Americo Life Insurance Reviews [Quotes, Complaints +Tips]


Americo Life Insurance Reviews

Reviewing life insurance companies before purchasing coverage is the best approach. This Americo Life Insurance Review is designed to help you with that task.

This Americo life insurance review will give you all the details that you need if you are considering Americo life insurance to protect your family.

We will cover Americo ’s credit rating, history, and life insurance products.

There are hundreds of life insurance companies operating in the United States, but is Americo the right one for you?

That’s hard to say and part of the reason we take pride in offering hundreds of life insurance company reviews for the consumers.

If you are considering purchasing life insurance with Americo, do not move forward without reading this review.

However, we always recommend that if you are trying to save time that you should stick to comparing rates and quotes with all life insurance companies.

You can do this easily below using our instant life insurance quotes rate engine.

This allows you to compare rates with 50 of the top-rated life insurance companies.

Americo Life Insurance will even be one of the options for the rates displayed depending on your search parameters.


Disclaimer: We are not Americo Life Insurance Company. This article is specifically designed to be a resourceful Americo Life Insurance Review.

In this Americo Life Insurance review, we will cover a wide range of topics including rates and quotes with Americo and even brief company history.

This review is roughly a 3-minute read.

If you were not originally wanting to read a full Americo Life Insurance we will try and give you the details on Americo Life Insurance in a quick 30-second fashion.

Americo Life Insurance Company is one of the longest-standing life insurance companies in the United States.

Americo Life Insurance offers term life insurance as well as whole life insurance marketed towards seniors and the final expense market.

Americo Life Insurance rates are not the cheapest in the industry but not the most expensive either.

Americo is not necessarily the best for life insurance for high-risk individuals.

They are not necessarily the worst company for this market either.

However, anytime you are someone needing life insurance with a pre-existing condition, we recommend shopping around.

Use the rating engine above to do so.

Americo has a diverse background and is a stable life insurance company to work with for term life insurance or burial insurance coverage.

That’s a quick 30-second snapshot of Americo Life Insurance Company.

If however, you do have 3 minutes to spare than let’s get into the full Americo Life Insurance Review.

Here is what our full Review of Americo Life Insurance Company will cover.

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Americo Whole Life Insurance

Americo Universal Life Insurance

Americo Life Insurance Rates and Quotes

Final Thoughts on Americo Life Insurance Company

Now, it’s time to dive into our full Americo Life Insurance Company Review.

Here are the details.

Disclaimer: This article was updated in July of 2019

This article was updated to provide a more accurate Americo Life Insurance Review and reflect new Americo Life Insurance Rates.

Additionally, this article was updated to ensure that financial strength numbers and life insurance products were up to date for the consumers.

Our Americo Life Insurance Review

Like we stated above, Americo is one of the longest-standing life insurance companies in the United States.

Americo Life Insurance company has an honorable background and still serves consumers with great life insurance products.

As you will learn later in this post, Americo Life Insurance Company is certainly not the cheapest option you can choose.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you are making the wrong decision by working with Americo Life Insurance Company.

It simply means that when it comes to term life insurance, final expense life insurance, and even mortgage protection life insurance.

When shopping for the best mortgage protection life insurance companies, we always recommend comparing rates with multiple options.

As a friendly reminder, you can do easily above using our instant quote tool.

Now it’s time to give you a brief review about Americo Life Insurance company and how it all began.

Americo Life Insurance History

Americo Life Insurance can trace its history back more than 100 years.

Modern-day Americo Life Insurance Company was built on the legacy of several life insurance companies.

These include other life insurance companies such as The College Life Insurance Company of America, The Ohio State Life Insurance Company, and Great Southern Life Insurance Company.

Americo Life Insurance Company and its legacy companies have a long history of innovation.

In 1922 Great Southern Life was the first company in the United States to ensure the lives of children, which was revolutionary for the time.

Today, Americo Life Insurance Company is still innovating in the life insurance industry.

Americo is a leader in no-exam underwriting.

Americo Life Insurance designs creative life insurance solutions for hard-working Americans, such as mortgage protection and final expense solutions.

Americo operates using an independent life insurance agent model which is one of the positive notes we have to mention about the company for sure.

We always recommend working with an independent life insurance agent to purchase life insurance.

Plain and simple.

Americo Life Insurance Financial Strength Ratings

Americo Life Insurance Company is rated an “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best.

