Does Life Insurance Cover Plane Crashes? [This May Shock You]


Does Life Insurance Cover Plane Crashes?

The aviation rules for high-risk life insurance companies may shock you.

Plane crashes, while rare, are deadly, and the life insurance companies know this.

As a result, if you fly as a pilot, you may have difficulty finding life insurance.

Does life insurance cover plane crashes? Yes, life insurance will cover plane crashes unless you have an aviation exclusion written in your policy. Aviation exclusions are used for inexperienced private pilots and riskier aircraft, not commercial pilots, crew or passengers.

If you’re a fare-paying customer on a major airline, then you should have no problem getting plane crashes covered with a reputable life insurance company.

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Our article below will dive deep into life insurance covering planes crashes, so feel free to skip ahead using the links below.

When Does Life Insurance not Cover Plane Crashes?

How Do I Know if my Policy has an Aviation Exclusion Rider

Who are the Best Life Insurance Companies for Private Pilots

Final Thoughts on if Life Insurance Covers Plane Crashes

When Does Life Insurance not Cover Plane Crashes?

Life insurance will cover a plane crash unless there is language written into the contract that states otherwise.

An aviation exclusion would be included in a rider, which is industry jargon for an amendment, to the contract.

Certain life insurance companies, such as Banner Life or North American Life, will include an aviation exclusion rider instead of raising your rates or declining your application.

As experienced high-risk life insurance brokers, we commonly see aviation exclusion riders for private pilots or pilots of riskier aircraft.

Flying commercial airlines may not be as comfortable as it was years ago, but statistically, it is safer than driving.

The life insurance companies know this and typically cover plane crashes for frequent commercial passengers and crew flying major commercial airlines, such as United Airlines.

Commercial airlines are meticulous in inspecting their state-of-the-art equipment and hire experienced professional pilots with the best training to ensure safe travel.

However, private aviation tells a different story.

Private aviation has a higher risk of fatalities than flying commercial mainly due to human error from inexperienced pilots.

If you’re an inexperienced private pilot or fly high-risk aircraft, such as life insurance for helicopter pilots, then you may pay higher rates for your hobby.

How Do I Know if my Policy has an Aviation Exclusion Rider?

If your life insurance policy does not cover plane crashes, it will be stated in your policy contract document.

Life insurance is ultimately a promise made by the insurance company to pay a defined sum of money at a specific time (when you die).

The contract language of your life insurance policy will state the rules of that policy in writing.

Life insurance contracts are contracts of adhesion, which essentially means “take it or leave it.”

The life insurance company will draft the language of the contract, and you will either accept it or decline it.

The good news about adhesion contracts is that any ambiguity or unclear provisions are interpreted in favor of the party who did NOT prepare the contract.

You better believe that the life insurance companies will want to be clear on what their life insurance contract covers and doesn’t cover, including plane crashes.

If you have any doubts about what your life insurance policy covers and doesn’t cover, you should first refer to your agent.

Your agent can explain the contract language to you in laymen’s terms, so you’re sure that your life insurance policy covers plane crashes.

You can always reach out to the life insurance company directly through their customer service line and ask a representative to assist you.

Ultimately, if you want a second opinion, you can always contact another agent and ask for a policy review to go over your options.

Who are the Best Life Insurance Companies for Frequent Flyers?

Picking the right life insurance company is not always the easiest task, especially when it comes to flying.

If you’re a frequent major commercial airlines flyer, you can consider all of the top life insurance companies since commercial flying generally doesn’t affect your rate.

You can apply the old way and take an exam, or you can look at the best no-exam life insurance companies for a simple, convenient, and affordable option.

If you are a private pilot, that’s when things become trickier, and you’ll have some decisions to make.

You can try to qualify for life insurance that covers a plane crashes if your a private pilot, or you can save money by purchasing a policy with an aviation exclusion rider.

If you already own life insurance that covers plane crashes for private aviation, then it may make sense to buy a more affordable policy to protect against medically-related deaths.

Depending on your experience level as a pilot and the aircraft you fly, you may qualify for the top discounted life insurance rates.

However, life insurance companies can increase your rate with something known as a “flat extra” if they believe your aviation profile is too risky.

For example, a $2.50 “flat extra charge on a $500,000 policy would increase the cost of your life insurance by $1,250!

If you have no life insurance currently that covers plane crashes, then you should consider purchasing a life insurance policy that covers plane crashes even with a “flat extra.”

Life insurance companies increase charges for high-risk life insurance scenarios.

Everyone thinks that it will never be them, but sadly, we see thousands of death claims daily in the life insurance industry.

As veteran high-risk life insurance brokers, we’ve never had a beneficiary ask us what their loved one paid for life insurance coverage.

They are usually grateful that the protection is there to help them navigate through a difficult time.

Top Life Insurance Companies for Private Pilots:

  • American National (ANICO)
  • Prudential
  • Protective

Top No-Exam Life Insurance Companies for Private Pilots

  • Foresters Financial
  • Nassau Re
  • Sagicor Life

Life Insurance Companies with Exclusion Riders

  • Banner Life
  • North American Life

Final Thoughts on if Life Insurance Covers Plane Crashes

Life insurance does cover plane crashes in most circumstances unless plane crashes are excluded from the policy in an aviation exclusion rider.

Aviation exclusion riders are rare and typically used to exclude private aviation or high-risk aircraft.

That said, life insurance companies view flying major commercial airlines, as either a passenger or crew member, to be a low-risk activity that usually won’t affect your life insurance policy.

Major commercial airline crashes are rarer than car accidents and usually are not excluded from triggering your life insurance death benefits.

Be sure to read your policy contract language thoroughly before you accept an offer.

If you have any questions, ask your agent to clarify the contract language for you.

Life insurance gives you and your loved ones the peace of mind of financial security.

Knowing that your family will be covered if something fatal happens while you’re flying is a valuable comfort, just be sure that you fully understand what you’re purchasing.

Thank you for reading our article on if life insurance covers planes crashes. Please contact us with any questions.