Does Life Insurance Test for STD’s? [You’ll Be Shocked]


Life insurance companies will want as much information on your health as possible before they feel comfortable issuing a policy, including STD’s.

The truth is that some STD’s are considered high-risk life insurance, and life insurance companies may even decline your application depending on what you test positive for.

Does life insurance test for STD’s? Yes, life insurance companies will test for certain STD’s such as Hepatitis or HIV during your life insurance exam. However, STD’s that are easily treatable, such as herpes, are not tested for.

We work with the best life insurance companies for people with STD’s, even critical conditions like HIV.

Our article will cover what exactly life insurance companies are testing for on their exams.

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What STD’s do Life Insurance Companies Test For?

What are the Best Life Insurance Companies for STD’s?

Top 3 Life Insurance Companies for STD’s

Can You Get No-Exam Life Insurance with STD’s?

Final Thoughts on if Life Insurance Companies Test for STD’s

What STD’s do Life Insurance Companies Test For?

Life insurance companies are concerned with conditions that affect your mortality first and foremost.

While potentially embarrassing, treatable STDs, like herpes or gonorrhea, is not a concern for life insurance companies.

Life-threatening health conditions that can be transmitted sexually are a concern for life insurance companies, though.

The two most commonly tested STD’s by life insurance companies are HIV and Hepatitis; although, you can contract HIV and Hepatitis outside of the sexual activity.

You can get life insurance with HIV, which is commonly transmitted through sexual intercourse, with a select number of life insurance companies.

However, life insurance companies will want to have as much information about your HIV as possible.

Expect to take lab tests and provide your medical records so the life insurance company can verify that the HIV virus is under control.

Hepatitis is not always considered an STD, but it can be transmitted sexually and can affect your life expectancy if left untreated.

Also, Hepatitis C is now curable due to recent breakthroughs in modern medicine.

The new Hepatitis cure makes getting life insurance with Hepatitis C more accessible than ever before.

Life insurance companies will also test for the less common Hepatitis B as well.

Similar to Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B can be transmitted through bodily fluids, which includes sexual intercourse.

Since both Hepatitis B and C can adversely affect your liver, which is a vital organ, the life insurance company will commonly test for these conditions.

What are the Best Life Insurance Companies for STDs?

The best life insurance companies for STD’s will vary based on the type of STD you’ve contracted.

For relatively harmless STDs, such as herpes, top rates are available at most of the top life insurance companies.

You can get life insurance with pre-existing conditions, like HIV or Hepatitis, but you need to seek professional help to find the best rates.

Working with a high-risk life insurance broker who has experience underwriting STD’s can be the difference between your family getting a great deal or no life insurance at all!

High-risk life insurance brokers don’t work for one specific insurance company; they work for you to find you the best life insurance company for your pre-existing condition.

Top 3 Life Insurance Companies for STD’s

Make sure that you are truthful and forthcoming with the high-risk life insurance broker that you decide to work with.

The more information that you give them about your pre-existing condition, the better.

For example, if you contracted HIV sexually, it is better than if you contracted it through risky behavior, such as drug use via syringe.

Can You Get No-Exam Life Insurance with STD’s?

You can get a no-exam life insurance policy with certain STD’s that are not life-threatening.

However, if you have a more serious sexually transmitted disease, such as Hepatitis or HIV, than we suggest that you apply with a fully-underwritten life insurance company.

While an STD may not affect your life insurance rates, it can be embarrassing.

There are clients who prefer the greater privacy that no-exam underwriting allows.

The best no-exam life insurance companies will be able to underwrite you through public information, prescription checks, and brief yes-or-no health questions.

This less invasive process can avoid uncomfortable or even hurtful legacies from our sexual past that are not critical to the underwriting of life insurance.

That said, life insurance companies take guarding your medical history very seriously.

So seriously, in fact, that it is difficult to do our job as high-risk life insurance brokers if a client was previously declined because the insurance company won’t tell us why occasionally!

Final Thoughts on if Life Insurance Companies Test for STD’s

While many STDs can be commonly treated and cured, it still can be embarrassing for someone and understandable why they wouldn’t want to expose that information.

Fortunately, life insurance companies are not concerned with activities in your bedroom, only your mortality.

While most life insurance companies don’t test specifically for STD’s, they will test for health conditions, such as HIV and Hepatitis, that can be transmitted through sexual activity.

If you have a serious pre-existing condition and want life insurance, you must work with a high-risk life insurance broker.

A broker can work with multiple life insurance companies in order to get the best deal as opposed to a captive agent that can only work with one life insurance company.

High-risk life insurance brokers in particularly specialize in underwriting hard-to-place health conditions, such as STD’s, and can advise what your best options are.

However, if your STD’s are not life-threatening and easily treatable with antibiotics, then you could qualify for no-exam life insurance, which is a less invasive underwriting process.

You can use our free rate tool below to compare the rates of the best life insurance that require and don’t require a medical exam.

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