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Good Life Protection – Law Enforcement Life insurance – About Us

Special Note- Good Life Protection takes pride in helping all consumers regardless of medical background or profession. However, blogs and information may seem to be directly geared towards Law Enforcement.

This is an area of expertise and holds a special place with Good Life Protection. However, we want to hear from everyone. Law Enforcement or not, don’t hesitate to reach out to us as we have industry experience helping people of all professions and situations.

Prior to beginning my career in life insurance and financial services, I worked for 6 years at the McLean County Sheriff’s Department in Central Illinois. I loved this line of work and have the utmost respect for any individuals behind the badge protecting the communities we all live in. With that being said, my current career directly ties into this profession.

In a society where law enforcement continues to be the victim of negative media views, violence and dangerous situations, protection for one’s family and finances are crucial. My mission is to provide the officer’s behind the badge with up to date reviews, information, and options so they can affordably cover and protect the ones they love.

Good Life Protection Law Enforcement Life insurance About Us

Good Life Protection is an Independent Life Insurance Agency and Independent Rating and Review Agency providing consumers with up to date reviews and critical information needed to make the right decision for your Life Insurance Needs.

I personally take pride in providing law enforcement with the best options possible to avoid higher rates and work hard to guarantee your protection needs are being handled carefully.
Josh Martin- Founder- Good Life Protection

Good Life Protection – Law Enforcement Life insurance – About Us
Josh Martin is the founder of Good Life Protection. He began his career as a captive Agent working for New York Life Insurance Company. After continued education and designations, Josh opened this Agency with the mission to provide consumers with more options and insurance that truly fits into your budget and health classification more specifically Law Enforcement personnel.

Most Life Insurance situations are never the same. Everyone has unique needs and background. Good Life Protection separates themselves by carefully analyzing and evaluating your needs case by case.


With Good Life Protection, we guarantee your needs will be handled with care and diligence to guarantee you get the best outcome possible.

Many factors go into ensuring you achieve the best rates possible when working a high-risk job or having high-risk medical concerns. Many things need to be considered. Personally coming from the same background as all of you, I strive to use my industry experience and knowledge to protect the families of those who have served as well.

Josh is currently a Licensed Life Insurance Agent, Licensed in Long-Term Care and Health Insurance and holds his licenses for Financial Services. Josh became a Registered Representative to ensure he has added knowledge and expertise to help clients with the whole picture for protection and financial security.

Martin Insurance operates in all 50 states and the District of Columbia providing consumers with options to almost all Major Life Insurance Carriers. Give us a call or fill out the instant quote form to the right and give us the opportunity to earn your business.

We want to prove to you that we can find you the most affordable coverage for a company you can trust. Finding the Best Insurance in Town.

Other Areas of Life Insurance Needs Good Life Protection Specialize in

  • Life Insurance for Law Enforcement
  • Personnel Life Insurance for Emergency Services
  • Life Insurance for Firefighters
  • Life Insurance for Correctional Officers
  • Business Key Man Planning Life Insurance
  • Life Insurance and Estate Planning
  • Life Insurance for Children or Minors
  • High-Risk Life Insurance
  • Life Insurance for a divorce decree or Court Order
  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Variable Universal Life Insurance
  • Indexed Universal Life Insurance
  • Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Mortgage Protection Life Insurance
  • Final Expense Life Insurance
  • Simplified Issue Life Insurance

       Good Life Protection Works with all top-rated carriers Good Life Protection Works with all top-rated carriers and Life Insurance Companies