Can you Get Life Insurance If You Smoke Pot? [Yes, You Can]

can i get life insurance if i smoke pot

Many individuals have many reasons for being concerned about entering the life insurance application process. What rating will I get, and will I even be approved for the coverage are just a few of the initial setbacks that you may be feeling or thinking to yourself? I get it.

Most individuals get these feelings, so it’s not just you.  We hear it all the time especially in recent years, we have been getting a lot of phone calls from potential clients with one main question that’s growing in popularity. Can you get life insurance if you smoke pot? After years in the industry and underwriting these life insurance cases, here’s what I can tell you.

So, can you get life insurance if you smoke pot? Yes, you can get life insurance if you smoke pot. It comes down to why you smoke the marijuana and how often you smoke it. If it’s for medical reasons, the life insurance company will want to know those reasons. So again, yes you can get life insurance.

I’m sure this doesn’t fully answer the question for you, and you still have some anxiety about what to expect, what to say or even what to do to begin the process of getting life insurance if you smoke pot.

That’s what this post is designed to do. If you stick around, we are going to cover everything from A-Z about what it takes to get approved for life insurance if you smoke pot.

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Let’s get started.

Considerations for Life Insurance and Smoking Marijuana

First, before we dive into a lot of this information, I can answer one of the quick questions I know you’re looking for. Yes, the life insurance company will know if use marijuana based on the urine screening during the medical exam. Now that we have that out of the way we can move onto the other considerations involved.

Next, they are going to want some more information about marijuana use and why it’s being used. Here are some common answers I hear nearly daily when it comes to the potential reasons why you use marijuana.

  • Medicinal Marijuana Use- Prescribed the Marijuana by A Physician
  • Recreational Marijuana Use- You Do It’s Because It’s Awesome and You Love It
  • The One Time Goof Up Marijuana Use- You Did It Once and Promise You Won’t Again (C’mon, Really?)

Here’s a fun fact about life insurance and marijuana use. Well, honestly, this is a fun fact about life insurance with anything involved in the questions asked on the applications. Life Insurance Companies are much forgiving then the general public gives them credit for.

Telling them the truth on the medical exam can go a long way toward being approved. Often times with cigarette use and other drug use such as marijuana, they would instead you just tell the truth then pull the “I happened to Smoke Pot for The First Time in My Life the Day before I decided Protection for My Family Was Needed and Applied For Life Insurance.”

You see where this looks like a very odd coincidence? Point being, tell the truth, and you will be set free. They aren’t as big of bullies as everyone thinks. When you tell a fib, however, now that can hurt your approval chances, big time!

Ok, enough calling you a liar. Let’s move on to what else matters during the application process for life insurance and how it can impact your approval chances and overall premiums you pay per month.

So, why are you using that darn marijuana? Out of the options listed previously, what’s making you use it?

Narrowing Down the Scope, Let’s Find the Real Reason Why?

If it’s medical reasons, let’s break down the reason behind these medical issues and see if it’s going to make the life insurance frown, or potentially turn that frown upside down.

Potential Reasons That People Use Marijuana for Medical Concerns

When you use marijuana for medical concerns is when things can get sticky (no pun intended). You see, marijuana itself isn’t all that dangerous. Can it be, sure? Should you operate a motor vehicle after smoking it? No. Does the life insurance company trust that you won’t do these reckless things?

No, not really. Life insurance companies don’t trust anything that the agent or the facts don’t tell them. That means what I tell them or what mortality and risk profiles tell is where they decide if they want to cut your family a check for 500,000K if something happens to you.

Assuming You Use Marijuana for Medical Reasons

Okay, so going back to the life insurance companies following the data. What does use medical marijuana mean for your chances and what will the data show? Well, in most circumstances, marijuana can be used to treat advanced medical conditions that are known to cause a lot of pain. Even some cancers are treated, and anxiety levels are managed using marijuana as a prescription.

If this is the case, you better be prepared to explain the situation. Why? What’s the golden rule we discussed previously? The truth will set you free.  Inform your agent of your medical concern and why you use marijuana. At this point, your agent is going to have several follow up questions in which honesty will again be imperative.

  • Your agent will ask you questions such as the following.
  • Condition, Your Marijuana, Is Prescribed For
  • How Often Do You Use Medical marijuana?
  • What’s the Method of Use? Smoking? THC Edibles?

These are only the questions tied directly into the marijuana use for the specific medical condition. Following that it’s time to dive into the actual condition. Let’s assume its pain management from a spine injury 3 years ago. Here are some more questions to expect along the way.

  • What Other Medications Are You Taking?
  • Are You Receiving Any Disability?
  • Do You Have Other Mobility Issues?
  • Is the Treatment Working?
  • Any DUIS, or other Dangerous Activities on Your Record?
  • Bankruptcies, Divorce, Other Lifestyle Issues?

Why Are You Digging into My Personal Life? Why Do These Things Matter? I Smoke Pot, So What!

