Can You Get Life Insurance With ADHD?
[Yes, Here’s What to Do]

Anytime you take a few medications or have a present issue documented on your medical records, you may be slightly hesitant when it comes to purchasing life insurance. Often, you are procrastinating for no good reason, and life insurance can be obtained easier than you may think.

I do understand where you are coming from. Often, you have plenty of questions you want to be answered or have some hesitation before you feel ready to make the purchase.

Life Insurance with ADHD

One of the questions I see and hear often is about obtaining life insurance with ADHD ( Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder ) and ADD ( Attention Deficit Disorder ). Can you get life insurance with ADHD? After years in this industry, and specializing in high-risk life insurance cases, here is what I can tell you on this topic.

So, can you get life insurance with ADHD. Yes, you can obtain life insurance with ADHD and ADD. You will need to disclose all relevant medical information to your agent including dates of diagnosis, prescriptions currently being taken, and past prescription use and complete more medically related questions but overall, obtaining life insurance with ADHD and ADD is 100% possible.

However, we always recommend that if you are trying to save time that you should stick to comparing rates and quotes with all life insurance companies.

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ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) can impact several areas of life and make everyday tasks such as work and your home life more difficult to manage. The goal of this post is to inform you that obtaining life insurance with ADHD does not have to be overly burdensome or complicated.

Getting Life Insurance with ADHD or ADD. The Steps Involved

ADHD has become a prevalent diagnosis among the US population. It could be affecting you in different manners, and not everyone has ADHD to the same level of severity as others may have it.

It’s commonly mistaken and believed that only young children suffer from ADHD, but ADHD and ADD can impact adults just as much as it can influence children. In most circumstances, someone suffering from ADHD may be suffering from symptoms such as the following.

  • Trouble Paying Attention at Work
  • Non-Tentative and Struggles to Listen
  • Consistently Not Completing Assigned Task
  • Avoidance of Activities That Require Focus
  • Being Distracted Easily
  • Restlessness
  • Interrupting
  • Fidgeting
  • Frequent Talking
  • Intrusiveness

The ADHD by itself is not necessarily the most significant concern the life insurance company and underwriting departments have with your application. In many scenarios, someone suffering from ADHD and ADD problems, you can have other mood disorders or behavioral disorders that you must manage in conjunction with the ADHD. This may include other medical concerns such as the following.

This again isn’t necessarily a reason to decline your life insurance all together.

However, it’s certainly possible that if you are currently battling multiple mood disorders and have to take several medications to control of your symptoms that you may struggle to find life insurance companies willing to insure you or willing to insure you at affordable rates.

How Does the Life Insurance Company Know My Medications?

That’s a good question, and surprisingly, it comes up often during the application process. Applicants always want to find ways to secure coverage and get turned off by the idea that the company is going to dig into your personal life.

First and foremost, the application itself is going to ask questions related to these conditions and medications. It’s imperative that you are always 100% up front with your life insurance agent. Also, the life insurance companies run an electronic database “RX Report.”

This is also known as a prescription report. This will give the company most of the beginning information needed to begin underwriting your application. In addition, it’s always best that you have the information documented on the application and everything matches or can be explained easily.

If you are upfront with the agent and life insurance company and can explain any recent changes to your condition, you can likely get approved at rates better than you would believe.

What Other Questions Will the Life Insurance Company Ask Me About ADHD?

Now, we need to cover what the life insurance company will ask you about the ADHD or ADD. You have a list of questions that will be asked, and this can help you prepare before beginning the application process.

  • When Was Your ADHD initially diagnosed?
  • What’s the Severity of the ADHD?
  • What Medications Are You Currently Taking?
  • Has Your ADHD Ever Required You Being Hospitalized?
  • Any Suicide Attempts Due to The ADHD or Other Mood Disorders?
  • Do You Currently Take Any Other Medications?
  • Is the Rest of Your Life Stable? Financials, Employment History, Criminal History?

