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Ameritas Life Insurance Reviews (Updated July 2019)

It’s always a great idea to read independent life insurance company reviews from unbiased sources. This Ameritas Life Insurance review will be nothing short of that for you.

The goal is to ensure that no matter what your situation may be, that you have the information needed to make an informed decision.

However, we always recommend that if you are trying to save time that you should stick to comparing rates and quotes with all life insurance companies.

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Disclaimer: We are not Ameritas Life Insurance Company. This is nothing more than an unbiased and honest review.

In this Ameritas Life Insurance Company review, we will cover a broad range of topics.

This Ameritas Life Insurance Review is approximately a 4-minute read.

If however, you are not looking for an in-depth review of Ameritas, we will attempt to save you some time.

Here is a 30-sec 1 paragraph snapshot of Ameritas Life Insurance Company.

Ameritas Life Insurance Company offers some of the most robust life insurance products in the industry.

They offer exception living benefits which help aid individuals later in life needing chronic, critical or terminal care.

Ameritas Life Insurance Company offers a wide range of life insurance products including term life insurance.

Ameritas life also offers no exam life insurance.

Ameritas is not the cheapest nor most expensive life insurance company you can choose but does have one of the most complete term life insurance products money can buy.

Again, we recommend using the rating engine above to compare rates to see where your desired pricing may land.

If however, you have that 4-minutes we discussed, here is an overview of what this Ameritas Life Insurance Company Review will cover.

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Ameritas Life Insurance Company

Ameritas Life Insurance Review and History

Ameritas Life Insurance History

Ameritas Life Insurance Financial Strength

Ameritas Life Insurance Products Offered

Ameritas Term Life Insurance Reviews

Ameritas Universal Life Reviews

Ameritas Whole Life Insurance Review

Ameritas Life Insurance Riders Options

Ameritas Life Insurance Rates and Quotes

Ameritas Life Insurance With Living Benefits

Ameritas Life Insurance Disability Insurance

Other Life Insurance Products With Ameritas

Final Thoughts on Ameritas Life Insurance Company


This article was updated in July 2019.

This was to reflect new financial strength ratings, new policy options, and features and update existing policy and features information.

Ameritas Life Insurance Company Review

To kickstart the conversation, we like to mention when a life insurance company makes our top ten best life insurance company list.

Ameritas is surely on it for both traditional and no-exam life insurance products.

However, Ameritas Life Insurance Company may not be your best option if you need to purchase high-risk life insurance.

They are not necessarily the best life insurance company you can choose for purchasing life insurance with pre-existing medical conditions.

Ameritas Life Insurance Company is a subsidiary of UNIFI Mutual Holding Company.

Ameritas has been around for over 130 years in the life insurance industry.

Ameritas has undergone numerous mergers and changes over the years, but one thing it has always delivered is reliable and solid life insurance policies.

This still holds true today.

Ameritas Life Insurance History and Background

Founded in 1887, Ameritas Life Insurance Corporation is one of the oldest life insurance companies operating in the United States.

It is a subsidiary of Ameritas Mutual Holding Company.

Ameritas was known as ‘The Old Bankers Life Insurance Company of Nebraska (Bankers Life)’, for over a century, until the name was changed in 1988 to Ameritas Life.

The company has operations in New York, where it is known as Ameritas Life Insurance Company of New York.

Ameritas Life Insurance Company has always been around but has really begun to show strength in recent years.

Part of this is due to the robust living benefits Ameritas offers that we touched on previously.

Additionally, independent agents are comfortable recommending Ameritas Life Insurance Company due to competitive pricing.

This competitive pricing applies to most term and permanent life insurance products offered by Ameritas Life Insurance Company.

Ameritas Life Insurance Company is primarily known for offering affordable life insurance policies and has outstanding customer service.

In addition to Life Insurance products, Ameritas Life is also known for its financial products.

Ameritas Life Insurance Company currently operates as a mutual life insurance company.