Well, it matters big time, but you are thinking about it from the wrong angle. The life insurance companies care deeply about your health. Why wouldn’t they? They also care about where your life and the situation may lead you in the future. You aren’t just asking for protection over your assets for the next week, month or year. Most of the time these are long durations such as

  • 10-year term policies
  • 20-year term policies
  • 30-year term policies

They can even be lifetime policies. If you’re showing signs of other issues now such as racking up moving violations and DUI’s, it doesn’t go a long way toward explaining the company that you put safety first. In fact, it shows the opposite. It shows that the condition and marijuana use are driving factors in your life and other priorities are being neglected.

Comparing Life Insurance to Other Common Life Events

It’s just like applying for a bank loan for a mortgage. They don’t just check your credit during this process. The bank asks for tax returns, employment history, bank statements, and total credit utilization. This isn’t because they want to see how much money is on your Victoria’s Secret Credit Card. It’s because they want to look at your behavior and see if they can trust getting the money back.

But I’m Getting Life Insurance, Not A Loan, Shouldn’t I want them to Have to Pay?

Okay, no you shouldn’t want this. This means that you are ultimately dead if you are hoping this. What you should wish for when applying for life insurance is a company that takes the correct precautions and insures people of the correct risk. Why does this matter? Well, this how they afford to pay you if you remain an honest premium payer during your policy.

But, Josh, I’m a Recreational Marijuana User. I Only Do It Because It’s Awesome.

Awesome, I’m glad you told the truth. Shockingly like stated before this goes a long way toward getting you approved for coverage. Yet again, more questions are going to come into play. How often are using marijuana? Still, the same applied, do you have any DUI’s or other issues that will pop during the application process?

If not, we are getting closer to the green light of getting you approved at great rates. So, what’s next?

Choosing the Right Life Insurance Company Do Provide You the Coverage

Next becomes decision time.  We need to pick the correct life insurance company for you and your families protection. It’s easy to do now that we are this far along. You see, marijuana is slowly being legalized basically everywhere. It’s becoming more socially acceptable, and companies are making an absolute killing off the sale of not only marijuana but marijuana products in general.

The life insurance companies aren’t stupid, and they realize this. More and more life insurance companies are coming out of the woodwork and offering coverage at better rates than ever before. With that being said, we still need to pick one of these companies.

What Are We Looking for Exactly? How Do We Know Who to Pick?

Most life insurance companies are going to offer smoker/tobacco rates to marijuana users. However, some companies are going to allow for non-smoker rates depending on the amount of marijuana use and the way it’s ingested. A good start and look at some of these companies would be the following.

These are companies that have been approving marijuana use for quite some time, and as long as you don’t have the disabilities and other issues we discussed previously, you should be in great shape toward finding some reasonable pricing and approvals with these companies.

Do Life Insurance Drug Test Check for Drugs? Couldn’t I Just Not Smoke For A Few Weeks

Theoretically, yes you could use this approach, but this would be considered fraud, and it’s never recommended. Not only do you run the chance of voiding the policy altogether (especially during the first 2 years of the policy) but, if your drug screening test did happen to catch traces of marijuana in your system, you would have a hole to dig out and some serious explaining to do.

Feel like a teenager again yet?

What Are They Looking for In A Urine Test for Life Insurance?

During the urine test for your drug screening, they are looking for several things. For the sake of this post, they are for the most irreverent outside of the fact that will know and see if you have been using marijuana.

How Do I Pass A Medical Exam for Life Insurance?

Passing the medical exam for life insurance is a walk in the park. The most significant factors of the medical exam include the blood draw, blood pressure reading, urine test, and a basic questionnaire. If you aren’t trying to game the system and come clean during your first interview with your agent, you won’t have anything to sweat and can pass your medical exam with flying colors. Other recommendations you can consider before the medical exam include the following

  • Avoiding Caffeine Before the Exam
  • Avoiding Strenuous Exercise, the night before the exam
  • Drinking Plenty of Water before the exam
  • Avoiding foods if you have instructed to fast before the blood work
  • Having detailed information about your medical history ready to provide if need be to the examiner or tech.

Failed Life Insurance Drug Test [What to Do Next]

Well first, marijuana won’t cause you to fail a drug test for life insurance. As stated before, most companies will accept marijuana use at this point but at smoker rates. If you don’t use marijuana or smoke and fail, that could be a false positive, and you could ask for a new exam and reconsideration and allow the company to decide the next steps.

Outside of that, you don’t have much to worry about when it comes to marijuana use and getting approved for life insurance.

Are You Ready to Apply or Still Have Questions?

The point of this article was to demonstrate that marijuana use clearly and declined life insurance is becoming a thing of the past. You can get approved and absolutely shouldn’t hesitate to try getting coverage just because of a joint or two every now and then. Sure, you may have to pay smoker rates but so does Uncle Steve who smokes a pack of cigs per day. It’s just how it works.

If you genuinely need coverage and you know your family needs the protection, it’s time to bite the bullet and move forward toward applying. You can quickly get started by filling out the quote form on the right. It’s going to allow you to look at over 50 companies and the rates you may expect. A special tip. If you smoke marijuana, classify yourself as a smoker when checking the rates.

If not, we wish you the best and may the best price win.