AIG Vs. AAA Life Insurance [Who Takes 1st Place + Tips]

When searching for the best life insurance company to work with, it’s natural to have concerns and want to compare life insurance companies to one another. It’s likely why you decided to type into the google search bar “AIG Vs. AAA Life Insurance”.

I get it, and we all want to know if we are making the correct decision to protect our families.

Especially when we must have the trust that the life insurance company will provide for our families at our premature passing.

This is one of the reasons; we always recommend comparing rates with all life insurance companies.

You can do easily below using our free instant quote engine tool.

It’s going to allow you to compare rates with 50 of the top-rated life insurance companies in the U.S.

Yes, both AIG and AAA can be displayed depending on the criteria and coverage you desire.

If, however, you need more than just potential rates, you may pay between AIG Vs. AAA, you are in the right place.

For starters, if you want to read full reviews on each of these two companies, you can do easily directly below.

You can see our full AIG Life Insurance Review Here.

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Now that we have the initial information out of the way let’s get into the meat and potatoes.

Here is what you need to know.

AIG Vs. AAA Life Insurance Company and Who the Best Is

Let us start by saying something simple.

Both life insurance companies are great for their own reasons.

Both AIG and AAA offer a wide range of life insurance products that can prove beneficial for the policyholder.

Additionally, both companies have a strong reputation in the industry.

One downfall about AAA Life Insurance Company compared to AIG is the fact that they haven’t been around for nearly as long.

This is necessarily an issue but the fact that AIG Life has a much longer rich history, makes us lean towards AIG right off the bat.

AIG’s Financial Strength Vs. AAA’s Financial Strength

Currently, AIG Life Insurance is backed by A+ ratings from Standard and Poor’s as well as Fitch.

Additional AIG is awarded an A2 rating from Moody’s and A Rating from A.M Best.

These are significant financial strength numbers. However, when comparing two life insurance companies, it’s essential that we dive into AAA Life Insurance Companies Financial Strength as well.

Here’s AAA’s Life Insurance Co. Financial Strength Ratings

As of 2019, AAA Life Insurance is backed by the following financial strength rating from A.M Best

A.M. Best– A

As you can see, AIG may have a slight upper hand in the category vs. AAA but nothing that sets them apart in a huge way.

Both financial strength ratings should be considered safe, reliable, and impressive from the consumer’s standpoint.

AIG’s Life Insurance Products Vs. AAA’s Life Insurance Products

When it comes to comparing AIG Vs. AAA is the means of comparing life insurance products, we were also a bit torn but ultimately lean towards AIG.

AAA doesn’t necessarily have bad life insurance products by any means.

However, AIG has more competitively priced term life insurance and includes robust living benefits within their term and Universal life insurance products.

This alone is enough for us to give AIG the crown in this department.

However, it should be noted that AAA Life Insurance Company offers a greatly simplified issue term life insurance product in coverage amounts up to 250,000 that allow consumers to purchase entirely online.

Guaranteed Life Insurance with AIG Is Top Notch

This is where we believe that AIG separates themselves from AAA.

AIG’s guaranteed issue life insurance product is top-notch.

Additionally, AAA Life doesn’t currently offer this product to consumers.

Instead of going too far into depth in this post, we have another post completely dedicated to this topic.

You can see our full AIG Guaranteed life insurance review here.

The Buying Process Between AIG and AAA

The buying process with both companies is nothing to complain about.

It’s about average unless you purchase the simplified issue product with AAA or the guaranteed issue product with AIG.

The rest of the traditional term life insurance products will require medical exams, and you are looking at roughly 20-35 day turn arounds for approvals.

We love the streamlined, simplified issue with AAA, and as we have stated previously, we also love the ease of use and easy approvals for AIG’s guaranteed issue product.

At the end of the day, we think both are average and don’t separate themselves in this category.

No clear winner on this topic.

Final Word, Both AIG, and AAA Have Strengths and Weaknesses, Shop the Market

Both companies certainly can deliver great products to fit the needs of consumers for life insurance.

Life insurance is always tricky to navigate.

This makes doing a comparison, such as AIG Vs. AAA a bit tough to do in some scenarios.

It’s also one of the reasons we always recommended shopping in the entire market.

Too many excellent life insurance companies offer coverage to individuals with different needs.

Especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions.

In these cases, it’s imperative to work with a high-risk life insurance broker.

Nonetheless, we certainly feel that you can’t go wrong using AAA or AIG to secure life insurance and protect your family.

Company Contact Information For AIG Life Insurance and AAA Life Insurance

Below, I have placed the websites for both companies for your ease of use.

AIG’s Company Website

AAA’s Company Website