Does Life Insurance Cover Heart Attack?[Yes, Here’s How]


Does Life Insurance Cover a Heart Attack? Here are the Details

Heart attacks and heart-related problems are a leading cause of death in the United States.

This immediately can, in some situation immediately place you in a situation where you need to be applying for high-risk life insurance.

Life insurance and heart attacks can require a little more legwork but in all honesty, this isn’t as big of a deal as you may think. We handle cases for individuals in these situations all the time. Life insurance after a heart attack is 100% possible and we are here to show you the ropes.

First and most importantly, we like to point out that your absolute best path to take is to compare rates with over 50 of the top-rated life insurance companies at the same time.

This gives you an idea of what your potential rates may be and which life insurance companies are the best options after a heart attack.

You can do it easily to your right or up above on this page.

Otherwise, let’s dive into the details.

Does Life Insurance Cover Heart Attack

This is the question of the day and always is. Does life insurance cover heart attacks and will death claims be paid if you happen to meet your maker due to a heart attack?

The answer is yes but give us a few more minutes to explain.

I think you may have other concerns and questions on this topic that I want to take the time to explain as well.

Questions such as can I get life insurance after a previous heart attack?

What will my rates look like if I can get coverage and how do I choose a reputable life insurance company to work with after having a heart attack?

Who are the best life insurance companies to lean on after a heart attack? Well, the good news is that’s what I plan on delivering in this post for you.

Here are the details.

Life Insurance and Heart Attacks

Life insurance and heart attacks come down to a lot of stipulations about your current health and how your outlook currently looks (we will cover this shortly).

Purchasing life insurance after a heart attack also requires someone who can find you the best life insurance companies for heart attacks.

Plain and simple.

Many individuals feel as if they have no chance of being approved for life insurance after heart attacks but nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, we underwrite and get individuals approved for coverage with heart conditions fairly frequently.

Life Insurance Claims and Heart Attacks, Honesty Is Key

When you begin the life insurance process, you need to be 100% upfront with your life insurance agent.

Explain all of your related health issues and exactly what has transpired during the process.

This allows your agent to work much more effectively.

It also allows your agent to find the best life insurance company for prior heart attacks with much more ease.

The more information you provide the better.

This also goes a long way in ensuring that you have a policy with no questions.

Ultimately this is what you need.

This ensures that your life insurance after a heart attack will always 100% pay your death claims.

Your agent will ask you a series of questions related to your health and history.

The answers are vital.

Questions to Prepare For Life Insurance After Heart Attacks.

  • Do you have any pre-existing medical conditions?
  • Does your family have a history of any heart or cardiovascular-related deaths?
  • Do you have any history of heart or cardiovascular issues yourself?

Do you have any other issues related to heart problems such as obesity?

High Blood Pressure?

High Cholesterol?

  • What are they?
  • When were they diagnosed?
  • What current treatment do you undergo? How’s that treatment going?
  • Have you had any surgeries?
  • What medications do you take?
  • Do you have diligent follow up with your cardiologist?

You see, life insurance questions such as the questions listed above are important because it reflects your lifestyle.

Life insurance for overweight individuals can indicate that you have more health issues or perhaps that something you can control caused the initial heart attack.

Does Life Insurance Cover Heart Attack

Questions to Expect With Life Insurance After Heart Attacks

The answers to these are questions are essential for 2 Reasons

  • It helps gauge the actual life insurance rates you will pay with a heart history
  • It protects you from the 2-year contestability clause

Life Insurance After Heart Attacks and The Importance of The 2-year Contestability Clause

This is not the same as having to wait 2 years for coverage to be active.

Completely different story.

What you are thinking of is known as the guaranteed issue life insurance policies, and those are explicitly designed to provide coverage for those who can’t qualify for traditional life insurance coverage.

The 2-year contestability period is where, if something god forbid did happen, the insurance company has the legal right to investigate the cause of death and the answers you provided during the application process.

Why do you think the phone lines are recorded?

This is to protect you and the insurance company.

If something happens outside of the 2-year window, you are in the clear.

If it occurs during the 2-year window or first 24 months of the policy, it’s an entirely different story.

Let’s say for instance you lied about not having a condition or even being a smoker at the time which is proven to increase the chance and likelihood of a heart attack taking place.

Well, now you are in some trouble and most likely the life insurance company is going to deny your claim due to the misrepresentation that you provided on the application.

Life Insurance With Prior Heart Attacks and Detailing the Process

If your honest about all these questions asked, you are most likely in excellent shape, and we can find you a company that will provide coverage.

You see, you want to work with an independent life insurance agent/agency that has a massive list of companies that they can inquire about coverage for you with.

With us personally, we use Protective and Prudential very frequently to ensure clients with prior heart attacks or heart-related issues.

Applying For Life Insurance After a Heart Attack

Considering heart attack is the number one cause of death in America, it’s going to have a few things to consider for life insurance before they just start approving policies for individuals.

You will start by completing the application process.

You’re also going to have to be ready and willing for the life insurance company to pull your medical records for anything related to the heart condition.

You should always wait a minimum of 6 months after a heart attack before applying.

This allows time to see how your condition is doing and what to expect next as far as your recovery.

The Severity of Your Heart Attack and The Impact on Life Insurance

The life insurance company will also want to know how severe the heart attack was.

The severity of the heart attack will usually be broken down by…

How many arteries were blocked?

1 or less and you stand a great chance at getting approved for life insurance.

2 or more and it becomes more difficult but not impossible.

What was the % of the artery blockage?  The lower, the better.

  • What have you done to Improve Health Since the Heart Attack?
  • Are you running or excising regularly?
  • Did you quit smoking or still currently smoking?
  • Have you changed diet?
  • Have you reduced stress?
  • How about the ejection fraction?

Ejection fractions measure how much blood your heart can pump during each beat.

It’s a powerful rating factor that life insurance companies want to know before making the final decision on your life insurance.

Life Insurance Rates after a Heart Attack

Again, yes it will pay a death claim but only if you go through the process the correct way and get approved based on honesty and accurate preparation.

Unfortunately, your most likely looking at substandard rates at best but these can still be perfectly good options at affordable prices.

Don’t let this scare you from not obtaining coverage.

Your family depends on it.

Locating the Best Life Insurance Companies After a Heart Attack

Give us or any independent life insurance agency a call.

We want to help, and we know a thing or two about the underwriting guidelines with over 60 life insurance companies.

Heart issues, heart attacks, and prior heart attacks are something we handle with frequency, and we can help you as well.

You just need to start the application.

Be prepared for the Application Process for Life Insurance After Heart Attack.

  • Have all the important information ready to go. This includes the date of prior heart attacks or issues.
  • Have the current medications you take prepared to tell your agent
  • Have your current status and treatment plan ready to show your agent

Life Insurance Approvals After Heart Attacks Take Time

This isn’t getting approved overnight.

You’re looking at about a 30-minute phone call followed by about 4-10 weeks of waiting for the life insurance company to make a decision about your coverage.

We will get it done one way or another so don’t be alarmed by this. It’s what we do.

So, Does Life Insurance Cover Heart Attacks?

Yes, absolutely. Life insurance covers heart attacks and life insurance can be approved after prior heart attacks. Plain and simple.

Good, because that’s what we wanted to deliver and wanted to give you the low down on how to make sure to get the possible rates with the most reputable life insurance companies.

Life insurance is never fun, and this probably won’t be either but we assure you that we or any other independent life insurance agency will make it as painless as humanly possible and work with you until we find a solution.


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