This simply means that individuals have the ability to participate in dividends when they opt to purchase a life insurance policy with Ameritas.

Ameritas Life Insurance Company is currently headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska.

There are several subsidiaries of Ameritas Mutual Holding Company

Here’s an overview of them:

  • Ameritas Life Insurance Company
  • Acacia Life Insurance Company
  • Union Central Life Insurance Company
  • First Ameritas Life Insurance Corporation of New York (operates in New York state only).

Ameritas Life operates with an independent agency model.

This is ultimately the best and only way you should purchase life insurance.

It allows you to effectively shop prices and rates with all life insurance companies and not end up in 1 option situations with nowhere to turn.

Ameritas Life Insurance Company Financial Strength Ratings

Ameritas has an extremely strong and reputable history.

Ameritas life insurance companies financial strength goes to prove just that.

Ameritas Life Insurance company has total assets under management sitting at 32.9 billion dollars.

Currently, Ameritas has more than 4 million active policies or clients.

The total life insurance insurance for Ameritas Life currently exceeds 83.2 billion dollars.

Ameritas Life Insurance company has a debt-to-capital ratio of 3.2 percent.

This is considered very low and definitely a strong point that Ameritas Life Insurance Company can be proud of.

As stated previously, Ameritas operates as a Mutual Company and not a publically traded life insurance company.

Ameritas Life Insurance Company has acquired some of the strongest and most reliable ratings for its financial stability.

The company has been rated by all 4 major insurance rating agencies and acquired excellent ratings of ‘A’ and above by each of the 4.

The most recent rating was given in March 2019, and they were given a financial category of XIV ($1.5-2 billion).

Here’s a look at the financial strength ratings for Ameritas Life Insurance Company:

A.M. Best- A (Excellent)

Standard and Poor’s: A+( Strong)

Comdex rating: 82

These are great financial strength numbers.

While they certainly are not as high as some other life insurance companies such as AIG Life Insurance Company or even Aflac Life Insurance.

They are still ratings that should give you peace of mind when working with Ameritas Life Insurance Company.

Now, let’s get into some of the meat and potatoes about the product options you have with Ameritas Life.

Ameritas Life Insurance Company Review of Life Insurance Products Offered

When it comes to life insurance products, Ameritas Life Insurance Company has an extensive array of different life insurance policy options.

They offer disability insurance, life insurance, and annuities among their products at affordable rates.

Ameritas also offers people with products that protect the wage earner of the house, and people applying for mortgages.

This is commonly known as mortgage protection life insurance.

For the sake of this Ameritas Review, we are primarily only concerned with life insurance products and how good they really are.

Here are the life insurance products offered by Ameritas:

  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Variable Universal Life
  • Universal Life Insurance
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Indexed Universal Life

Ameritas Term Life Insurance

Ameritas offers term life insurance with a level death benefit for the term. You can renew the policy annually when it expires, and can also convert it into permanent coverage with whole life or universal life insurance policy.

With Ameritas Life Insurance Company term life insurance, you have the common options you find with all term life insurance companies.

An example of what term life insurance you can purchase with Ameritas Life Insurance includes the following durations:

  • 10 Years
  • 15 Years
  • 20 Years
  • 25 Years
  • 30 Years

Ameritas Universal Life Insurance

Ameritas offers universal life insurance policies with great flexibility, as you can increase or decrease premiums based on the current cash value of the policy.

You can also increase or decrease the death benefit based on the coverage you need, or if circumstances in your life change.

The universal life insurance policies offered by Ameritas are:

  • Guaranteed Universal Life
  • Indexed Universal Life
  • Variable Universal Life

Ameritas Excel Plus Index UL

Ameritas offers Excel Plus Index UL, which is an indexed universal life policy that comes with a death benefit and high cash value build-up.

You also get a 0% guarantee floor for indexed accounts, and 2% for fixed accounts.