“A” is an investment-grade rating. 

Americo can be viewed as being in excellent financial health with the ability to meet its ongoing life insurance obligations.

Americo Life Insurance Company as of the writing of this article has not been accredited by the BBB.

Americo Life Insurance Company currently has 83.2 billion dollars of life insurance policies premium in force at the time of writing this article.

Additionally, Americo life has a 3.2 percent debt to income ratio which is well below the 13% industry average.

This is another strong and positive note about Americo Life Insurance company.

Americo Life Insurance Company has 35.9 billion dollars total of assets under management and a 2.1 billion dollar surplus.

Currently, Americo Life Insurance is offered in all 50 U.S. States.

Americo Life Insurance Company Products Offered

Americo offers mortgage protection term life, burial insurance, universal life, and whole life insurance.

This is a nice wide range of life insurance products and similar to what most life insurance companies currently offer to consumers.

They also offer other financial services products, such as annuities and Americo Medicare supplement insurance.

However, for the purposes of this review, we will focus strictly on their life insurance products.

By far, the most popular Americo Life Insurance company offers is definitely either the mortgage protection life insurance or their burial insurance life insurance coverage.

Americo Life Insurance Mortage Protection Life Insurance Reviews

Term life insurance is a cost-effective way of achieving higher death benefits temporarily.

Term insurance is a great solution for replacing your income, covering your mortgage, or providing funds for higher education upon your passing.

Americo offers term life insurance in 10-year, 15-year, 20-year, and 30-year term options.

Your monthly premium will remain fixed for whichever term period you select.

Also, Americo’s mortgage protection series comes stacked with living benefits for critical, chronic and terminal illness.

Although Americo’s term insurance customized for mortgage protection, it can be purchased even if you do not own a home.

Americo’s mortgage insurance is available without the hassle of a medical exam up to $400,000 death benefits.

There are companies that will approve up to $500,000 of no-exam term life insurance if you want a higher death benefit amount with living benefits.

When it comes to finding a great no-exam life insurance company, we always recommend shopping the open market before making a decision.

Independent life insurance agents have access to several other great life insurance companies that also offer no-exam coverage.

Some of the companies we frequently recommend for these products can include Ameritas Life Insurance Company as well as companies such as Phoenix Life Insurance.

Even Liberty Bankers Life Insurance Company or American Amicable Life Insurance Company offers a great option when it comes to finding products such as this.

In addition, Americo Life Insurance is one of the few life insurance companies that offer a return-of-premium (ROP) option.

The ROP option will refund all the premiums that you paid into the policy at the end of your term if you outlive your policy.

Finally, Americo’s home mortgage series offers great flexibility.

You can protect your mortgage with a lump-sum death benefit, you can cover just the payment, you can add on disability protection.

Americo offers a mortgage protection solution for just about everyone.

Americo Home Mortgage Series Optional Riders:

  • Disability Income
  • Accidental Death
  • Additional Insured
  • Waiver of Premium (due to disability)
  • Involuntary Unemployment Waiver of Premium
  • Children’s Term (up to $15,000 per child)
  • Income Term Rider

Americo Life Insurance Burial and Final Expense Life Insurance

Americo has two burial insurance policies, the Ultra Protector series and the Eagle Premier series.

Americo’s Ultra Protector series has competitively priced rates but has tighter underwriting.

Unfortunately, the Ultra Protector series doesn’t allow a phone application or e-application.

The Eagle Premier series is the more flexible of the two burial insurance policies.

The Eagle Premier burial insurance policy offers competitive rates and is priced to accommodate people with more complex medical histories.

Also, Americo’s Eagle Premier policy includes an additional accidental death benefit equal to the face amount of the policy at no additional premium.

Americo also offers a “quit smoking advantage” program that will offer non-smoker rates for the first three years of the policy while an applicant quits.

If the applicant fails to quit smoking, the policy will either rerated or the death benefit adjusted downward to maintain a level premium.

Americo’s Eagle Premier series also offers an instant decision electronic or phone application.

Now, seniors can apply for burial insurance either through their email or over the phone and get approval immediately.

This is a huge advantage that not many other burial insurance companies offer.

Americo Life Insurance Whole Life Insurance Reviews

Whole life insurance is a form of permanent life insurance.

Whole life insurance is designed for permanent life insurance needs like final expenses and burial costs or estate planning.

