Cincinnati Life Insurance Reviews [How Good Are They?]

Cincinnati Life Insurance Reviews

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Cincinnati Life Insurance Reviews 2019

Cincinnati Life Insurance is known for its cheap term life insurance.  In fact, it’s a tough price to beat in most circumstances.

That doesn’t necessarily they mean they are a top pick for you. Let’s dive into Cincinnati Life Insurance even further.

Cincinnati Life Insurance company mainly markets life and disability income insurance as well as annuity products.

Cincinnati Financial Company is technically the holding company or controls the life insurance and property-casualty arms of the company as well.

Cincinnati Life Insurance and The Independent Agent Model

Cincinnati life insurance is built off the independent agency model which simply means the agents who represent them also represents many other companies at the same time.

This is technically the ideal scenario for you the consumer.  You don’t ever want to be handcuffed to having only one option to work with when purchasing life insurance.

Ultimately, with the way medical underwriting works it’s always the smartest move to make sure you have dozens of companies to choose from with the life insurance agency you ultimately decide to work with.

This will always guarantee that you are obtaining the best possible prices for your life insurance coverage.

Cincinnati Life insurance is Currently Headquartered in Fairfield, Ohio and is run by CEO Steven Johnson.

The main area of emphasis for Cincinnati Life is in providing the highest quality service as possible including servicing policies, finding solutions and customer service.

They currently have 3,000 total independent life insurances 800 agents and over 1300 claims specialist standing by ready to help.

This is impressive if you ask Good Life Protection.

It’s clear they place a heavy weight on making sure they are ready to help regardless of what the situation may be.

Cincinnati Life’s website also advertises that its mission as a company is to,

  • Providing Market Stability through Financial Strength
  • Producing and offering the most competitive and up to date products and services
  • Developing associates committed to superior service and industry knowledge.

They don’t only care about the clients and consumers either which is a positive.  They also advertise freely that they want to be the best company serving independent agents and allowing them to broker or independently offer Cincinnati life insurance products to the open life insurance market.

Cincinnati Life is not currently licensed in all 50 States for Life and disability income products, but they are available in most of the states. Always feel free to give us a call and we can let you know if they are offered in your area.

Financial Strength and Rating Review of Cincinnati Life Insurance.

Cincinnati Life as of 2018 cracked the Fortune 500 list by ranking number 484. Obviously, this is an impressive statistic showing that they are a major player in the life insurance world.

Currently, Cincinnati Life is only being only ranked by three of the four major rating agencies. Here is how they stacked up.

A.M. BestFitchStandard and Poor’s
AA +A +

These are overall outstanding ratings and not many life insurance companies would be at this level.  Roughly 1 out 5 achieve these financial strength numbers to be exact.

After reading Cincinnati’s Website we also realized they were given high praise and impressive honors from Forbes as well for being on the top 50 most trustworthy companies in the U.S.

If that’s not impressive enough on its own, then the fact they have won these 5 times in a row would be the icing on the cake for you.

Let’s start diving into the meat and potatoes of Cincinnati Life Insurance.  The products offered.

Oh yeah, the fun stuff.  Here we go.

Available Life Insurance Products with Cincinnati Life Insurance Company

Cincinnati Life currently offers the following life insurance products to clients/consumers.

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Universal Life Insurance

The Term Life Insurance Product with Cincinnati Life Insurance is known as the Life Horizons Term setter.

We dug a little deeper on the products by visiting Cincinnati’s life website.  The Life Horizons product is available in regular level premium term life insurance as well as ROP (Return of Premium).

This is a level death benefit product and level premium.

This simply just means that the price won’t go up and the death benefit will never change during the time you selected which would be available in the following durations or “years” of coverage.

  • 10 Years
  • 15 Years
  • 20 Years
  • 25 Years
  • 30 years

The term products with Cincinnati Life Insurance are simple and nothing to flashy. It’s an easy affordable option for providing your family with a fixed death benefit.

Nothing more and nothing less and sitting at competitive pricing.

As Cincinnati’s website states, the term life insurance is an “economical coverage for a specified period of time”. We Couldn’t word it any better ourselves.

Universal Life with Cincinnati Life Insurance Company

The Universal Life Option is known as the Life Horizons Simplicity Universal Life (UL) and the Life Horizons Life Setter UL

The key to this product with Cincinnati Life insurance is flexibility.  It allows you to reduce death benefits or increase death benefits if need be.

You can also get flexible with premium amounts.

This is a policy truly built to meet the needs of the consumers and allows you to maintain protection and coverage through tough financial times.

Cincinnati advertises that this policy has guaranteed cash growth which if you ask us is probably true, but it may not be at internal rates of return you may be thinking.

Always know all the facts before deciding on a policy and compare many companies with an independent life insurance agent and agency.

Let’s talk about Whole life options briefly.

Life Horizons Guaranteed Whole Life Plan with Cincinnati Life Insurance.

The whole life plan they offer is guaranteed premiums, guaranteed death benefits and guaranteed no price changes.

Doesn’t seem like much of a debate if this could be a logical product for you to pick, but ultimately the choice is yours.

Known Major Complaints about Cincinnati life insurance?

Every life insurance company or agency is eventually going to field some negative complaints but surprisingly, it was tough to find anything negative about Cincinnati Life.

I suppose that’s why they were rated the top 50 most ethical and trustworthy companies in the US by Forbes like we discussed earlier in the post.

Overall, never be surprised if you see some negative on a company.  Keep in mind these life insurance companies serve thousands of individuals from all over the United States.

Eventually, they are bound to upset someone, but the key is finding out how quickly they resolve issues how much magnitude the complaint really carries.

Overall, it seems Cincinnati Life does an excellent job in this category but it’s still 100% advisable to always shop around before committing to one company or another.

You don’t know how much money you could potentially be leaving on the table.

The Pros of Working with Cincinnati Life Insurance Company

The pros we have laid about working with Cincinnati Life are simple in nature.  Here’s a brief recap at some of the positives about the company.

  • Affordable rates. Especially on Term Life Insurance
  • Great reputation not just with consumers but rating agencies and Forbes/ Fortune 500
  • Dedicated to serving the Agents and the Clients as much as possible
  • Large Staff to handle issues and inbound inquiries/claims.
  • Simple to choose from a product lineup. Short, sweet and simple life insurance product options

How about the Cons of Purchasing Life Insurance with Cincinnati Life?

One of the pros of the company can also be considered a con.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what we believe to be negative marks on the company or cons to choosing to work with them.

  • Limited Options for Products
  • Limited Rider Options
  • Underwriting Niches or Unique Offers for Individuals with Health conditions are more limited.

Cincinnati Life Insurance Company Contact Information

If your trying to reach Cincinnati Life Insurance, the easiest way to do this and to get their direct phone number would be to visit

This will lead you straight to there website and break down everything for you further.

Final Word, Cincinnati Life Insurance is Great But You Can Do Better

Overall Cincinnati Life is an outstanding option for your life insurance needs.  However, being a great option doesn’t make you the best option or the option you should always choose.

You always need to weight all the pros and cons and talk to someone with access to 50 plus life insurance carriers to really discuss your unique needs and situation.

It’s the only way to guarantee that you are selecting the right company and ultimately achieving the best approval and best life insurance policy for you and your family.

Work with a company like Good Life Protection.

We assure you we know plenty about finding the best insurance for individuals with varying needs and circumstances.

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