There are four main index options offered, which are:

  1. MSCI EAFE Index Capped
  2. Russell 2000 Index Capped
  3. S&P 500 Index Capped
  4. S&P 500 Index Uncapped

The Indexed Universal Life policy provides 3 different death benefit options, which include:

  • Level death benefit
  • Increasing death benefit plus the cash value
  • Level death benefit plus the return of premiums paid to subtract partial withdrawals

The best thing about indexed universal life insurance policies is that you get early cash value growth.

You can also take advantage of upward performances in the stock market, without worrying about negative moves, which ensures high compound interest.

Ameritas Whole Life Insurance

Ameritas provides participating whole life insurance policies, where you can build cash value that can be increased by capitalizing on cash value build-up.

Overall, we don’t believe as the best whole life insurance in the industry and shouldn’t necessarily be considered for this specific product.

With Ameritas Life Insurance Company, whole life insurance will act the same way it does with all life insurance companies.

In exchange for your premiums, you will be provided a permanent death benefit that’s valid until age 121.

Additionally, you can enjoy the following perks with Ameritas Whole Life Insurance

  • guaranteed level premiums
  • guaranteed cash value growth
  • guaranteed death benefits

When purchasing whole life insurance, it’s imperative that you understand the pros and cons of cash value life insurance.

Additionally, other life insurance companies in the industry offer strong whole life insurance products that you can consider.

Mass Mutual is one company that comes to mind.

Mass Mutual whole life insurance is one of the best in the business for whole life insurance.

A close runner up likely being Foresters Life Insurance from our point of view.

Always be sure to speak to an independent life insurance agent about your options before making a decision purchasing whole life insurance.

Plain and simple.

Ameritas Whole Life Insurance Dividends

You also get annual life insurance dividends, which are variable and can be used for:

  • Purchasing additional paid-up insurance
  • Paying premium payments
  • Paying off existing loans
  • Keeping with the company and earn interest
  • Cashing out

Ameritas Universal and Whole Life Insurance Riders

Ameritas Life Insurance company also offers life insurance riders with its Universal Life and Whole Life insurance policies.

The Ameritas Life Insurance riders available are as follows:

Care 4Life Acceleration Rider

This works like an accelerated death benefit because the rider offers you to withdraw the death benefit in advance if you suffer from a terminal, chronic, or critical illness.

Guaranteed Insurability:

This life insurance rider is perfect for young adults and children, and it lets you increase coverage on special occasions and birthdays.

Flexible paid-up rider

This life insurance rider lets you buy more life insurance without showing any proof of insurability.

Children’s Insurance Rider:

This is a child term life rider that can be added to your policy, and it offers coverage to children from the age of 15 years to 18 years old.

Waiver of Premium Rider

This life insurance rider helps waive of premiums if you have a disability or become disabled.

Ameritas Life Insurance Company Rates and Quotes

If you noticed in the intro of this post, we placed an easy to use rate engine to allow to compare rates.

As an independent life insurance agency, Ameritas Life Insurance company is one of the companies we use frequently.

This means that we have the inside edge to view their rates and quotes based on the life insurance you are specifically looking for.

To do so, simply scroll back up or scroll down to use the quote engine to see rates with Ameritas Life Insurance.

The rates will be for term life insurance policies that do include living benefits automatically built-in.

You will come to find out that Ameritas Life Insurance rates are in the middle of the pack.

For what you get in return, we believe these rates to be a great value.

They certainly aren’t the cheapest rates you can get on life insurance but you are getting a big bang for your buck.

Again, simply use the forms on this page to view the rates and quotes with Ameritas Life.

It’s easy and takes about 30 seconds to do so.

Life Insurance with Living Benefits With Ameritas

Living benefits with Ameritas Life Insurance company is what truly sets the company apart from the rest.

Ameritas is likely either rated number 1 or very close to it for the living benefits options they offer with their term life insurance.

These products including living benefits are often referred to as FLX Living Benefits With Ameritas Life Insurance Company.

The blue link above will take you to a dedicated post we have on this topic.

