What Do I Do If I Can’t Get Life Insurance [Options + Advice]



As experienced high-risk life insurance brokers, we talk to plenty of folks who can’t get life insurance.

There are life insurance alternatives available for many if you can’t qualify for traditional life insurance coverage.

What do I do if I can’t get life insurance? If you can’t get approved for life insurance, you must consider accidental death insurance, group life insurance, or guaranteed issue life insurance as a substitute because the rules to qualify are more lenient than traditional life insurance.

 Now knowing what your best options are, we’ll cover how to maximize accidental death insurance, group life insurance, and guaranteed issue life insurance to protect your loved ones.

We always recommend comparing rates with more than 50 of the top-rated life insurance companies when comparing your options.

You can do easily by using our instant quote tool directly below.

Otherwise, let’s start diving into the details.

Be Sure you Truly Can’t get Life Insurance First

As experienced high-risk life insurance brokers, we get constant calls from people who were declined for life insurance and were told they’re uninsurable.

Just because you’ve been declined for life insurance with a pre-existing condition in the past doesn’t mean it is over just yet.

The first thing to do if you’re told that you can’t get life insurance is to get a second opinion from an experienced high-risk life insurance agent.

Most life insurance agents leave the industry within their first year. That is not enough time to become an expert broker of high-risk life insurance.

In addition, many new agents start their careers as captive agents who can only sell one life insurance company’s products.

If that company declines you, then that agent has no alternative to present you.

This is not a job for your 3rd cousin who just got a job selling life insurance with AIG Direct.

You need to look for an independent broker who can offer multiple life insurance companies and knows how to underwrite high-risk life insurance.

Ideally, you want to focus on independent life insurance brokers who broker 15 plus companies, so they have the inventory to get you a bargain.

Each life insurance company will have slightly different opinions on underwriting and rates.

For example, our agency just got someone affordable life insurance with HIV, but not every life insurance company would consider an offer.

As a matter of fact, all but two of the companies that we broker would have declined the application right off the bat.

We had to know where to place that high-risk life insurance case to get him an approval, and that only comes with experience.

Now, there are some instances where a person can’t get life insurance at all but don’t give up until a high-risk life insurance specialist tells you that you need to look at alternative options.

Try Accidental Death Insurance if you Can’t Get Life Insurance

Accidental death insurance is a great substitute if you can’t get life insurance, especially if you want life insurance for a high-risk occupation.

Accidental death insurance only pays a death benefit when you die from an accident, unlike life insurance, which pays a death benefit for non-accidental deaths, such as a heart attack.

 Pro Tip: Accidental deaths are among the top five reasons for life insurance death claims, and for death claims below the age of 50, they are a leading cause.

However, if you are worried about dying from a workplace accident or while traveling, accidental death can be an affordable alternative to straight life insurance.

Also, accidental death is a great option if you’re declined for life insurance due to a non-medical impairment; for example, you can’t get life insurance due to a high-risk lifestyle activity.

Since accidental death insurance has no medical underwriting, there are no medical exam or health questions, typically on the application.

In fact, accidental death insurance is one of the easiest insurances to buy. The application literally takes 5 minutes to complete.

You May Get Group Life Insurance, but not Private Life Insurance

Group life insurance is not ideal, but if you can’t get life insurance on the private market, it is your next best option.

Because of the way that group life insurance is constructed, the life insurer can take on higher risk.

While every group life insurance plan has different rules negotiated by your employer, there are a few standard features in most plans.

There usually are no health questions or medical exams required; although, some group plans may require underwriting.

Group life insurance will usually limit your death benefits to a multiple of your salary (i.e., 3-5x income) and may give you a small amount of coverage “for free.”

If you work a job that awards bonuses or your income change widely year-to-year (commission work), then group life insurance may not offer your family enough death benefit protection.

Pro Tip: If your group life insurance doesn’t provide enough death benefit protection, consider supplementing it with an accidental death insurance policy.

 In addition, your premiums are not locked in. Group life insurance rates are typically set in age bands for approximately 5 years.

As you age, the rate you pay can jump significantly even if your employer is subsidizing a portion of it.

Over time, you’ll save more money buying private life insurance instead of holding your group life insurance until you retire from work.

If you leave your job, you usually have a portability option to take your group life insurance with you, but you’ll have to pay the full cost.

However, if you can’t get life insurance privately, the cost of group life insurance is still a great deal even as you get older.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Asks Zero Health Questions

Guaranteed issue life insurance is another great option, especially to cover your final expenses if you can’t get life insurance otherwise.

Guaranteed issue life insurance is normally a whole life policy with a modified death benefit in the first 2 years.

Unlike a level death benefit that pays full benefits from day one, a guaranteed issue life insurance only returns your premiums with interest for medical deaths in the modified period.

Many guaranteed issue life insurance policies will pay out full death benefits for accidental deaths at any time during the policy.

After the modified death benefit period is over, guaranteed issue life insurance is just like any other life insurance policy and will pay benefits for both accidental and non-accidental deaths.

Many guaranteed issue life insurance plans will offer death benefits up to $25,000, but some go up to $40,000!

We believe guaranteed issue life insurance is excellent for covering for a client who can’t get life insurance with level coverage but has a life expectancy greater than 2 years.

Since most guaranteed issue life insurance policies have similar or identical features, the rate can often be the deciding factor.

Right now, the AIG guaranteed issue life insurance policy is one of the hottest on the market.

It is very competitively priced and backed by an A-rated life insurance company.

It’s offered through AIG Life Insurance Company which is a must-consider option when you are considered a higher risk individual.

Final Thoughts on your Options if you Can’t Get Life Insurance

As veteran high-risk life insurance brokers, we can tell you that life insurance underwriting continues to increase the availability of life insurance.

Not that long ago, people couldn’t get life insurance after cancer. Today, cancer-survivors can qualify for standard rates in some cases!

However, there are some high-risk life insurance cases that are uninsurable even with all the advancements in medicine we have seen.

For the people who can’t get life insurance privately, accidental death insurance, group life insurance, and guaranteed issue life insurance are all viable substitutes.

If you can’t get life insurance and want a second opinion, request a quote from our website or give us a call to go over your best options.

All quotes are no-obligation, and our experienced high-risk life insurance agents will give you their honest review of your situation.