Whole life insurance provides lifelong death benefit protection with the most guarantees of any life insurance policy.

Whole life has guaranteed cash accumulation, guaranteed level premiums, and guaranteed death benefits.

The cash value can also be accessed through tax-advantaged loans in a pinch.

Americo offers non-medical underwriting for death benefits under $100,000 for their AdvantageWL whole life insurance.

This allows applicants to avoid the hassle of the medical exam.

Also, the AdvantageWL is available at younger ages than Americo’s final expense whole life policies.

Americo Universal Life Insurance Products

Americo also offers universal life policies, which is another type of permanent life insurance policy.

Universal life insurance was designed to offer permanent death benefit with flexibility.

For example, you can select the monthly premium that you wish to pay with universal life insurance.

However, these types of policies usually come with fewer guarantees than whole life insurance.

The owner of the policy assumes the investment risk of the cash value.  If the policy was not funded adequately, then the coverage could lapse.

Universal Life Insurance Options With Americo Life

  • Universal Life Insurance
  • Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance with Americo

Americo offers a traditional universal life insurance policy.

These types of policies have decreased in popularity in recent years due to a low-interest-rate environment but still can make sense in some scenarios.

Universal life insurance has a fixed minimum interest rate, but the credited rate, which is not guaranteed, can fluctuate higher.

Americo ’s universal life insurance policy offers great flexibility with flexible premiums and policy cash values.

Americo Indexed Universal Life Insurance 

Indexed universal life insurance is another type of universal life insurance.

Americo ’s indexed universal life insurance policy provides death benefit protection with the potential to grow your cash value with three index account strategies or a competitive fixed-rate account.

The cash value in an indexed strategy increases based on changes in a market index such as the S&P 500.

Since your cash value is not directly invested in the stock market itself, your investment principal is protected from investment loss due to the decreases in the index.

However, you often have to sacrifice some upside investment return as a result.

These types of policies should be monitored on a regular basis to ensure that they are being funded adequately.

If the indexed investment strategy doesn’t perform as expected, the policy could potentially lapse.

Americo Life Insurance Company Rates and Quotes

Again, to re-emphasize, you should always compare rates with several life insurance companies.

That’s why we provide the tool above or below to do just that.

It’s the best way to ensure you are getting the best price for your life insurance and the best possible coverage.

We have included some sample Americo life insurance rates and quotes to illustrate just how great Americo’s life insurance is.

Please note that you need to qualify for these rates based on your health, lifestyle, and other factors.

Sample Americo Life Insurance Quote: HMS 100 Term (Age 30)

Death BenefitMale 20-YearMale 30-YearFemale 20-YearFemale 30-Year
$ 100,000$23.66$29.74$23.66$29.74
$ 250,000$47.74$71.01$47.74$62.94
$ 400,000$71.82$96.14$71.82$96.14

Please note that these Americo Life Insurance quotes are for the standard non-tobacco health class. 

Sample Americo Life Insurance Quote: HMS 100 Term (Age 40)

Death BenefitMale 20-YearMale 30-YearFemale 20-YearFemale 30-Year
$ 100,000$42.47$49.50$38.00$49.50
$ 250,000$83.60$112.34$83.60$112.34
$ 400,000$129.20$175.18$129.20$175.18

Please note that these Americo Life Insurance quotes are for the standard non-tobacco health class.

Sample Americo Life Insurance Quote: HMS 100 Term (Age 50)

Death BenefitMale 20-YearMale 30-YearFemale 20-YearFemale 30-Year
$ 100,000$75.15$110.49$75.15$110.49
$ 250,000$176.46$264.81$176.46$264.81
$ 400,000$277.78$419.14$277.78$419.14

Please note that these Americo Life Insurance quotes are for the standard non-tobacco health class.

Americo Life Insurance Company Is Great But Always Shop Around

Thank you for reading our Americo life insurance review.

Americo has a long company history of serving its policyholders

The Americo Insurance Company phone number is 1-800-231-0801 or you can visit them on the web.

Today, Americo offers life insurance, Medicare supplement insurance, and annuity services to their policyholders.

Overall, Americo’s life insurance is a solid option if you want to protect your mortgage or cover final expenses.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition or are looking for higher term life insurance amounts, there may be a better option out there for you.

Give one of our veteran agents a call or request a free no-obligation Americo Life Insurance quote today.

A simple phone call could potentially save you thousands of dollars on your life insurance.