If the life insurance company can get a good feeling that your life is stable with ADHD and it’s not causing other issues or health concerns, it’s likely you can get approved at low premiums rates.

Life Insurance Rates You Can Expect With ADHD

Once you have gone through the underwriting process, your final rates will depend heavily on the total medications it takes to control the condition and if other factors we have discussed previously are impacting your health.

In most circumstances, individuals with ADHD or ADD can still be approved for coverage and qualify at either a standard plus or standard rate with most life insurance companies. These are reasonable rates and nothing to fret over.

In fact, the only rating you could achieve to get a cheaper monthly cost would be preferred rates and those just are not going to happen in nearly all circumstances with ADD or ADHD due to the medications needed to control the condition.

Clean Medical Records and Diligent Dr. Office Follow Up Can Also Help

In many circumstances covering a wide variety of health conditions, obtaining life insurance at cheap or affordable rates can come down to how diligent you are with the Drs. Orders/recommendations and how often you see your physician for routine care.

You see, life insurance companies like to know that you are compliant with your physicians’ orders that you exercise care for yourself and remain diligent about seeking ways to improve your health or condition.

Life insurance companies also love documentation and removing the guesswork from your medical history. When you visit your Dr, documentation is usually available showing that office visit which can make the life insurance company much more comfortable offering your coverage at affordable rates.

Does Adderall Affect Life Insurance?

Yes but no more than any other medication that can be used to treat ADHD or ADD. With life insurance companies, they are more concerned with the total number of medications being taken for the condition and the track record of that medication.

This simply means, are you changing medications every other month, or have you been living a stable life and been on 1 prescribed medication the entire duration of the ADD and ADHD.

Does Vyvanse Impact Life Insurance?

The same rules apply to this scenario. The Vyvanse itself will not disqualify you for term life insurance with ADHD. Refer to the central point behind the underwriter’s decision for life insurance with ADHD.

It’s more related to total medications and stability that you have shown or demonstrated throughout battling the condition.

Have You Been Declined Life Insurance Due to Your Prescription Report?

We hear this a lot over at Good Life Protection. Applicants or clients are often upset because they have just been declined for coverage due to findings on the prescriptions report that the company pulled.

If this is the case, we highly recommend trying the process with an Independent Life Insurance Agency such as Good Life Protection. We specialize in high-risk life insurance, and we often have a carrier out of 50 plus that can easily insure you at rates most likely lower than you would think.

What If You Can’t Qualify for Coverage? Do You Still Have Options?

Yes, if you can’t qualify for coverage at all due to multiple conditions or maybe several medications are currently being taken, you can always look at options such as Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Coverage or Accidental Death life insurance.

Both options will insure you without needing any medical related information. Simply put, regardless of your situation, you can be approved for life insurance, but certain conditions will apply with these alternative options.

What Should You Do Next?

If you are ready to start comparing rates for your life insurance coverage with ADHD, we highly recommended filling out the quote form on the right-hand side of the screen or at the bottom of this post.

It’s going to allow you to see options for life insurance companies that we all know and trust. Over 100 of those options as well to start making it easy to compare rates and options for your coverage.

Alternatively, you can always give us a call over here at Good Life Protection at the phone number provided at the top right of the screen. We handle life insurance cases with ADHD all the time, and we want to help you too.

Give us a chance, we are confident we can make something work for you at the lowest possible cost. That’s a guarantee.

Putting It All Together. ADHD May Impact but Should Not Decline Your Chances at Life Insurance

ADHD and ADD are two of the medical conditions you can have and still obtain life insurance. Don’t let something like ADD or ADHD hold you back from applying when the simple fact of the matter is you will likely be approved at fantastic rates.

To get started, simply start by filling out the form on the right and start looking at rates from over 75 of the top-rated life insurance companies that we all know and trust. You can also give us a call if you need any assistance in purchasing life insurance with ADD or ADHD.

We are always here to help! It’s what we do.


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