally ill. The coverage means that you don’t have to worry about financial expenses when suffering from a terminal illness.

Ø  Children’s Term Rider

This rider offers coverage for kids that are a part of the life insurance policy. The coverage amount you can get goes up till $10,000 for every kid. The child must be older than 15 days, and shouldn’t be older than 18 to qualify for this rider coverage.

Ø  Disability Income Rider

This rider offers you monthly benefits for 2 years and has two different types. The first one is for disabilities caused by an accident, while the other is for disabilities caused by sickness. The rider kicks in automatically if you have been disabled due to sickness or injury for more than 6 months.

Ø  Foresters PlanRight

This policy doesn’t require a medical exam and is meant for covering final expenses. The policy covers all costs after death, which may be legal fees, hospital bills, and funeral costs.

Ø  PlanRight Level Death Benefit

This policy is meant to cover final expenses and doesn’t have any waiting periods. All you need to do is answer some health questions, and once you are approved the coverage will activate instantly. The policy offers coverage for up to $35,000.

Ø  PlanRight Graded Death Benefit

This policy comes with a waiting period, but you do get increasing payouts every year. This means that if you died in the first year of the policy the beneficiaries will only get death benefit amount to 30% of the policy. If you die in the second the beneficiaries will get 70% of the death benefit, and after the 3rd year, they will get 100% of the death benefit. The total coverage amount offered in this policy is $20,000.

Ø  PlanRight With Modified Death Benefit

This policy comes with a 2-year waiting period, which means that if you die within the first 2 years of the policy, your beneficiaries will only get the premiums you paid, along with 10% interest. The coverage you can get from this policy is around $15,000.

foresters life insurance review, company summary and contact information

The Bottom Line

Many Foresters Life Insurance reviews are available on the internet today.  We wanted to bring you in depth review so you didn’t have to look at 100 different reviews to understand if Foresters life insurance is the company for you.

There are other life insurance companies that have an extensive lineup of life insurance products and coverage options, but few can match the benefits offered by Foresters Life Insurance Company. That is why we think it is one of the best life insurance carriers in the United States. The company has very strong financial ratings and has been around in the industry for more than a century. The best part about Foresters is that it doesn’t function like a traditional life insurance company, and it doesn’t try to act like something that it’s not.

Foresters Life Insurance has a brilliant track record in making donations and helping the community, which is another reason why the company is so popular among the masses. Their life insurance products come with flexible terms and have additional riders that provide great coverage. If you have been looking for affordable term life policies, and universal life policies, then Foresters has some great insurance products for you.

Did you enjoy our Foresters Life Insurance Review? We would love to hear from you. Comment below.

As always, do your research and compare Forester Life Insurance quote with every policy and the coverage it offers before signing up for it. We would recommend Foresters Life Insurance Company to anyone who is looking for life insurance.