In a nutshell, Ameritas Life Insurance Company offers perhaps the most “triggers” and ways to access your death benefit while living.

They will also accelerate up to 75% of the policies death benefit while living if you have any of the following occur to you.

  • Critical Care
  • Chronic Care
  • Terminal Illness

This is way too often overlooked by individuals when purchasing life insurance.

There are two things guaranteed or nearly guaranteed to happen in life.

You will die at some point and the chance of needing one of those three options listed above are very likely.

Having access to your death benefit cash when this does happen is a huge benefit.

It could potentially save your family from financial devastation due to costly medical bills.

Don’t let this happen to you and consider life insurance with living benefits with Ameritas Life Insurance Company.

Again, use the rate engines on this page.

You will simply be keeping your eye out for the product option in the quoters that is listed as the following:

Ameritas FLX Term Life Insurance with Living Benefits

Ameritas Life Insurance Company Disability Life Insurance Options

There are a lot of life insurance companies that offer disability income insurance, but none of them have better policies than Ameritas.

It is recognized as the best in terms of individual long-term disability insurance policies in the United States.

They offer incredible benefits with their disability income insurance policies, and have two main types, which are:

Short term disability insurance:

This insurance policy offers income for a limited period, known as the benefit period, which could last for a year.

This is a great policy, as it ensures you have a steady income stream for a select period if you get disabled.

It ensures you don’t have to spend money from your emergency fund, and you can wait for your long-term benefits to activate without growing broke.

Long term disability insurance (LTD):

This insurance policy has an elimination period that goes from 6 months to a year.

There is a benefit period that offers monthly income benefits that last for:

  • 2 years
  • 5 years
  • 10 years
  • Till age 65
  • Till age 67
  • Till age 75

The long-term disability insurance offered by Ameritas is offered in the Dynamic Foundation.

This policy is flexible and can be customized to fit the needs of the policyholder.

You can change the elimination periods, benefits, and total disability definition.

Here are some of the features you are given:

  • Available for most occupational classes
  • Benefit periods 2, 5 and 10 years, and to age 65, to age 67 and to age 70
  • Elimination periods 90, 180, 365, 730 days
  • Guaranteed Renewable and Noncancelable policy options
  • Issue ages 18-64

Three definitions of total disability with Ameritas Life Insurance Company include the following.

  • True own occupation for the benefit period
  • Own occupation and not working for the benefit period
  • Five-year own occupation and then not working for the remaining benefit period
  • Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) Rider 3% simple or 6% compound interest.

Ameritas Life Insurance Review of Other Products Offered

Ameritas also offers other products and services apart from life insurance policies and products, which include the following:

Dental Insurance:

Ameritas offers hearing, vision, and dental insurance policies for people under different terms and coverage options.

Their dental insurance policy isn’t the cheapest one available, but you should always compare policies to get the best one.

Retirement Planning:

Ameritas also offers several products for retirement planning, so you don’t have to worry about money after you have retired from your job.

The retirement planning products are designed to ensure you can spend the last years of your retirement in comfort and bliss.


Ameritas also offers outstanding investment products that will help you get a steady stream of income during your retirement.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to build your estate or start a new business, the investment products at Ameritas will help you get the best returns for your investments.

Ameritas Life Insurance Company Is A Great Option But Always Compare Rates

We hope our Ameritas life insurance review answered the questions you may have about the company.

There are plenty of life insurance companies in the United States that leave a good impression on us after their review.

However, Ameritas is one that we will recommend to anyone that is looking for affordable life insurance with flexible coverage options.

Especially individuals looking for life insurance with outstanding living benefits.

The company has acquired strong financial and customer service ratings, which makes them a great choice for anyone.

Ameritas Life Insurance Company isn’t the biggest life insurance company in the United States, but they hold the distinction of being among the oldest insurance providers in the country.

They have excellent customer support and service record, and being a mutual holding company, they place the interests of their policyholders above everything else.

Did you enjoy our Ameritas Life Insurance review?

Let us know your feedback and comment below.